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Know Before
You Sow

Always ask if the seller of your seed is a member of the ASF to ensure you Know Before You Sow 

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ASF Seed Business 2015 Convention

ASF New Members Announcement ASF Code of Practice Logo Stickers for sale

Latest News from ABCA

RIRDC - Agronomic strategies for producing large lupini beans for export

RIRDC - Promoting Agriculture in regional Australia - Fact Sheets:
  • In the Wet Tropics, North Queensland
  • In North West Tasmania
International PBR Standard Proposed

2015-16 Plant Export Operations - Manual of Importing Country Requirements (MICoR)

Department of Agriculture contact for issued phytosanitary certificates

OGTR Quarterly Report (December 2014) now available

Licensing Opportunity: Psyllid-Resistant Leucaena variety

'Forages for the Future' Field Day - 26 May 2015, Ellinbank VIC

University of Queensland research shows wheat could be drought-proof

CropLife - What is Intellectual Property?

Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre - 'In the Loop' March 2015 Newsletter now available

Project Harvest Monthly Report - January 2015

Department of Agriculture Weekly Australian Climate, Water and Agricultural Update

Agricultural Bioscience International Conference 2015

ABARES Regional Outlook Conferences 2015

 ASF Seed Business 2015 Convention                                                                 

Tuesday 25 August 2015 - Thursday 27 August 2015 (inclusive) 
City Golf Club, Toowoomba, Queensland

The ASF is pleased to announce Seed Business 2015 is going to be held at the City Golf Club Toowoomba, Queensland.

The theme for this year's Convention will be based on new Biotechnology and Northern Agriculture.

There will be a social day on Monday 24th August with the Annual ASF Golf Day being held for those that wish to take part.

The ASF will once again be holding a Seed Industry Training Day on Tuesday 25 August 2015 similar to the introductory session held last year. We will also be holding more in-depth workshops during this day on specific topics for those that may have attended last year and would like further training. More detail about this will be released soon.

We are currently working on confirming a number of exciting speakers for the programme and hope to have a draft agenda out soon.

Registration will open late May.

 ASF New Members Announcement                                                                     

The ASF would like to announce and welcome the following new members to the membership for the 2014/15 period:
  • Cafcakis Nominees Pty Ltd
Industry Involvement: Distributor (Wholesale/ Broker). They are a start-up company – importer of vegetable seed based in South Australia. No website as yet. Industry Involvement: Seed storage - distributors of CenterFlow containers in Australia.

A full list of members can be found on the ASF website - dropdown menu from the membership tab at

 ASF Code of Practice Logo Stickers for sale                                                     

The ASF Code of Practice logo is now available in Stickers provided by Rowena Petrie from Royston Petrie Seeds. These can be used on bags and seed packets.

Quantity = 
1000 stickers per roll priced at $55 per roll plus GST and postage.

If you are interested in purchasing a roll of the Code of Practice stickers for use on bags or seed packets, please contact Rowena at Royston Petrie Seeds on 02 6372 7800 or via email to

 Latest News from ABCA                                                                                   

The ASF is a member of the Agricultural Biotechnology Council of Australia (ABCA).

For the latest news on Agricultural Biotechnology including the following below, please click on the website link below.
  • AUS - New Guide Released: Updated Info on GM Crops
  • AUS - GM Safflower thriving in WA trials
  • INT - Latest GM crop figures released
Source: Agricultural Biotechnology Council of Australia (ABCA) - Latest News (2015).

 RIRDC - Agronomic strategies for producing large lupini beans for export   

The Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation (RIRDC) has issued a report on 'Agronomic strategies for producing large lupini beans for export', for your information and consideration.

To download this report please -
Click here

Source: AgriFood Skills Australia. 'Daily Parliamentary Bulletin'. Email Alert 08/04/2015.

 RIRDC - Promoting Agriculture in regional Australia - Fact Sheets                 

RIRDC have issued two fact sheets on 'Promoting Agriculture in the Wet Tropics, North Queensland' and 'In North West Tasmania". See below fact sheets which summarises the project.
  • Promoting Agriculture in the Wet Tropics, North Queensland - Click here
  • Promoting Agriculture in North West Tasmania - Click here
Source: AgriFood Skills Australia. 'Daily Parliamentary Bulletin'. Email Alert 09/04/2015 & 10/04/2015.

 International PBR Standard Proposed                                                                

Three international seed organisations are advocating for an international system of cooperation (ISC) for plant breeders’ rights.

The International Seed Federation (ISF), CropLife International (CLI) and the International Community of Breeders of Asexually Reproduced Ornamental and Fruit Varieties (CIOPORA) have submitted a joint paper to the UPOV Consultative Committee proposing the idea.

An ISC would build on the current UPOV system by increasing its accessibility to plant breeders worldwide and helping them to overcome the obstacles they face in securing Intellectual Property (IP) rights in UPOV member states, the three groups say. Member surveys by ISF, CLI and CIOPORA showed that deviation from national application procedures, multiple language regimes, cost and time were the main obstacles.

An ISC would enable breeders to file PBR applications in various markets via a simplified and unified procedure, creating advantages for breeders and maximizing the effectiveness of the UPOV system, according to the groups. Full Text -
Click here

Source: Seed World [Seed Week]: Advocating for an ISC for Plant Breeders' Rights. 22/04/2015.

 2015-16 Plant Export Operations - Manual of Importing Country                     
 Requirements (MICoR) 

Please see below the 2015-16 Plant Export Operations - Manual of Importing Country Requirements (MICoR) for your information and consideration sent from the Department of Agriculture.

2015-16 Plant Export Operations - Manual of Importing Country Requirements (MICoR) - Click here

For further enquiries regarding the content of the attached IAN, please contact either your regional department office or

Source: Department of Agriculture. 'Industry Advice Notice (IAN) 2015-16 Plant Export Operations - Manual of Importing Country Requirements'. 10/04/2015.

 Department of Agriculture contact for issued phytosanitary certificates       

See below information provided by the Department of Agriculture:

The Department of Agriculture have been issuing phytosanitary certificates electronically from the EXDOC system since 2001.  We currently electronically issue over 90% of all our phytos (ie. from EXDOC) and from 1 July 2015 our target is 100%.
The reason for this is to cut down on errors that occur on manual certificates (that lead to issues with the goods on arrival in foreign countries), prepare for the full implementation of the Plant Export Management System (PEMS) and have Australia well placed to benefit from future developments in electronic transmission of phytos that is being developed through the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC).
We do occasionally get queries from countries about the authenticity of our phytosanitary certificates (both electronic and manual) and it is easier for us to confirm a certificate that has been electronically issued as opposed to those that are manually issued.  The electronic certificate fully complies with the International Standard on Phytosanitary Measures (IPSM) 12.

If an overseas government agency questions the authenticity of an Australian issued phytosanitary certificate, please direct the query to and we’ll be able to confirm the certificate.
We are preparing for the rebranding changes to the phyto (ie. DAFF to Dept of Ag) and we will put out an official IPPC notification regarding this.  We will use the same notification to advise countries of our electronically produced certificate, and with manuals used only as an emergency/contingency, this will minimise authentication queries from overseas governments.
Source: Department of Agriculture.

 OGTR Quarterly Report (December 2014) now available                                  

The Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) has issued its Fourth Quarterly Report for 2014 for your information and consideration.

OGTR Q4, December 2014 Report -
Click here

Source: AgriFood Skills Australia. 'Daily Parliamentary Bulletin'. Email Alert 01/04/2015. 

 Licensing Opportunity: Psyllid-Resistant Leucaena variety                             

The University of Queensland (UQ) and Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) have developed a new psyllid-resistant Leucaena variety and executed one commercialisation licence.  UQ and MLA currently have one other commercialisation licence available and are seeking interest from potential licensees.
Leucaena is a tree legume that produces very high quality forage for cattle.  Our new high quality variety has excellent psyllid resistance, high forage yield and good branching structure for grazing.  This new variety will overcome the significant impacts of psyllids currently experienced by existing Leucaena varieties, and permit high productivity leucaena-based pastures in higher rainfall regions.  The new variety is currently undergoing DUS trials for PBR registration.
Potential partners will need to be able to demonstrate suitable seed production, marketing and distribution capacity in Australia, with an interest in developing Northern Australian pasture systems.
For more information and a technical package please contact Amanda McAlpine, MLA on P: 02 9463 9228, M: 0404 025963 E:
Initial Expressions for licensing interest are due by 14 May 2015, after which benefits and appropriate fit can be explored further with the UQ and MLA.  Full EIO submissions are due by 14 June 2015.

 'Forages for the Future' Field Day - 26 May 2015, Ellinbank VIC                      

Please click on the below flyer for the upcoming Field Day No. 1 "Getting more from your pastures and crops - can seed treatment and sowing rate help?".

Flyer - Forages for the Future Field Day 26 May 2015 -
Click here

Source: Department Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources - Agriculture Services & Biosecurity Operations Division.

 University of Queensland research shows wheat could be drought-proof     

A University of Queensland scientist has developed a method to help grain growers become more resilient to expected changes in climate.

Full text -
Click here

Source: The University of Queensland. 'UQ research shows wheat could be drought-proof'. 09/04/2015.
 CropLife - What is Intellectual Property?                                                            
See below information and links provided from CropLife on "What is Intellectual Property?".
  CropLife International   April 2015  
  Plant Science Post  
  IP Is Everywhere - VIDEO
When an innovator turns a new idea into the latest smartphone, car or farm technology, they are able to protect and reward their hard work through intellectual property (IP) laws. Without IP protection, we could face a world without a continual supply of new inventions that enriches our society. Check out these great videos to learn more about IP and why it’s worth protecting.

Full Article
  4 Ways IP Helps Farmers
Heartier crops, better protection from pests, more sustainable farming practices – these are just a few innovations enabling farmers to grow more food on less land than ever before, and intellectual property (IP) laws are helping make it all possible. Check out these four infographics that explain the role of IP in agriculture. 

Full Article
  What Do the Experts Say?
What is intellectual property and why is it important to the world we live in? We asked IP guru Herb Wamsley, executive director of the Intellectual Property Owners’ Association, to explain.

Full Article
  IP Benefits Society, Not Just Inventors
IP rights provide security for inventors to work on cutting edge products that benefit society. For example a technology that makes new crop hybrids possible has created €1.2 billion in economic benefits to society, with 80 percent of those benefits impacting the lives of farmers and consumers. But without the protection of IP laws, it may never have been developed. Learn more about it with this great infographic.

Full Infographic
Source: CropLife International. 'Why Does Intellectual Property Matter'. Email alert. 09/04/2015.

 Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre - 'In the Loop' March 2015          
 Newsletter now available 

The Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC) has released 'In the Loop' March 2015 newsletter for your information and consideration.

You may be interested in the below articles within this edition:
  • Coordinated industry approach establishes China wheat and barley protocol
  • Australia connects with customers at premier grains event
  • Frontline trade officials boslter knowledge of grains industry
To view the AEGIC 'In the Loop - March 2015 Newsletter' - Click here
Source: AgriFood Skills Australia. 'Daily Parliamentary Bulletin'. Email Alert. 02/04/2015. 

 Project Harvest Monthly Report - January 2015                                                 

There is an increasing need in Australia's horticulture industry to monitor and gauge consumer perception and behaviour in relation to fresh vegetables.

Colmar Brunton conducts monthly on-line tracking following specified vegetables, monthly trends analysis, and additional ad-hoc projects to assist in this understanding of consumers.

This project has been funded by HIA using vegetable industry levy and matched funds from the Australian Government.

Contents in this report is:
- Asian vegetables
- Beetroot
- Capsicum
- Sweetpotato
To download the full report for January 2015 - Click here
Source: AUSVEG. 'Project Harvest January 2015 - vegetable consumer and market report'. 08/04/2015. 

 Department of Agriculture, Weekly Australian Climate, Water and                  
 Agricultural Update 

The Australian Government Department of Agriculture has issued a 'Weekly Australian Climate, Water and Agricultural Update' for your information and consideration.

This report contains information previously published in the Australian Climate and Agricultural Monthly Update however by combining the two updates it has allowed for improved access to up-to-date climate, water and commodity information in a single report.

Report Information (16/4/15) - 
Click here
Source: Australian Government, Department of Agriculture. 'Weekly ABARES report'. 16/04/2015.
 Agricultural Bioscience International Conference 2015                                    
7-9 September 2015, Melbourne VIC

The Agricultural Bioscience International Conference (ABIC) 2015 is the premier global meeting which promotes innovation in bioscience to ensure sustainable food, feed, fibre and fuel security as the climate changes.

The theme for ABIC 2015 is “New thinking, new discoveries and new applications”. In addition to building on past accomplishments to create a strong and sustainable industry, the program will celebrate innovation in agricultural biotechnology. ABIC 2015 will focus on three streams critical to the global application of biotechnology in agriculture.

Visit the website for more information at

 ABARES Regional Outlook Conferences 2015                                                   

Department of Agriculture, ABARES Division is pleased to announce the dates and locations for its 2015 Regional Outlook conferences.

The one day conferences are an opportunity to hear from ABARES researchers, local producers, industry representatives and business people, and discuss issues relevant to your region.

Registration is free of charge but pre-conference enrolment is essential. Each conference program includes forecasts for key agricultural commodities, an economic overview, weather and climate trends, local challenges such as labour and water issues and case studies from innovative regional businesses.

For more information or to register your attendance please visit the website below:

ABARES Regional Outlook conferences



29 April

Devonport, Tasmania

10 June

Strathalbyn, South Australia

8 July

Darwin, Northern Territory

29 July

Rockhampton, Queensland

26 August

Geraldton, Western Australia

23 September

Hamilton, Victoria

28 October

Coffs Harbour, New South Wales​​

Source: Department of Agriculture. 'ABARES Regional Outlook conferences in 2015'. Email Alert. 31/03/2015.

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