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Winter skin got you down? Itchy? Uncomfortable? Add wearing a mask to your daily skin care routine and you can expect some issues to arise. The cold winter months can leave our facial skin red, irritated, and angry looking. Why not apply a natural soothing and calming mask? Cocooning Love offers us their “Pink Masque”. A soothing and softening powder mask designed to calm irritated skin. Add a vegan lip balm in either raspberry or vanilla to top off your winter skin care concerns and keep that radiant glow even in the cold winter months.

Nurse Sarab busts some myths!

Let’s bust the myths on compressions socks! We hear way too many misconceptions about them, so let’s get our facts straight! 
Myth #1 “Compression socks are for my grandma and her big veins”
Compression stockings come in a preventive grade and a medical grade. The preventive great, at a lower compression, is beneficial to people who are pregnant, who are standing and/or sitting long hours during the day, who travel long distances (someday...) or who are active in sports. Medical grade, at a higher compression, help those who have swollen feet/ankles, poor leg circulation and have a history of venous disorders such as blood clots in the legs, venous insufficiency, significant varicose veins, and venous ulcers. 
Thankfully in 2021, we can put our hands on aesthetically pleasing compression socks that are not only comfortable but also fun to wear! 
Myth 2 - “I can’t get my compressions on! Not worth it!”
Yep, it’s a nightmare to put them on if you put them on like normal socks. And endless battle. Compression socks are made to be the tightest at the ankles and the compression decreases as it goes up the leg. The trick is to put your hand in the sock, grab the heel pocket and turn the sock inside out. Then you slide your foot into the sock, halfway. Now you have got the foot in, you simply pull your sock back up to your calf. Make sure there are no wrinkles and that your sock is not folded below the knees as this may cause a double compression. 
Myth #3 - “I can get cheap compression socks on Amazon.”
We believe in delivering exceptional patient care. This is why we don’t sell our socks off the shelf. Why? Because we value the importance of providing a consultation and an assessment with our Registered Nurse prior to your purchase. You see, the vascular system is a complex system. There can be many reasons behind swollen legs, skin changes to the lower limbs, etc. Purchasing compression socks for the wrong reasons without a proper assessment and dispensing can do more harm than good. Our compression therapy appointment includes a health history review, an assessment of your lower limbs, proper measurements, additional testing if required and health teaching.  Yes, this might take some time but it is crucial to take this extra time to ensure that we are taking the proper course of treatment!
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Katherine teaches us why warming foods feel so good in Winter!

Have you noticed you crave warming foods in the winter? Our bodies seem to naturally gravitate to more of those warming foods in cold weather and cooling foods in warmer weather. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches that we need a balance of cooling and warming foods - yin and yang foods - for good health.

Cooling foods are the yin and they are cleansing and help remove toxins. These are the foods you think of that are naturally light like crunchy vegetables, juicy fruits and salads.

Warming foods are the yang and help boost energy and circulation. The foods that can warm you up from the inside on a cold day!

This also ties in to eating seasonally. The produce that’s grown locally and more available to us in each particular season is most nutrient dense and ideal to consume at that time.

Here’s some tips of how to incorporate warming foods and spices in these cold weather months to keep you warm from the inside out:
  • For breakfast cook up a bowl of oats or quinoa porridge and top with almonds and walnuts, raw honey, cinnamon and cacao nibs.
  • Sip on broths or make a weekly soup or stew with some of the ingredients listed below. Save time by using slow cookers and cook double batches and store some in the freezer for whenever you have a craving for something warm!
  • Season with warming spices like ginger, pepper, turmeric, miso, coriander and rosemary.
  • Cook with root vegetables like squash, potatoes, parsnip, spicy chillies, aromatics like shallots, garlic, leeks, and eggplant are all warming vegetables.
  • Choose to snack on dates, coconut, mango, cherries and avocado which are warming fruit.

Stay warm everyone!


Need guidance on a healthy, nutrient dense diet? Feel free to reach out with any questions or schedule a discovery session to learn more!

Kat Krivanek, R.H.N.
Dr. Kutney gives us tips on how to shovel safely!
  1. Lighten the load - shovel multiple times through a snowfall to decrease the amount you’re doing at one time
  2. Use your legs - keep your back straight, bend at the hips and knees if you can for pushing and lifting snow
  3. Push the snow - when you can, push the snow with your shovel instead of lifting
  4. Take a break – if you’re breathing hard and feeling tired, take a 5 minute break to let your body rest
  5. Engage your core – keep your core tight as you push snow, and if you have to lift it
For more tips and tricks, check out the Canadian Chiropractic Association and Ontario Chiropractic Association by clicking the button below!
Dr. Chandler Kutney
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