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Welcome to the May issue of ICRAR's eNewsletter. It's been a long time since our last issue, so we've got a lot to tell you this time around! So many exciting things have happened recently, not least of which was the WA Science Awards, where ICRAR's Director Professor Peter Quinn was named WA Scientist of the Year and Deputy Director Professor Steven Tingay was honoured as the Science Ambassador of the Year. Also, last October saw the official opening of the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory (official site of the SKA in Australia) and CSIRO's ASKAP, closely followed by the launch of the Murchison Widefield Array in November.
We've featured in the news lately with some great research by PhD Candidate Giovanna Zanardo, who's been taking some incredible images of Supernova remnant 1987A, Dr James MIller-Jones who has found the 'missing link' of back holes and $2 million was donated to ICRAR and The University of Western Australia for SKA research. We've also had delegations from the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) and the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) visit to explore options for further collaboration with ICRAR.
In this issue you can catch up on ASKAP news through their latest update, read everything new from the international SKA office in their April eNews and see some of the first pictures of the brand new SKA Headquarters that was opened recently. For all those interested in participating in work towards the SKA, don't forget the request for proposals closes in June.
Finishing up the newsletter we've got news from our outreach trip around the Murchison region of Western Australia, details of the once-in-a-lifetime trip our theSkyNet prize winner took last year and a report on February's ICRAR coordinated astronomy extravaganza - Astrofest.

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The Stars come out for WA Science Awards

In October last year two of ICRAR's top researchers were recognised for their part in bringing the Square Kilometre Array to Western Australia at the WA Science Awards. ICRAR Director Professor Peter Quinn was awarded WA Scientist of the Year and Deputy Director Professor Steven Tingay was recognised as WA Science Ambassador of the Year. 
Supernova Remnant 1987A (Credit: Hubble)

Supernova remnant 1987A continues to reveal its secrets

A team of astronomers led by ICRAR have succeeded in observing the death throws of a giant star in unprecedented detail.
Cosmic Web

Former student's stellar $2M gift to boost SKA science

A former science student of The University of Western Australia has donated $2 million to fund a new research position that will help shed light on some of the biggest mysteries in the Universe.
Black Hole Discovery

Astronomers discover “missing link” of black holes

The discovery of a bingeing black hole in our nearest neighbouring galaxy, Andromeda, has shed new light on some of the brightest X-ray sources seen in other galaxies, according to new work co-authored by astronomers from ICRAR’s Curtin University node.
Murchison Widefield Array

New radio telescope could save world billions

In November 2012 the Murchison Widefield Array was launched! Led from ICRAR's Curtin University node, the MWA is the low frequency precursor to the SKA. Read the media release from the launch on November 30th at the link above.

Other ICRAR News

New Staff Members

New staff members and postgraduate students have joined ICRAR since the last edition of our eNewsletter:
  • Dr Andrew Walsh, Senior Research Fellow;
  • Alex Beckley, theSkyNet Web Programmer;
  • Dr Chris Springob, Research Assistant Professor;
  • Ian Cooper, Project Manager;
  • Fiona Audcent-Ross, PhD;
  • Dr Paul Scott-Taylor, PhD (his second!);
  • Jason Wang, PhD;
  • Angus Wright, PhD;
  • Balwinder Arora, PhD.
We wish them all a warm welcome to ICRAR.

Researcher Interview

Giovanna Zanardo

Giovanna Zanardo

Giovanna Zanardo used to engineer bridges, now she studies the remnants of massive exploding stars. She applies her knowledge of Earthly structures and how they react to dynamic forces to the study of supernovae, figuring out what's going on inside something a bit more 'out of this world!' Along the way she also gets to check out the inner workings of radio telescopes, and have a front row seat to the development of the SKA.

Australian SKA News

ASKAP Opening


ASKAP and the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory open!

A few weeks prior to the Murchison Widefield Array opening last year, ASKAP and the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory (MRO) were also opened by Australian Science and Research Minister Senator Chris Evans in a ceremony at the MRO. Read more at the Australian SKA website through the link above.

ASKAP Update

Information from CSIRO with all the latest news on ASKAP, its progress and science.

International SKA News

SKA eNews

SKA April eNews

All the news from the International SKA Office in the April edition of their eNews, released last week.

SKA Request for Proposals

The SKA office has released its request for proposals to the SKA community. Proposals are due on June 10th, 17:00 UT. Details available at the above link.
SKA Headquarters

SKA Organisation Headquarters opening ceremony

Less than a year after the decision to site the revolutionary Square Kilometre Array (SKA) in both Southern Africa and Australia, the SKA Organisation has opened its new international headquarters.

ICRAR Education Update

Tiny Radio Telescope investigation

Starshow gives midwest schools a sparkle

If anyone had asked students from the Mid West what they did at school recently, they would have got an astonishing answer: weighing a galaxy. This was one of several activities kids enjoyed thanks to a recent visit involving ICRAR's outreach team.

Once in a lifetime experience for theSkyNet citizen scientist

In October last year the top contributor to citizen science initiative theSkyNet travelled to the heart of the West Australian outback to visit the future site of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope.

Astronomy on show at Astrofest 2013

February 16th saw an amazing evening filled with astronomy, fun and excitement take place with over 4,000 people joined us for the jam packed night.


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