Catch up on all the latest ICRAR news below, our researchers have been busy since the new year.
In this issue:
Welcome to the August issue of ICRAR's eNewsletter, it's been an action packed few months here at ICRAR.
One of our most exciting pieces of news is the 2014 Premier's Science Awards, which are held every year to recognise achievements in Science in wa. This year two of our own are finalists, Professor Steven Tingay for Scientist of the Year, and Tom Russell for Student Scientist of the Year. An event we help coordinate, Astrofest, is also a finalist in Science Engagement Initiative of the Year. Good luck Steven, Tom and Astrofest! Keep your fingers crossed for them on the 21st of August when the awards are announced.
Our researchers have also been busy. Dr Minh Huynh led a team that studied the carbon monoxide in a galaxy over 12 billion light years from Earth and discovered that it’s running out of gas and headed for a "red and dead" future.
The SKA has also had some great news with 12 M Euro contributed by The Netherlands towards the design phase of the SKA, and India's National Centre for Radio Astrophysics becoming the 11th full member of the SKA organisation, showing the global importance of the SKA project with more countries cementing their role in its future.
National Science Week is also upon us next week, which allows us to engage with the public and younger generations of budding scientists with a week of spectacular and educational science, look out for us if you're in Perth!
Finishing up the newsletter, ICRAR is proudly sponsoring the upcoming Women in Astronomy Workshop 2014 where the recipient of our inaugrual Senior Women's Fellowship will be announced.

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2014 Premier's Science Awards

ICRAR has three finalists in this year's WA Premier's Science Awards, Professor Steven Tingay is a finalist for Scientist of the Year, PhD Candidate Tom Russell for student scientist of the year, and the ICRAR coordinated event Astrofest for Science Engagement Initiative of the Year. The winners will be announced on August 21st.

Carbon monoxide predicts ‘red and dead’ future of gas guzzler galaxy

Astronomers have studied the carbon monoxide in a galaxy over 12 billion light years from Earth and discovered that it’s running out of gas, quite literally, and headed for a ‘red and dead’ future.

12 M€ for Netherlands contribution to design of the Square Kilometre Array

ICRAR collaborators in The Netherlands have been awarded 12 M Euro for their contribution to the Square Kilometre Array. 

New Staff Members

The following new staff members and postgraduate students have joined ICRAR since the last edition of our eNewsletter;
  • Laurens Bakker, Research Engineer;
  • Dr Foivos Diakogiannis, Research Associate;
  • Dr Richard Dodson, Research Fellow;
  • Lisa Randell, Administrative Assistant;
  • Dr Jongwhan Rhee, Research Associate;
  • Dr Maria Rioja, Research Associate;
  • Dr Nick Seymour, Senior Lecturer;
  • Katharine Kelley, PhD Candidate.
We wish them all a warm welcome to ICRAR.

Researcher Interview

Prof Chris Power

Chris and his team of astronomers run simulations by setting up billions of particles in huge chunks of virtual space and then letting gravity do its work. He also has the perfect superhero name!

Other News

Women in Astronomy Workshop 2014

We are all made of Stars. Establishing equity and diversity within Australian Astronomy. ICRAR is committed to supporting women in astronomical sciences and technology.

Postgraduate study with ICRAR

ICRAR is looking for talented and hardworking students to study at the postgraduate level in astronomy, radio astronomy engineering or data intensive astronomy.

Summer Studentships

Join us this summer for an interesting project in astronomy, radio astronomy engineering or data intensive astronomy (ICT). Applications are open to all Australian and New Zealand currently enrolled undergradute students.

International SKA News

India's National Centre for Radio Astrophysics joins the SKA!

Congratulations to India's National Centre for Radio Astrophysics who have become the 11th full member of the international SKA Organisation.

Game-changing science with the SKA

SKA Science Conference, Giardini Naxos, Italy - The Advancing Astrophysics with the Square Kilometre Array conference was held from June 8-13 in Giardini Naxos, Italy.

International SKA News centre

The SKA organisation office has been busy in the last few months, with lots of fresh news to share, be sure to check out their SKAO monthly bulletin for all the latest updates.

National Science Week 2014

National Science Week 2014

Here at ICRAR we are preparing for Australia’s National Science Week 2014, starting this Saturday the 16th of August. Our staff and students are involved in a week of excitement and learning, all stemming from the wonders of space and astronomy. We have many activities planned, ranging from engaging directly with the public to getting up close and personal with the young, eager students of Perth.
Our “Ask an astronomer’ sessions will take place in Perth primary schools where our young astronomers will interact with students at a personal level, answering questions and inspiring the next generation of astronomers.
ICRAR has also donated 10 “Universe in a box” kits to local primary schools. These kits contain activities and resources to help teach fundamental astronomy concepts, adapted for the primary curriculum.
If the weather is clear we’ll also have our team of “Guerrilla Astronomers” hosting observations in the city, allowing the public a chance to have a look through a telescope and observe astronomical objects which they might not have seen before.
National Science Week will also give a chance for ICRAR to show off some amazing imagery and astrophotography with images and videos being shared online during the week, and displays being shown in school libraries across Perth.

If you're in Perth, UWA's Physics Department have a great public talk planned on the hunt for dark matter on the 22nd of August.
Finally, National Science Week will feature the people behind the scenes at ICRAR, the real living and breathing researchers that are producing incredible results every day, while also giving back to the public. New profiles of our staff will be available online throughout the week.
We hope to see you join in on some of our National Science Week activities, either online or in person! More information on National Science Week around Australia is available at


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