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New Skills Network finalized

It is skill, not strength, that governs a ship.
- Thomas Fuller

The quotation above is in line with the theme of the New Skills Network,  the 3 years thematic network on the theme of „New Skills for New Jobs“  that now is approaching the end of its project life cycle.

22 best practice projects were selected in the framework of our thematic network.  If you´er  looking for new project ideas, the NSN projects on the theme of new skills for new jobs can be transferred to other countries and other target groups.  The NSN Recommendations have been translated into partner languages and they have also been distributed at follow-up seminars in each partner country as well as at the final conference in Copenhagen in June 2012 and at national events: Download Recommendations here
Click on picture to download Recommendations
All participants in the network and it's events in all partner countries receive special thanks for their valuable contribution to the conference, the speakers for their inputs and ideas, project promoters for good presentation of their valuable work.
In this task we enjoyed the know-how of exellent external experts, Paul Guest who has been working for years or decades actually as a consultant in European Project Management ( and Rob Wilson professor at the University of Warwick and an expert at Cedefop and I thank them for their valuable input.
And finally, special thanks to the team of Leonardo national agencies that took part in the thematic network, the cooperation was great.
Margret K. Sverrisdottir
NSN thematic coordinator

The New Skills Network focused on different actions within the Lifelong Learning Programme (centralised and decentralised projects).
  1. help ensure that the LLP programme supports Member States adequately in skills upgrading and skills matching through the mobilisation of existing Community policies and funds
  2. facilitate development of more projects aimed at developing processes, methods and tools aimed at helping Europe closing the current skills gap and facilitating the upgrade of skills
  3. impact new policy developments and setting of long-term strategic priorities at Community and Member State levels related to the theme

  1. By drawing the attention of key stakeholders, at different policy levels (local, national, European) to the quality results of LLP funding, focusing upon or leading to skills development and skills forecasting.
  2. By creating increased awareness amongst relevant national and European level stakeholders as regards their role in increasing participation in Lifelong Learning and in ensureing adequate skills levels amongst Europe´s citizens, able to meet the demands of the future European labour market.
  3. By collecting  LLP-projects on the theme.  All partners proposed a total of 300 projects which were filtered to 142 potentially relevant projects for judgement of experts in review of project relevance . Projects were judged in terms of multiplier potential: transferability, accessibillity and potential impact. Results: 22 projects were selected as examples of good or best practice.
What has the New Skills Network accomplished? Short overview.

An external expert´s report was written on the in-depth analysis and selection of best practice projects. An executive summary of the report is available in all partner languages.
Altogether 4 big thematic conferences and a series of national follow-up seminars withe expert panels and dissemination events have taken place; these focused discussions brought together experts from the world of work and the world of education and led to a series of important outcomes which formed an important basis for the NSN Recommendations.  The Recommendations of the network  have been produced and published widely: both a printed and a web version was distributed in all participating countries.
Networking:   Influencing high level changes in policy and educational systems is possible when projects cooperate effectively at the right levels. The New Skills Network has brought together experts on the theme, both nationally and on European level, decision makers within education, social partners and project coordinators to discuss how to create better skills for the future labour market.

Fortunately the EC also organises several events to facilitate such cooperation that we could make use of for further promotion of the network.  Linking with experts within important intstitutions for impact and thanks to our Danish partner, the NSN final conference became one of the events of the Danish EU Presidency which certainly gave it an extra promotional value. 
Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year
from the New Skills Network Team
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