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October 2019: More on the Clearinghouse

The Clearinghouse is not a searchable database

You may have received an e-mail in mid-October from a continuing education provider.  The first sentence says that the Clearinghouse “is potentially the best way to obtain SAP referrals, as FMCSA drivers will be able to find qualified SAPs through the Clearinghouse.”

That is not accurate.  A driver will not be able to “search” the Clearinghouse to find a SAP.  A driver or the driver’s employer will still have to select a SAP by using the same resources they have used in the past.  Being registered on the Clearinghouse will not be a source of new SAP cases for you. 

A driver who goes to the Clearinghouse will be able to see only his/her record, which can be checked for accuracy.  The driver will not be able to do any more than that on the Clearinghouse, and he/she will certainly not be able to search for a SAP.  The driver will be able to see two dates related to the services that you provided:  1) the date that you completed your assessment and made your recommendation, and 2) the date that you determined that the driver has complied with your recommendation.

SAPlist is still the most-accessed national database for drivers and employers to find SAPs.  SAPlist receives thousands of hits every month, and remains the very best way for you to market your services. 

Has your qualification lapsed?

If your qualification has expired (because you didn’t complete 12 hours of continuing education during a three-year period), that same e-mail suggested that you should take the Qualification Training again.  However, that is not the instruction and guidance from ODAPC. 

If your qualification has lapsed by only a few weeks or even a few months, you may still complete those 12 hours of continuing education, and as soon as you do, you will be back in qualification.  ODAPC would rather have you complete 12 hours of new information and clarification (such as the Clearinghouse) than to repeat a Qualification Training and SAP Exam, which would then give you two qualification dates. 

On the other hand, if your qualification date was several years ago, and you obviously haven’t been seeing SAP clients during this time, it would make sense for you to repeat a Qualification Training.

Registering “assistants” on the Clearinghouse

Some of you have asked what FMCSA means by “Invite Assistants from your company” to register.  The term “assistants” relates only to MROs.  When you call an MRO's office, you often talk with the MRO's “assistant”.  FMCSA intends for those assistants to be able to record positive drug test results and MRO-determined refusals on a driver’s record.

A SAP works independently and has no “assistants.”  Entering information on the Clearinghouse isn’t a function that you should assign to an office manager or anyone else.  It will require only a few minutes for you to enter a date, and you would want the assurance that it has been done on time, and accurately. 

Also, it is important that you not delegate this function to a broker or an EAP for whom you are providing SAP services.  There can be serious penalties and consequences for entering wrong information, or for not observing the required timeframe.  If you are asked by a broker or EAP to let them register as your “assistant”, I suggest that you not relinquish that authority to them, or to anyone else.  Recording dates on the Clearinghouse should be your responsibility.

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