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February 2020: You Guessed It — Clearinghouse Again!

How do I know if I am actually registered on the Clearinghouse?

Some of you have asked how you can find out if you are actually registered on the Clearinghouse. 
  1. Go to suggest you bookmark this, so you can always get to it when you need to.)
  2. In the upper right corner, click on Log In.
  3. Enter your e-mail address and password.
  4. You’ll then receive a text on your smartphone, or by e-mail (whichever one you designated when you registered), giving you a code. Enter that code
  5. Click on My Dashboard, to see if you have any pending requests.
  6. If none of this works, it means that you perhaps didn’t register.

However, a word of caution…

 A few SAPs have had trouble linking to a driver’s record.  The driver has requested the SAP, but the driver’s name doesn’t show up in the SAP's Pending Requests.
What happened in these situations was that for some reason the SAP had created more than one record.  In one case, the SAP hadn’t written down her password, couldn’t remember it.  Rather than create a new password, the SAP decided to create a new record.  Now the SAP had two records on the Clearinghouse.  (One SAP had created FOUR separate accounts!) 
A driver’s request to a SAP might be sitting in one of the accounts, but not in the account that the SAP is looking at.  Please, DO NOT create a new account.  If you forget your password, click on “Forgot my password”, and create a new password, NOT a new account.
Go to the Clearinghouse Site

I’ve e-mailed to the Clearinghouse, but I’m not hearing anything back.

You shouldn’t be surprised to know that the Clearinghouse is swamped with e-mail and phone calls.  Clearinghouse has staff are responding to those e-mails and phone calls all day, every day.
You may have e-mailed about a problem:
  • A driver says he is registered, but he can’t get to his record
  • A driver requested you to be his SAP, but nothing shows up on your Dashboard
  • The MRO staff tells you they entered a violation, but it doesn’t show up on the driver’s record
  • You have accepted a request from a driver, but you can’t get to the driver’s record
In order for the Clearinghouse to be able to help you, they need to know your name as it is recorded on the Clearinghouse, the driver’s name, and the driver’s CDL# and state of issuance.  Clearinghouse staff tell me that without the CDL#, they can’t do anything.
For that reason, it would be important to always obtain the driver’s CDL# and state of issuance.  You may want to put the CDL# on the outside of the driver’s file folder, so it is readily accessible, if you need it.

Are you having trouble registering a Mexican driver?

Several SAPs near the Mexican border tell me that they are having trouble getting Mexican drivers registered.  Here’s a little piece that FMCSA hasn’t told you…you must enter “MX” for both the country AND the state.  If you continue to have trouble, e-mail the Clearinghouse ( ) and provide the driver’s name, CDL#, and make sure you include “Mexico” in the e-mail.

When entering dates on the Clearinghouse, do NOT make a mistake

Once a date has been entered, it CANNOT BE CHANGED.  If you enter the wrong date, you will have to send an e-mail to the Clearinghouse and explain what happened, and ask them to fix it for you.
The evaluation date must be the last day of the assessment.
The compliance date must be the day that you determined that the driver has successfully complied with your recommendation.
When you enter a date, there will be a dropdown calendar.  The only way to be sure that the date will be entered in the correct format is to click on the exact day on the dropdown calendar.

SAP Training in Baltimore, April 24-25

It’s not too early to think about the SAP training coming up in Baltimore, April 24-25.
Hotel information and registration is at
Go to EAPA SAP Training Registration

ODAPC’s CBD Clarification on February 18

If you are on ODAPC’s listserv, and if you are registered on the Clearinghouse, you would have received ODAPC’s notice about CBD use

When the DOT employee in your office says “But it was just CBD oil”, ask the employee to read one sentence in bullet #3 on the page: 

“Furthermore, CBD use is not a legitimate medical explanation for a laboratory-confirmed marijuana positive result.” 

The MRO didn’t accept that excuse, and neither can you.  A marijuana positive is a marijuana positive, regardless of the source of the THC.
Go to ODAPC's February CBD Notice

SAPlist UREMINDER: SAPlist U For Your Continuing Ed Requirement

SAPlist U provides 12 hours of continuing education related to DOT's testing rules.  It is endorsed by EACC, NASW, and NBCC.  It’s online, convenient, and you can complete it at your own pace.

Go to SAPlist U Continuing Ed
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