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August 2019 E-mail Blast - FMCSA Follow-up

Important Information about FMCSA's E-mail Listserv

I discovered yesterday that there are two e-mails lists that SAPs should be on.

  1. Office of Drug & Alcohol Policy & Compliance (ODAPC) listserv
    40.281 is the SAP qualification regulation.  The regulation now states that in order to be fully-qualified as a SAP, you must sign up on ODAPC’s listserv.  I assume that an auditor could check to see if your e-mail address is in the listserv database.  If you haven’t done this, please do so.
  2. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) listserv
    This is a completely separate listserv, related to only to FMCSA.  Since FMCSA is the only mode that has a Clearinghouse, information about the Clearinghouse will come directly from FMCSA, and not from ODAPC.  If you didn’t receive the FMCSA e-mail a few days ago, it means you haven’t signed up on their webpage.

    When you sign up, you will be able to check which categories you want to receive e-mails about.  The categories are:  employers, owner/operators, SAPs, State Driver Licensing Agencies, drivers, MROs, and C/TPAs.  Go wild…check them all.  You need to know as much about this Clearinghouse as you can get your hands on.  Once it’s up and running, I don’t think you’ll be snowed under (that’s a Minnesota term) by piles of e-mails.  And you can always hit the Delete button if it really doesn’t pertain to you.  Better to have too much information than to miss something that is critical.

Both of these signups require ONLY your e-mail address.  Not even your name.  Just your e-mail address, so you don’t have to worry about listing qualifications, etc.  Registering on the Clearinghouse will require details and contact information, and that will happen later.  You’ll get an e-mail notification when the actual registration opens.

Clearinghouse FAQs

Regarding the FAQs about the Clearinghouse, you’ll see there are 62 FAQs on FMCSA’s website.  Frankly, I found it difficult to navigate the website.  Plus, it still has a few glitches.  So, I created a single document, with all 62 questions and answers.  10 pages.  I suggest you print it and keep it handy.  There’s a lot of overlap among various categories, so I haven’t tried to organize it.  It’s in random order.  You’ll just have to look through it, mark questions that are relevant to your SAP practice and other information that you may want to know. 

View Clearinghouse FAQs July 2019

Query Fee Structure

Employers will have to pay a fee each time they query the Clearinghouse.  Question #18 says that the fee structure is “still pending”.  Actually, that’s no longer true.  FMCSA posted the fee structure on Monday.  Every query will cost an employer $1.25.  In addition to querying every applicant, an employer must query all of his drivers annually.

This explains the query plan:

And here is the actual fee system:  (Notice…there is no quantity discount!)

Keep in mind that the Clearinghouse doesn’t start until January 6, 2020.  The registration system will open sometime between now and then.  Watch for it, and get your paperwork together, with dates and other information that you may be asked for.

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