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Hello, everyone!
Here is our Director, Sarah Cowley, speaking about the Peace Crane Project at the United Nations yesterday!
It was a great event, and quite an opportunity to spread the word about the power of the project. To watch a short video I made from the seat behind her, click here. Sarah did an amazing job. THANK YOU, SARAH!

A couple of things to know, as we get closer to Peace Day. Because of spammers, I hand enter everyone onto the exchange list. That means there is a lag between when you join and when your name appears. If you receive this newsletter and still do not see your name, it means I missed you. Please reply to this and let me know. Thanks.

Have you found an exchange partner? I always suggest picking more than one exchange partner, just in case someone doesn't follow through. So, pick a few, and confirm with them that they are willing to exchange. Once you are no longer looking for a partner, let me know and I will mark you as "MATCHED" on the list. This will speed up the matching process for those still looking, and it will prevent you from getting a lot of emails you don't want.

If you would like a Certificate of Participation, I will send those to everyone letting me know they are matched. I will start sending them in a few weeks, once the Peace Day rush is over.

I'm sending out these newsletters every few days now. New members are joining almost every hour, so I want to make sure everyone has the information they need. We will go back to a slower pace after Peace Day.

My next public event is at the Asia Society in NYC, noon to 2:30 pm on September 16th. I will be back in NYC on September 21st for a public event at the Children's Museum of NYC. Please stop by and fold a crane, if you are able!

I will be at the Barnes and Noble in Philadelphia, September 20th at 4 pm.
Wherever you are, you can host a Peace Day Party.  Now is the time to begin planning! We've put together a flyer with suggestions for you, including a link to our new book "Origami Peace Cranes: Friendships Take Flight." 100% of our proceeds from the book will go directly to the Peace Crane Project!  Click here to access a downloadable PDF of the flyer you see below!

We've also created a new web page just for Peace Day. In addition to highlighting our new book about the power of peace cranes, you will find bookmarks, a word search puzzle, folding guides, a pen pal letter, coloring pages, and the peace pledge, all available to download for FREE. Check it out here! 
Here's the Peace Day Flyer. I hope you'll join us in making this the biggest Peace Day ever. 

Did You Know?

We have two programs going this year. The Peace Crane Exchange is designed to connect you directly with another group of your choosing. With Peace Cranes in Flight, we are collecting 1,000 cranes, to be displayed in public libraries, museums, and public spaces around the world. Please read below to learn how to participate. 

The Peace Crane Exchange

We invite students, teachers, classrooms, community groups, and families to exchange greetings of peace with other groups, all around the world.

Want to participate? Here's how:

1. If you have not done so already, please sign up HERE
2. Create your peace cranes, doves, hearts, and any other items you wish to share with your exchange partner. Check our website for helpful guides and instructional videos. Hearts and doves are easier to fold, and just as much fun to trade! You can see a How to Fold a Heart Video here. And here’s How to Fold a Peace Dove. You can also download these coloring pages. All of these send a message of peace and are equally fine to share with your exchange partners! You are only limited by your imagination.
3. Be sure your name and listing is current and appears on the exchange list. If it does not, email me with your listing information.
4. Select another group on the list. Email the group leader and request an exchange. You may want to choose more than one to contact since sometimes exchanges don’t work out. Better to have a few exchanges lined up, so if one fails your group will still have a successful exchange.
5. Once you receive confirmation that the group you have selected is interested in exchanging, request their address  Send your package of artworks to your exchange partner and wait for their exchange package to arrive! If you choose to exchange your cranes via regular post, you will be responsible for paying your own postage. You can trade via email, which will allow you to participate for free.
6. Send photos to me to receive your certificate of participation.

Peace Cranes in Flight 

Separate from the Peace Crane Exchange, we are collecting 1,000 cranes from students all over the world. These cranes will be sent for display to museums, libraries, and a variety of public venues in the coming months.

Want to participate? Here's how:

  • Fold a crane.
  • Write a message of peace on its wings.
  • Include your first name and your location somewhere on your crane.
  • Send us a photo of your crane. Include the students who folded it, if possible.
  • Put your crane in an envelope and send it to:

The Peace Crane Project
108 Por La Mar Circle
Santa Barbara CA 93103


Because we are limiting the exhibit to 1,000 cranes, please send only one crane per student, or select the best crane from your group. Not all cranes submitted will be displayed. As the show travels, many cranes will be replaced. So the likelihood of your crane being featured somewhere are very high, but not promised. Thanks for understanding. We're just starting out, with a long way to go. To watch our progress  and see our list participants grow, check out our map!  The map is only sporadically updated, so please be patient if you don't see your listing yet. Thank you.

After reading the suggestions here on how to participate, if you need a little help, don’t hesitate to send me email. Is someone not responding to your exchange request? Please let me know about that, as well. I want to keep this list as accurate and active as possible.

IMPORTANT: Spammers are making the exchange list very difficult to keep clean and accurate. If you have signed up but do not see yourself listed, my spam detectors may be overachievers. Please send me e-mail and tell me about it. I will personally add you. Thank you.

Until next week, happy folding!


Check out our current exchange list! We host exchanges every day of the year. Ready to sign up? Click Here.
We are a registered 501(c)3. We are all volunteer and basic overhead is fully funded. 100% of your donation goes directly into supporting our projects.Thanks for your support.
How does the Peace Crane Exchange work? How do I join? 
Click here to find out.
Spread the word. Print. Forward. Share. Thank you!
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