Ratio Christi (Latin for ‘The Reason of Christ’) is placing Christian apologetics clubs at universities both nationally and internationally. Bringing together faith and reason in order to establish the intellectual voice of Christ in the University, Ratio Christi is engaging in the battle for the mind of Christians and skeptics alike. We unashamedly defend the veracity of God, the Bible, and Christ’s resurrection.

3 Years and Counting...

Ratio Christi at Marshall University recently celebrated 3 years of existence! We ended our 3rd semester on campus with a time of fellowship, food and, of course, discussion at Fat Patty's in Huntington. A lot has happened over the past 3 years. We have seen members graduate, yes, we now have alumni, (some of which still attend our meetings) hosted top scholars in apologetics on campus, and learned how to defend the truth of Christianity. This semester we discussed moral relativism, truth, identifying Christian cults, the resurrection, the soul, presented by one of our alum, and the origins of Christmas!

However, to me, the significance of 3 years is how long Jesus spent, no more than 3 1/2, doing His earthly ministry. And His disciples still did not understand! Consider the diversity of those following Jesus in the 1st century, not just the 12, and the similarities on a secular college campus. We have students that know nothing about why they believe, to those that want to study Neo Platonism. Just as Jesus had fisherman, to a highly educated physician. The point being, 3 years is a very short time. The need for apologetics training is as vital now as it was then. Throughout the Bible apologetics played an integral part from creation to the resurrection. As we celebrate 3 years of training students and our local community to defend the Truth of Christianity, many still do not understand. Pray with us as we begin the spring semester, to strengthen believers, reach the lost and change culture!

Speaking of spring, you are invited to attend our meetings on Thursday evenings, at 6:30 pm, upstairs in the student center room 2W37. In fact, here is a list of topics we will be discussing:  Christianity and the Nature of Science
Jesus, The Smartest Man Who Ever Lived
Miracles and the Modern Mind
In Defense of the Soul
Apologetics and the Spiritual Life
Answers to Bioethical Questions
Prolegomena to Theology - Introduction to the study of Theology
Bibliogy - Doctrine of the Bible
Theology Proper - Doctrine of God
Christology - Doctrine of Christ
Pneumatology - Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
Angelology - Doctrine of Angels

We pray you join us and have a very Merry Christmas!


RC on TV!

This coming year is a strategic one for us as we launch a new outreach initiative of our ministry. We have been offered air time on an international satellite TV network which broadcasts across the world. The content will also be streamed on the internet. This also gives us a unique opportunity to market this show to other broadcasters on subscription-based networks.

We currently have 170 college chapters and 30 high school clubs. But imagine what we could do by spreading the same apologetics knowledge that these students are learning to people around the globe! Youth and adults in multiple countries would hear how much tangible evidence there is for the existence of God and for the miracle of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Not only that, but our apologetics covers how to talk to people about a myriad of topics that are deeply affecting American culture, worldviews, and values, as well as the culture, worldviews, and values of many nations where people are already suffering persecution for Christ's sake.

Generally, it takes months of cold-calling and a great deal of time and effort to find the right media outlets with hosts or editors who will get excited about highlighting Ratio Christi’s ministry, news, and events. To top it off, there are current world-changing events relating to the Bible and religion which are competing for media exposure. Even within the Christian news industry, media representatives know how vast the competition is for their attention. Last but not least, online networking on worldwide social media requires a monumental amount of time.

With RC-TV, we would have our own internationally satellite and streaming outlet! We could create more great programming as some of you may have seen with Ratio Christi featured during the ABN Apologetics Marathons.


Ratio Christi at Marshall University wants to partner with you, your church, small group or anyone that is interested in defending the truth of Christianity!

We have at least 5 different speakers available to provide training on numerous topics. This training is FREE and can be formatted to meet your needs. Our training consists of anything from 1 day to 12 weeks. 3 of our 5 speakers have advanced degrees in apologetics, church planting, evangelism, teaching and microbiology! The other 2 are completing their undergraduate degrees at Marshall.

Not only that we have access to numerous resources that we offer to everyone! Here is just the beginning:

Ratio Christi's partner site, ThePoachedEgg.net, provides readers all over the world a large and continually expanding virtual library of articles and essays compiled from all over the World Wide Web. Noted apologists, biblical scholars, philosophers, scientists, historians, students, and laymen all come together under this one site. The Poached Egg is a one-stop shop for discovering vital resources that you may not even knew existed whether you are new to apologetics or a veteran apologist, The Poached Egg should be one website that every Christian has bookmarked and shares with their church community, skeptics of Christianity, family and friends, and fellow believers who may be struggling with doubt.

ThePoachedEgg is the best site for a feed of apologetics articles & blogs from around the blogosphere.  Bookmark it!  

Please contact me at: johnmays@ratiochristi.org or 304-6888856


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