Featured: Jan Randall and Michael Nicholas
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Tangent Shores - Message in a Bottle

Issue 2

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Photo: Jan La Salle
I selected the title for the debut Tangent Shores CD, Amethyst. I like the metaphor of precious stones strewn about for discovery and admiration.

I wish to announce the program for Amethyst. I know you will appreciate and enjoy the selections. Here they are in alphabetical order by composer's last name.
  • Talia Amar: Phantasmagoria
  • Richard Cionco: Four Postcards
  • Devin Farney: The Road Less Traveled
  • Sara Graef: Nottanosti
  • Joseph Prestamo: Ballade
  • Garrett Shatzer: Three Preludes
  • Ryan Suleiman: Under Moonlight
  • Waddy Thompson: Seasons of New York
  • Mark Zuckerman: Coming in Thirds
Congratulations and thanks to the composers! I'm having a ball learning their music. I will have more to share about these fascinating composers later.
Composer features
In this issue of Message in a Bottle I highlight the work of composers I have met on line and in real life. Here are two with messages telling you about themselves and introducing you to their music, Jan Randall and Michael Nicholas.
Jan Randall
Jan Randall is a Canadian composer who is perhaps best known for creating the music and musical directing for the 2001 IAFF World Championships in Athletics Ceremonies that was broadcast worldwide to a live audience of over 4 billion people. His activity writing songs and improvising music includes work with many of the famous comedians of Second City while he was Music Director there and continues today as he begins his fourth season with the hit CBC comedy series "The Irrelevant Show." With a solid background in jazz and classical music, he studied at the University of Alberta, and has a degree in Music Theory and Composition. In February of 2013 he performed a concert of his original works at the McDougal United Church in Edmonton including his Piano Sonata and a set of Impromptus.

Location: Victoria, BC Canada
Performing Rights Organization: SOCAN
Michael Nicholas
I try to approach each new work in a new way. The initial idea can come from anywhere, and can take many forms: a sonic idea, a formal idea, an idea for a particular instrument or combination of instruments. Sometimes there are common 'themes' which span across multiple compositions. Most recently I have concerned myself with an exploration of different approaches to 'pulse.'

I enjoy writing for many different instrumentations—solo instruments, chamber ensembles (small or large, traditional or rare/new), orchestra, chorus—and also have an interest in music theater.

Location: New York City
Publisher: Acropoiesis Music
Performing Rights Organization: ASCAP
Purchase scores: ScoreStreet

Audio Samples:
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