Oakland gang injunction cases dismissed in court yesterday. 


Dear Stop the Injunctions Coalition supporters,

After six years of community pressure, we have achieved a total victory against the use of gang injunctions in Oakland!  Yesterday in Alameda County Superior Court, the City Attorney dropped the two temporary civil gang injunctions that this coalition fought tooth and nail at the grassroots level. 

Thanks to everyone that mobilized to City Hall, knocked on doors in North and East Oakland, provided legal advice and representation, chanted in the streets, did teach-ins, painted murals, talked to the media, and provided support for people named on the injunctions and their families.  Every part of the struggle was necessary and contributed the elimination of the use of gang injunctions in our city. Our community pressure prevented the Oakland Police Department, the City Attorney, and the City Council from enforcing or expanding the injunctions, because we made them too controversial and revealed their harmful impacts on our neighborhoods.  Together, we demanded real solutions for Oakland, not more police.

“This is a huge victory for Oakland residents that have been demanding an end to police occupation in our neighborhoods,” said Aurora Lopez, a lead organizer with STIC. “We know that Oakland can’t police its way out of the issues we face.” 

The City of Oakland wasted over three million dollars and hundreds of hours trying to make a good case for injunctions when it was clear that they were doomed from the start.  We know that these resources could have gone to the education or community programs we advocated for over and over in front of the City Council and that many of us have consistently been building in Oakland.

We’re most excited that the dismissal of these injunctions will mean relief for the 65 people targeted under the North Oakland and Fruitvale injunctions as well as their families and neighbors.  We’re also committed to carry on what began six years ago.  Our work together inspired people targeted by the injunctions to become powerful organizers; it unified Black and Brown communities across the entire city in a common struggle, and drew us together to forge stronger bonds.

Thanks to everyone in STIC that organized, agitated, and supported this fight— people named on the injunctions, formerly imprisoned people, survivors of police violence, Oakland educators and community organizers, and advocates for restorative justice—we have achieved a full victory against gang injunctions in Oakland!

In Struggle,
Stop the Injunctions Coalition

P.S. Join us at the STIC garden tomorrow, Saturday March 7 (and the first Saturday of the month, going forward) from 10am-noon for a community work session!

The garden was started from the grassroots, by a group of lifelong residents, neighbors, friends and organizations involved in Stop the Injunctions Coalition who were determined and inspired to build a beautiful neighborhood space and resource.  As this garden demonstrates, strong communities grow incredible things from the ground up.  Join us to take care of the garden!  28th and Foothill Blvd, next to Mi Carnal
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