NEW: Readers to accompany the Old Western Culture curriculum! 
Also, announcing the winner of our Scribenda Summer Essay Contest!
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We are delighted to introduce our new Roman Roads Reader series! These readers include ALL the assigned texts for each unit! 
We still offer FREE eText editions, so these readers are for those who prefer REAL bound books you can hold and touch and smell. 

The first unit we are publishing in this series is the Early Christianity reader, accompanying Romans: Early Christianity from the Old Western Culture curriculum. Why start with this unit? That question, and a few others, is answered below. 
We are IN STOCK today! 
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Readers will soon be available for each unit of Old Western Culture!

Q & A

A Few Common Questions: 
  1. Why start with Early Christianity? 
    We are starting with Early Christianity because that is our latest release, and we want to keep ensure that new releases always have a reader to accompany them since many customers already bought books for previous units. We will publish previous units as fast as we can!
  2. Didn't you already have a reader for Drama and Lyric
    Yes, we did! The unit on Drama and Lyric had so many smaller parts, that we combined 7 of the 10 texts into a smaller reader a couple years ago. This NEW edition includes ALL texts, and will replace the older Drama and Lyric Reader. 
  3. Do you recommend buying your readers over buying individual books? 
    It depends. For units that contain multiple works (like Early Christianity), often with only selections of a larger text, we highly encourage the reader. Individual books could cost as much as 5 to 6 times the price. For units that cover one or two major texts, like The Epics, which covers the Iliad and Odyssey, we actually recommend you buy your own editions, or use those you already own. Rule of thumb: If you own it already, or it's less than three volumes, we don't recommend our reader over other editions.
  4. When will the next Reader be available? 
    We will be prioritizing the publishing of the Readers with the release of their corresponding units, so the next unit will be Nicene Christianity, and so on. But we will simultaneously be producing Readers for the previously released units of Old Western Culture. We hope to have readers for all units of The Greeks and The Romans by the end of the year!

Just tuning in? What is "Old Western Culture"?

Old Western Culture is our award-winning double-credit History and Literature curriculum that covers the great books of Western Civilization. The course is the heart of a classical Christian education, and is named after a term coined by C.S. Lewis, referring to the body of knowledge that was held in common by all educated men from ancient times until very recently. As parents we all recognize the need to raise young men and women who are equipped to engage with our culture. We want our children to think like Christians when they encounter new ideas, and the best way to prepare for interacting with NEW ideas is to practice with OLD ideas. Old Western Culture equips students to join what Mortimer Adler called "The Great Conversation," but it does so from a distinctively Christian approach because it is informed by the revelation of Scripture and guidance of historic Christian thought.

"What is included in a year of Old Western Culture?"

Old Western Culture is a complete curriculum! Each year of Old Western Culture is divided into four individual quarters. Each UNIT includes:
  • Lesson plan schedule
  • 12 video lessons (DVD + Streaming)
  • Guide to the Art booklet
  • 2 Exams
  • Workbook & Answer Key (PDF - Physical editions available.)
  • Readers (PDF included, or BYOB Bring Your Own Book!) 
  • NEW: Online Portal for streaming videos!

What's new at Roman Roads Media? 

Coming soon!
Fitting Words:
Classical Rhetoric for the Christian Student

by James Nance
Spring 2016 | Grades 9-12
Congratulations to Coggin Galbreath, winner of the Scribenda Summer Essay Contest! 
Thank you to the 25 students who submitted excellent essays! Coggin's essay, "Feeding the Dragon," answered the question "Do we ever outgrow fairy tales?" In addition to winning a $50 Amazon gift card, and Loeb editions of the major Greek and Roman Epics, Coggin's essay will be featured in the first issue of our new magazine. 
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