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Creating What Matters this issue...
- Two things on my mind
- Putting your stamp on sustainability
- My Christmas plans

- Marketing tip
- It's how we respond that matters

Going into Christmas there are two things on my mind.  And they are:

11 people per week commit suicide in NZ


Global corporate profits in the last year hit an all time high and wages an all time low.

I’m staring these two facts in the face and knowing there is a link between them, not wanting to assume it is causal but tempted.

As Peter Drucker once insightfully said, "in times of great turmoil, the danger lies not in the turmoil itself but facing it with yesterday’s logic".

And I’m asking myself what will I do differently in 2013 to be part of creating a thriving, just and sustainable future?

I spend a lot of my time already working towards this end and I’ve mentioned several of the projects I’m involved in.

The big one in January is the Youth Leadership Camp at Whatipu from 18 – 21 January.  If you know a young person interested in doing more to create a just and sustainable world then please send them this link ( or suggest they watch this 9 minute video  Watch this 9 minute video.   And apply for the training here!  

Putting your stamp on sustainability

I’ve been part of a discussion on LinkedIn over the last month.  The thread has been very informative of the paradigm many people operate from. I began the thread with my post about we used to make Sh**t here.   One of the things I reported was that my son Ivor asked me recently why we don’t make cars in NZ.  That generated lots of comments such as, “its not economic” and “the market is not big enough”  etc. 

Last evening I was enjoying  the Profitable Teams Christmas (a huge thanks to Donald and Cate for hosting this celebratory event) and parked on the drive when I arrived was a beautiful sports car.  I found out that it is a handmade Lotus 7 made here in NZ!   Do take a look – it is awesome.  (  I asked Ida about their business.  What came out is that this is a business about passion, about giving people in New Zealand jobs that are very rewarding and fulfilling, about building things of beauty.  I’m not a car person at all but even I can see the beauty in this car! 

The thing for me is that this is a business where the purpose is not to make the most amount of money or become the person with the highest net worth.  It is a business where the purpose meets a social need as well as an economic one.  

I hope that in 2013 I work with more business owners who share the belief that a sustainable business is a ‘creative process' (i.e. it is always evolving) that does good socially, environmentally and economically and does no harm.  That will ensure my work is fulfilling and rewarding and that I am working towards a thriving, just and sustainable world for everyone, not just the very wealthy.  If you’d like to talk to me about how to do that in your business please give me a call.  I’d love to talk with you about your visions, your dreams and how to fulfill them.

On a lighter note, remember it's not what happens to us but how we respond that matters.

Bridget Marsh, Creating What Matters

What I'm up to

My team will be working on some marketing for me over the break. I shall be taking a short break to re-charge my batteries. Think of me on the 28th as I walk/slog the 8 hour tramp out to Cape Brett with some of my family and back again on the 29th!!

Your next newsletter will be in your inbox the week of the 23rd January .

In the meantime I wish you a wonderful celebration of all you have achieved in 2012 and all you intend to achieve in 2013.   If you would like a copy of the Reflection and Planning booklet I’ve been using now for many years you can download a copy free here. 

Have you noticed there is not so much Christmas music around this year or is it just that I’ve not been out so much.   Here is a song that I think is one for our time.

"Live as if our Future Matters" Music Video

Check it out! The Earth Guardians "Voice of Youth" have just filmed their first music video, and it rocks.

Wishing you safe, joyful, and re-energising days.     


Marketing Tip

It’s possible to market in an almost invisible way.  This is very powerful as it is not only cost effective but also positions you as a ‘strong’ player in your industry.  The perception is that only strong, healthy companies give away gift vouchers.
I suggest using gift certificates as a way of encouraging ex customers or clients to come back.  You can also thank current customers with a gift voucher that they can use for themselves or pass on to someone they know.
This is a great time of year to acknowledge, thank and reward your loyal customers.  And if you’re thinking it’s too late, the New Year works just as well – maybe even better as people come back and usually business is a little quieter and they have time to really read what you have sent them.
If you’d like some help working out what you can do and exactly how to do it in your business, give me a call on 09 412 9485.  I’m here til Friday 21st and back in the New Year – checking phone messages from January 8th.

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