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Creating What Matters this issue...
- Leaving a legacy: a tribute to Stephen Covey
- Is your turnover under $700k?
- What I've been up to
- Sustainable business
- Accelerate your success
- Marketing tip
- Business Mentors NZ
- Quick and Easy (2 tips)
- Upcoming webinars & workshops

Leaving a legacy

Hi <<First Name>> and welcome to our 'what legacy will you leave' newsletter.  

My article this month is a tribute to Stephen Covey who died in July from complications following a cycling accident.  I’m presuming you’ve all heard the name and may be saying to yourself – so we all have to go sometime and 79 was a great age.  But I want to mark his passing because I think of him with gratitude for who he was and what I learnt from him.
Live love and leave a legacy

He was well established as a self help personal development guru when I happened upon him.  His business was at the time merging with Franklin to become Franklin Covey, one of the world’s largest professional/personal time management specialists in the world and I bought into the system for managing my time based on what was most important to me…..  My personal/professional development kicked in seriously as a result and hasn’t stopped since.  On average, I spend 12% of my earnings on personal and professional development and there is no doubt in my mind of the benefit that I, my clients, my family, friends and colleagues receive.

It’s probably thanks to Stephen that ... [read the full article here].

Is your business turnover less than $700k?

Because I moved a prospect for this programme to the NZTE funded programme (ask me what that is!), that means.......there’s still one place left...........  and it could be you moving your business to the next level.

I work with business owners helping them get their business to the next level – whatever that is for you.  From $100 – $500k or $500 to over the $1m, from $1 – $5m or $5 – $10, $15 or $20m.

What I’ve learnt is that for things to change first I must change and it’s that mental shift that must come first.

Many business coaches are really great at the tactical stuff – I use them for that too.  But as a friend was sharing with me last night, paying for the tactical before the mental and strategic work is done is usually a very frustration exercise and doesn’t usually result in the significant leap you’re looking for. 

That’s why I say ...

Whilst you work with me we will be working on 5 things simultaneously:
1. Clarifying Your Goals, direction  and purpose
2. Strategising Your Actions
3. Upgrading Your Skills
4. Optimising Your Environment
5. Mastering Your Thinking

What I've been up to

Settling in my new clients who have taken up the offer of the Turnover Increase Programme and enjoying getting to know them and their business challenges and opportunities.  The TIP programme is not for the faint hearted as a couple of the enquirers found out.  You have to be willing to learn and grow personally and well as professionally and to rethink your offering to the market.  I don’t believe the principles of doing business change but the tactics, products and offerings must adapt to the new online world.

Marketing tip

How to Create Hunger in Your Prospects...and have them take a step close to becoming a customer or client, whilst adding value.

If you've been following me for a while, you know about Free Added Value products and Easy entry Products.  These are great ways to have your prospects take the next step towards being customers.   Its part of the process of stepping them through the gap between where they are in their life and business and where they want to be.

It's in the gap that hunger and desire for what you offer can build.

The big question is, how do you create that hunger and desire in your prospects and have them trust you a little more?  Here are some ideas!

Create the Gap
In your sales process, you want to create the gap. You want your prospects to connect to their pain about their current situation. If they don't feel and face it, they'll never take steps to improve it.

As your prospects move through that tension inside themselves, it can be uncomfortable. But it's also a magical place, as they realize the possibility of what they can accomplish.

This is the ‘hunger’ and  you have to be willing to let them feel that tension. That doesn't mean that you leave in pain.

Give Them Some Immediate Ways to Start Closing the Gap
Create Free Added Value Products and Easy Entry Products that give valuable information.  To get some help with these – send me your question and I’ll answer it.

Marketing’s job is to do 3 things:
1. Get the attention of your ideal prospect
2. Help them understand their need or want
3.  Make the next step easy.

Quick and Easy

I found these two great tools I wanted to share them with you.
Here's two free tools you can use to create cool graphics and pics for your e-zine, brochures, and website.
  1. At you can write on one of your photos and create cartoons or illustrate a point.
  2. At you can create a graphic with any quote (yours or someone else's).  I made the ‘quote’ above with quozio in about 3 seconds flat.
Bridget Marsh, Creating What Matters

a word from Bridget

I was asked this week what I get out of attending lectures, presentations and events that are not exactly aligned or critical to the work I do.

My answer is that knowledge and learning are in my top 3 values and I always learn something or gain an awareness of the complexity of a subject by attending the event. 

An example this week was a presentation by Lesley Stone on the progress she is making changing the culture of Auckland University to being more sustainable (more on this next month). 

The key point I picked up at Lesley’s presentation was the importance of starting with the energy of your team ( connect that with last month’s article on why we do what we do and you’ll understand how it works!) and feeding back information on the difference they are making! Thanks to the Sustainability Group for putting on the event and to Lesley for her valuable presentation.

And as one of my mentors drilled into me – “It's not what you know that will get you into trouble – it’s what you think you know that isn’t so”.

Business mentors New Zealand

This month I’ve been accepted as a Business Mentor with Business Mentors New Zealand and tomorrow I meet with my first client.  It's a real pleasure to be able to mentor business owners who just need the guidance that a mentor offers rather than the more direct and hands on approach of a business coach.

I’m looking forward to doing some voluntary mentoring with businesses up in the Pacific as well – I’ll be sure to let you know when I’m heading off and where! 

Sustainable Business

Last month I spoke about how important I believe it is to be on the journey to sustainable business practises.  But I have been challenged this week by the idea that saying we are on the journey to sustainability is another way of saying “We’re doing the bits that people can see and that are easy to report on without actually doing the really hard part”.  That really hard part is asking the question “What does a truly sustainable business look like?” 

I’d love to hear what you think.  Please email me and tell me.

Accelerate your Success with NZTE Funding Support

Accelerate Success
Learn how you can develop your business using this government funded programme.  I'm more than happy to discuss criteria and options with you, or send out a pamplet with more information.  Simply email or give me a call on 09 412 9485. 

Upcoming Webinars & Workshops

I haven’t got any webinars or workshops planned in the next 6 weeks AND I’d love to present a webinar “How to get more Clients without the hard sell or cold calling” to your network of businesses if you’re looking for a way to add value that won’t cost you anything.

Please email or phone me to ask about how this works.  It’s easy and business owners wanting more customers get great value from it.  Here’s what a few said after the last one.

“Thanks, this webinar is really helpful”, Simon Fawkes

“Great and very concise Webinar! Perfect input for tomorrow’s strategy meeting!”  Kirsty KPMG 


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