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- What I've been up to
- 5 tips for attracting higher paying clients

- Marking Tip: Focus on quality, not quantity
- Increase your profit programme
- GenUp Leadership training

I keep hearing that we need higher wages in NZ - and that businesses cannot afford to put their prices up because of the competition. It's my experience that when the product or service offered is quality backed by a reputation for delivery that it is possible to charge top dollar. Then business can afford to pay higher wages. The cycle has to start with businesses focusing on quality.
With this idea in mind I thought this checklist of 5 tips for attracting higher paying customers/clients and charging what you are worth might be useful.  You can download it here.  

5 tips for attracting higher paying customers/clients

Tip #1 for attracting higher paying clients or customers:If it does not represent your ‘value’ get rid of it 
You don’t need to have been in business any great length of time in order to begin attracting higher paying clients. But what you must do is think, act and believe in new ways that represent your value to your higher paying client.  Your work space is a physical representation of this. Which means it’s critical that your surroundings set the stage for greater success, helping you to feel confident that you’re worth, what you’re charging. Anything that does not do this must be cleared away.  And that includes a cluttered looking desk.  Clutter or piles of unfinished work sends a message of lack of time, resources or efficiency.  That’s not something people associate with value.
So, what’s on MY desk? My laptop, mobile phone, weekly productivity planner and the file I’m working on right now.
If your work space is a mess, grab a box, the recycling bin and a shredder and get busy getting rid of everything that isn’t high-end!

5 tips for attracting higher paying clients/customers

Marketing Tip: Focus on quality, not quantity

Quantity marketing is the flyers and junk mail we get in our letter boxes which if you are like me goes straight into the re-cycling.  Actually I’ve asked my postie not to deliver it any more.  Quality Marketing is delivering useful, timely information, pre-sales service, or helpful introductory trials or offers that connects with a recognised or unrecognised need in your prospect.

Increase your profit programme

If you set some stretch goals for 2013 that included increasing your profit and you need a tested plan to achieve this...

... you can still register for this programme!

  • increase your turnover by up to 191% over 6 – 9 months
  • increase your referral and repeat business by up to 49%
  • increase conversion by 22% or more

All percentages are taken from an actual client so I know they are real and possible for you to achieve. 

Increase your profit

Being filled up with inspiration at the  GenUp Leadership Training with 22 young leaders

18 - 21 January, 2013  | Whatipu Lodge Auckland New Zealand


And finally celebrating the completion of school years with Ivor and Tui both gaining NCEA Level 3 and UE.  I’m a very proud and grateful Mum.  Ivor on left and Tui on the right.

Bridget Marsh, Creating What Matters

What I'm up to

Tramping the 91/2  hour day out to Cape Brett and completing the return 9 hour tramp – although there was a moment when I thought – how do I get a boat ride back?
This point on the track was the moment I began thinking about a boat ride back.  We’d already been going for 8 hours and we still had these peaks to traverse.  Photo credit: Anne

But it was worth it.  The full moon was beautiful.  Setting moon on the morning of the 29th December 2012 over Hat Rock.  Photo credit: Colleen

And the views were fabulous – looking down the Albert Channel with Urupukapuka island on the right.  Photo credit: Ruth

And just to prove I was actually on the tramp – here I am at the sign with 3 sisters Anne seated, Ruth to my right and Jane and niece Colleen.

Most popular article - 2012

10 ways becoming sustainable is better for business
Justine, my VA checked and this has been my most popular blog post from last year, so thought if you’ve not had the chance to read it I’d put the link in here for you.  

It’s time to stop thinking about sustainability as a green option. Sustainability is a core strategic competence for business in 2010 for businesses that want to be around for the long term.

Here’s 10 ways becoming sustainable will improve your bottom line... [Read the article here].

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