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Creating What Matters this issue...
- Understanding sales
- Inspiration
- Building a profitable team
- 90 day reflection
- Sustainability issues

- Upcoming webinars & workshops

Understanding Sales

Why “how can I sell more of what we have” is the wrong question.

<<First Name>>, as a marketing strategist I am often asked that question – ‘how can I sell more of what we offer”. 

And I can understand where the question comes from.  You’ve got a great product or service – you just want more people to buy it please!

The better question to ask is – how does my ideal customer want to feel before, during, and after they’ve bought my product?

The reason this is a better question is answered (read more...article: Understanding Sales)  


More inspiration this month will come from an evening with Dr Elisabet Sahtouris.

The Biological Business Model: Sustaining Profit People Plant
Auckland  |  March 30th - March 31st

When you break it down, everything in life follows biological systems and the evolution of these living systems. Even businesses: from what works to what doesn’t, relationships between customers and clients, and processes of work, there is biology to business.

Interested – visit site for more details  

Building a Profitable Team

Put purpose at the heart of your business story. Purpose is the centre around which vision, strategy, brand, values, and owners/ leaders behaviours must orbit.  When the purpose that is the bigger why behind your business – is a clear and powerful story that people can relate to, they see their own values reflected and engage willingly at a much deeper and more committed level.

Pulling together towards shared goals and objectives becomes a collective ambition.  They understand why they come to work and what the ‘work’ is.

90 Day Reflection

We’re through the first 90 days of 2012 and if you know me you’ll know I’m a big fan of taking a break every 90 days and reflecting on how the past 90 days went; what I need to do more of, what stop doing and what start to achieve my goals. 

This time around I’m travelling with my sister, two dear friends and my son Ivor to Ecuador to see for myself the Amazon jungle and meet the people threatened by our thirst for oil.  Check out my adventure here.

Apparently there’s a couple of places still available on this trip so if you’re inspired to join me – email me.  You know the address but to make it easy

This will be a different reflection!

Sustainability Issues

In the Pure Advantage latest newsletter Rod Oram states that “The greening of the global economy is leaving us behind".  He further states that the Green Growth Advisory Group led by Phil O’Reilly found that: "New Zealanders have a positive orientation to green growth - ..but they need greater focus and more consistency of effort if they are to benefit fully from the world's shift in this direction.''

What’s important here is that the world is shifting in this direction.  What this creates is quite possibly the biggest opportunity for business since electricity was invented.  I can’t understand why more businesses aren’t jumping at the opportunity and asking how do we do this.
If you would like to work through what the opportunities are for your business, email me and ask about the NZTE funded workshop you can do to answer this question.

Bridget Marsh, Creating What Matters

a word from Bridget

The day you receive this I’ll be spending at the Sustainable Business Network Forum “Creating Sustainable Wealth – The Collective Challenge” 

I’m so looking forward to hearing Jonathan Watts author of “When a Billion Chinese Jump” speak and then work shopping with other inspired business leaders on how we can co-create sustainable wealth for everybody.  Pig in MUD I’ll be!! 

There’s still time to come along - here’s the link to discover more.

Happy Easter everyone.

Upcoming Webinars & Workshops

On April 26 I’ll be starting a Strategy Boot Camp – a 16 week online programme where you create and begin implementing  your plan to get more customers, make more money and have more fun!

Check out the programme by listening to the replay of the webinar.   

A couple of comments from the last webinar:

“Great and very concise Webinar! Perfect input for my tomorrows strategy meeting!”
“Thanks this webinar is really helpful”,

Graduate with your strategy including your;
  • Complete with your MARKETING PLAN
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Performance Management System

Performance Management System

How To Create Meaningful Objectives And Then Align And Engage Your WHOLE Team In Achieving Them

If you have any number of employees then there’s a good chance that your biggest opportunity to sustain continual profitability increases lies in the untapped productivity potential of your team. This is the master system for creating and achieving business objectives and engaging and empowering your team in achieving those objectives.  More details here.

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