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You May be Eligible for Government Funding!

<<First Name>>, in my last newsletter I was talking about how we stay relevant.   If you missed that one you can read it here. It’s a critical business capability.  Recently becoming an approved provider under the new government grant scheme to support business growth has meant I’ve been talking to a lot of business owners and managers.  One of the questions I’m frequently getting is “I don’t get this sustainability thing, what does it mean?”  “Doesn’t a business have to be sustainable to survive?”
Yes that is true, it does.  And I suppose from my perspective it’s also more.  It’s a question of three other questions –
  • time frames – how far into the future, back into your supply chain or out into your product/service life cycle you are looking?
  • who and what is surviving?
  • is it about just surviving – or is there more joy, fulfilment, satisfaction, profit, that we’re not yet achieving?
In essence sustainability in business is about building a business as if the future really mattered.  If the future really matters we do ask questions like how productive and fulfilled are my staff, what happens to our products when their useful life is over, where do our raw materials come from, what is life like for the people who are working to bring them to us?  Because we know that it is all part of a future that matters.
What’s this got to do with relevance?   Well increasingly Councils, corporations, large distributors and wholesalers and retailers are adding sustainability to their core competencies and performance indicators.  What this means is that they are looking to find suppliers who are building a competency in this area.  Which means if you are a supplier of products or services you might be seeing an opportunity to stay relevant to them and keep their business.  Also to your customers, your suppliers or your employees.  And you may have questions about the opportunity this ‘green economy’ creates for your business to grow and be more profitable.  And
  • how to take advantage of the opportunity
  • how to engage your team in the process
  • how to market your offering
And the great news is you may qualify for some government funding to work through these questions.  If you’d like to have a conversation about this, email or phone me.  There’s no charge and I won’t be trying to sell you anything.
Plus there are many other business needs such as marketing plan and sales tactics, that are covered by the government funding.  Take a look here


  1. For some inspiration on what opportunities a green economy creates for business take 4 minutes to watch this youtube video
  2. And finally, for inspiration this month Jonathan Watts will be in NZ on a speaking tour and will be in Auckland at the end of March.  He wrote the book “When a billion Chinese Jump”.  His talk will be about the lessons we can learn from China’s massive economic growth in the last few years.  Tickets and more info at event finder.


Mentors and people who support us to grow and learn are so important and sometimes we don’t recognise how important until years later.  The founder of Results in Business Kevin Dawkins whom I consider a great mentor of mine, always used to say – ask a higher quality question.  It took a while for me to get that.  But listening to this TED talk is a perfect example of how asking a higher quality question can lead to surprising, exciting and innovative business opportunities.  Here’s the link to that talk.
Bridget Marsh, Creating What Matters

a word from Bridget

Hi and if you’re a new reader of my monthly newsletter welcome to our community. 2012 is shaping up to be a great year for me and I hope it is for you!  I’m excited about the work my clients are doing and – here’s what Camelia Petrus said after some recent sessions

"Bridget helped us to navigate our way through the development stages of our business venture and be prepared to make informed decisions to get Tuatara Pictures in a leading position in the video production industry.
By improving our performance, she got the best out of us, I have no hesitation in recommending Bridget.
Great results,
Thank you."

Whew!  I feel privileged to work with people who are appreciative and run with opportunities.  Do check out what Tuatara Pictures is up to and find out how online video can increase your market reach.

Upcoming Webinars & Workshops

Next month I’m running a webinar for the New Zealand Software Association entitled “How to get more customers without having to cold call or hard sell”.  They have agreed to allow others to join in.  It’s on March 15th at 8am and free, so if you’d like to join register here.  Love to have you at the event.  

Software NZ
Sometimes a trusted colleague lets me know about events they are running.  Heather Hutchings of Profitable Teams is a Ken Blanchard Leadership Trainer.  They are running a leadership training on March 27 and 28.  Registrations close this week but you can find out more here.
Creating What Matters
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