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Creating What Matters this issue...
- Understanding sales (part two)
- Measuring success
- Inspiration
- What is business coaching?
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Understanding Sales
(part two)

Be clear on what you are selling – a chance to be a game changer in your industry. 

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My inspiration for this article when doing some google analytics research thanks to my wonderful VA.  I was looking at keyword searches and saw that over 27,000 people in New Zealand searched the phrase “What is business coaching?”  Then I had a look at my website and I see that I sell ‘coaching’!  And that was the “aha – I’m selling something that people don’t even know what it is” (for a description of business coaching see below). 

So Understanding Sales Part Two is about finding out what your ideal client or customer really wants.  Do they want a massage – or do they want how their body and mind feel when they have had a massage?  Do they want a computer server – or do they want to have access to all their data whenever and wherever they want it?  Do they want your legal services – or do they want to know that all the details of their conveyancing or a will or contracts are taken care of in the best way possible? (read the full article here)

Measuring Success

Each of us is in business to be successful.
That’s an assumption I am making when writing this blog.  But have you defined what success looks and feels like for you?  Ignoring society’s assumptions about success, do you know what you are aiming for?  Will you know when to stop? Are you able to distinguish and recognise your real wealth? 

I had the privilege of visiting two communities in Ecuador who define their success and wealth very clearly. 

One of the first things I like to do with my clients is determine what success would look like for them – many have not given much or any thought to this critical piece of the business puzzle.    The question is of course how do we build our businesses to honour those things we actually want that determine our real success? And then how do we measure this as a person, a business and as a country? (read the full article here)


This month for inspiration I’m reading “Source” The inner path of knowledge creation by Joseph Jaworski.  Joseph was one of the developers of U-theory and the U-process for strategic business decision making, along with Peter Senge and Otto Scharmer.  His new book goes into how the facilitator of these processes must first prepare him/herself.

What Is Business Coaching?

I found a couple of definitions on Google:
“Business coachinghelps owners of small and medium sized businesses with their sales, marketing, management, team building and so much more.”  ”Business coachingis about making improvements and changes so that you and your business perform at a much higher level, continually growing.”
Yes that’s business coaching 101.  A definition I prefer is ‘helping business owners build their dream business(es) enabling them, their employees and their families to have joyful, fulfilling lives”.
If you can dream it you can build it.
If you’ve got a better definition please send it to me

Get Sustainable Challenge

This is your opportunity to discover how sustainable your business is, and what you can do to make it more so.  Colmar Brunton research shows that over 88% of New Zealanders want to buy sustainable products and services – but most of them don’t know how to identify which are truly sustainable and which have greenwash marketing.  This is the biggest growth opportunity for any business today.

Simply go to the Sustainable site to register.  

Bridget Marsh, Creating What Matters

a word from Bridget

My trip to Ecuador in April was rich and fulfilling. 

Not only did I learn about a country that has put the ‘rights of nature’ into its constitution and is working with its indigenous people on projects to save the rain forest and ensure sustainable lives for those who call it home – people and all beings.  I also had the pleasure of travelling with my sister and my 18 year old son as a friend, and saw him with new eyes as an articulate, compassionate and responsible young man.  I can not put a monetary value on such an opportunity. 

And on the subject of success, I think it would be helpful to have a public discussion about what we mean by success as a country.  It would help us make clearer and more ethical decisions.   I’m a member of the group ANEWNZ which is working towards creating a system to measure what matters most to New Zealanders rather than GDP.  If you’re interested take a look at

Upcoming Webinars & Workshops

Our 16 week Strategy Boot Camp programme has a couple of places still available.  Begin implementing  your plan to get more customers, make more money and have more fun!  Simply email me to register.

Check out the programme by listening to the replay of the webinar.   

A couple of comments from the last webinar:

“Great and very concise Webinar! Perfect input for my tomorrows strategy meeting!”

“Thanks this webinar is really helpful”,

Graduate with your strategy including your;
- Complete with your MARKETING PLAN
To bring new highly qualified customers into your business almost every week of the year…
What is my future path?

What's My Future Path?

If you’re reading this and asking yourself whether you’re doing the right thing with your life, or you’d like to get clearer about what is most important to you, I have a programme you might be interested in.  It's called “What’s my Future Path?"   After years of working with people on this question I’ve created a clear, effective 6 week programme to help you answer this question.  Each week you listen to an audio and then work through the exercises.   Feedback from people who have done this programme...

“Yeah, I’ve got it, I’ve worked it out – thank you!”

“The exercises you gave me last week were very helpful.”

“Thank you, you gave me the courage to leave the job I hated and do what I really love.  And its working out better than I thought possible.” 

Find out more in a conversation with Bridget – Ph 09 412 9485 or send me an email.

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