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- A word from Bridget
The gold's in how you demonstrate your value
- Success story: Lero9
- Marketing tip: Money loves speed
- Upcoming workshops
- Inspiration: The answer to how is yes

The gold’s in how you demonstrate your value! More on how to get your prospect to choose you – at a higher price

More on how to sell your quality, so business can be more profitable, pay higher wages and improve our economy – helping keep our bright workers in the country.

A conversation with a client this morning made me reflect further on how we ensure our prospects understand our true value and are willing to pay our higher price because of it.

The generally accepted sales model goes something like this:

  • Build KLT
  • Diagnose the issue
  • Help them see the full impact
  • Offer your services as the solution

Not rocket science – accepted consultative selling model.  The process has 3 parts.

  • Firstly it establishes what the real issue so you can propose the right solution.
  • Secondly, by exploring the true impact, prospect can see whether the problem is worth solving (and if it is, it motivates them to hire you to solve it).
  • Thirdly, behind the scenes, it established you as an expert and gives you credibility and the prospect confidence.

This morning’s conversation let me see two problems with this process.

  1. Everybody’s doing it
  2. The internet means the prospect has probably decided what the solution is.

So they’re coming to you believing they’ve already diagnosed their problems and just want you to provide the solution.  And your competition is doing the same which makes it hard to sell on your quality.  You’re left negotiating on price.  Ouch!!!

You’re no longer a trusted partner and adviser guiding them through the problem-solving process. You’re a vendor they’re telling what they want and what they’re willing to pay for it.

So, how do we express our value now? Read the full article here

Success Story: Lero9

I want to give a shout out to Robert and Leanne, the Directors of Lero9, an interactive web design company who specialise in providing strategic web design, online interactive marketing and full eCommerce solutions who now have 9 staff and a global business. 

I worked with them in 2008 when they merged their small separate marketing and web design businesses. Robert and Leanne had invested a lot of time in creating systems and documentation that would enable them to optimise their busy workflow and scale their business.
They were accustomed to helping their clients achieve their online business goals but when it came to getting clarity around their own service offering and creating their own website they were stuck.  Specifically, they were struggling to get clarity around what their core service offering was and how to present a lot of information concisely and clearly. They had also given little consideration as to what the business would look like some years from now and what it was that they each needed to do to achieve this.  Read the full story here

“Bridget is truly inspirational to work with.  I recommend her services to anyone who is serious about creating and implementing change and can be contacted to discuss this.”  Leanne Popovic.

The answer to how is yes

The Answer to How is YesI’m reading “The Answer to How is Yes” by Peter Block author of the bestselling “Flawless consulting”.  The subtitle is “Acting on what matters” – a subject dear to my heart.
In our busy lives we are so quick to jump into action and ‘do’ things.  We want to make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren so we get busy.  We see a problem and we ask “How do we solve it?”
What Peter suggests is that “How” is the wrong question and “Yes” is the right answer and that it is most useful to think carefully about the questions we are asking and postpone the urge to be immediately practical.
Hmmm so what questions do I usually ask?

Bridget Marsh, Creating What Matters

A Word From Bridget

I've turned 60 and its interesting to observe the different responses I get when I mention that – which I do often because I love being 60. 

I think 60 has a lovely ring to it. 

And I’m thoroughly enjoying being 60 but feeling the same as I did as a young 24 year old when I set out to sail to NZ in a little 20ft boat.  The world was my oyster and I felt I could do anything.  I still feel I can – so watch this space!

Upcoming Workshops

Blanchard NZ is running their flag ship workshop...Situational Leadership ll in March in Auckland.   

If you think you would be interested or benefit please contact my Profitable Teams colleague and Blanchard trainer Heather Hutchings (discuss with Heather).

Building Trust

Marketing Tip

Money loves speed.

Speed, that is getting things done quickly, is a hallmark of many successful marketers. And it shows up in lots of ways.

Building trust does more to speed up buying decisions, business decisions, partnering decisions, hiring decisions to name just a few.

High Trust means:

* Longer customer life cycles
* Easier and more effective hiring – easier to get the right people
* Get your product to market faster
* Faster sales cycle
* Fewer red tape hurdles – more efficient administration – less cost
* Less time spent in pointless meetings
* More effective training
* Higher employee retention rates

What are you doing to increase the levels of trust in your business? 
Learn how to increase the levels of trust in your business.  Ask about the ½ day workshop - I'd like to know more about the trust workshop
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