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- For sustainability in business we need trust- 

- What I've been up to
- Marketing tip
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- Slow down
- What do I mean by sustainability?
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For sustainability in business we need trust

Why do those committed to leading successful and sustainable businesses rate “trust” so highly? Bridget Marsh explains.

At the beginning of 2011, I interviewed 13 business leaders happy to share their tips for building a sustainable business. Two standout themes emerged from their responses – the first was the importance they placed on “trust”.

Trust was seen as being at the very core of their work in business sustainability. Obvious, maybe? Then why isn’t it more common?

Today, you frequently hear how “greed” has caused some of the worst cases of fraud and corruption in recent years. Underpinning that greed are belief systems that include: there is not enough to go round so I need to get the lion’s share in order to take care of the people I care about; more of anything is better; and that’s just the way it is, there’s nothing I can do about it.

You sometimes hear it being rationalised as “that’s busiiness”, “gotta make a living”, or “everybody’s doing it”.  But at what cost? Often these are externalised and so paid by society – financial collapse or oil spills are amongst worst examples.  Read the full article here.

What I've been up to

Whew August was busy, settling in a couple of new clients who took up the offer I sent out, preparing a proposal for a workshop at the International Association of Facilitators conference in Adelaide next year, writing the piece on trust for the new magazine "Just Good Business", celebrating my Mum’s 89th and 6 other friends and family birthdays and beginning the plans for my next birthday which is a big one.  Oh and I spent a really rewarding day with the environmental Programmes Team at Auckland Council facilitating their thinking towards their strategic planning process.

What do I mean by sustainability?

I often get asked what I mean by sustainably.  So let me try to explain.

Last week I made a simple decision which, when the deal was all complete I wasn’t very happy about.

But not being happy about it gave me the opportunity to reflect, not so much on the decision, more on my process.  As you know, I am committed to humans finding ways to live in earth nurturing ways because unless we nurture the earth, water, the trees and forests and all living beings we are killing the very thing that supports our life. The decision I made was to get my local printer to print some DL flyers for me. I had tried to use a printing company committed to sustainable printing but their system was down and I thought I needed to have them done immediately.   So I sent the job to my local printer and forgot to ask them to print on paper from sustainably managed forests so they are just on ordinary gloss paper.   Which does not represent me and my values at all well. So I was being annoyed with myself.

And this led to questioning whether I was really committed to sustainability...... and how did my work contribute towards it anyway etc etc. Reflecting it through I was able to recognise that my work towards sustainability isn’t so much on what people are doing and the more visible and measurable sustainability actions (recycling, waste management, conscious consumption, organics, fair trade, not that these aren’t important they ARE) as helping them to slow down, understand what's important to them in the long run and align their businesses to those values.

Because I believe that everyone always acts the best they know how, I also believe that people are intrinsically good, but we are all so very busy, getting through what we think we have to, we don’t have time to live according to what’s really important to us.  That’s what I did last week.  Made a decision in haste thinking I had a deadline to meet when in reality another day would not have mattered.

So the upshot is I am grateful for this opportunity to reflect and learn and be gentle on myself.

Without reflection we function only at levels of effect. We lose the ability to be a cause for change and transformation. We cannot make significant choices. We live in a fragmented way. We do not perceive meaning and purpose, and we live a superficial life. This all begins to change when we can slow down and take the time to be present to what is most important to us.  This is what I help people do.   A great way to slow down is to learn to meditate.  There’s a beginners workshop on meditation happening this month.  Take a look in the section on workshops or visit

Can you distinguish what is a true need and what is simply desire? Do you know the most appropriate response to each?
That’s it from me.  Have a really wonderful first month of spring.  I am going to.

Bridget Marsh, Creating What Matters

a word from Bridget

On Friday 31st August I heard the shinning cuckoo call.  If that doesn’t mean anything to you it doesn’t matter.  But the shinning cuckoo is a tiny bird that flies nonstop from the Solomon Islands to NZ every year to spend the summer here and then return to the Solomons.  But it usually arrives mid to late September.  When I heard it I wondered what made it fly down so early this year.  How did it know that the temperatures were already warm here and it was safe to come?    And how does this tiny bird fly so far?  It’s about the same size as a sparrow!  Isn’t nature amazing!

Slow down

My friend Maya Nova is a specialist in helping people live more meaningful lives.  She teaches meditation.  If you’d like to learn about this practise here’s the link to an upcoming beginner workshop

Meditation is a practise that will help:
  • Improve concentration
  • Improve health and well-being
  • Stabilize emotions
  • Find inner peace and clarity


Venus Event

Venus North Shore Business Women’s Expo Tuesday 11th September 4- 7pm

A chance to network, listen to some inspiring talks, watch demonstrations and generally have some fun! 

First 100 women through the door receive a goodie bag.

WHEN IS IT? Tuesday 11th September, 4 - 7pm
WHERE IS IT? Level 7, Takapuna Towers, 19 Como Street, Takapuna, Auckland
WHO CAN ATTEND? Anyone in business or thinking about getting into business
HOW DO I REGISTER? Please register via our Facebook Event page HERE

Upcoming Workshop


When I begin working with a client what often becomes really clear is that they have had their focus on one aspect of the business, say marketing for example, whilst they have BIG PROFIT LEAKS happening in other areas.  So it’s like turning the tap on to get more water out of the hose and not fixing the leaks so the result is....Little or no more water comes out the end!

I can fix that!  This month I will be sending out an offer to work out where your profit leaks are so you can put more money in the bank.  If you’d like to know more – email me!  And keep a look out for the offer in your inbox.

Marketing tip

This month’s tip is not so much about what you’re doing, as what you’re measuring

When making an offer on a product or service or running a promotion the easiest thing to measure is how many people respond.  And that’s good to know.  But what you really want to know is the ROI (return on investment).

So keep measuring all the way through so you know which offers get more people spending money, not just responding, looking in the window if you like, but not buying.

The tool to change your thinking

“You can’t change the way people think.  All you can do is give people a tool, the use of which will change the way they think”.  Buckminster Fuller.   I’m looking for the tool which will help us think differently so we can all live more fulfilling and joyful lives.  Everyone on the planet!  If you’ve got any ideas please get in touch with me, I’d love to know about them.

Creating What Matters
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