IT'S JCSA WEEK #3! Spring is really rollin' now . . . 
Molly and I are so excited to send these large spring shares home with you today. More beautiful green leaves of all varieties, plus some more herbs and radishes! See below for details . . .

Also, here is a quick video we made for you on how to break down the boxes without tearing them or getting frustrated - there's a trick! (PS I'll remember you all when I become YouTube famous.) Don't forget to bring back empty boxes and/or bring along empty bags for unpacking!

Pick-up is TODAY from 4 - 7 pm at Beth El, 1004 Watts Street in Durham. All boxes left after 7 pm will be donated.
  • please wear a mask when picking up your box
  • if someone else is there picking up at the same time as you, please give them space!
  • sign for your box
  • grab any box, they're all the same!
  • either unpack your box and leave the empty box, or take it home and bring box back next week
  • if you'd like to take or leave an item in the swap box, go for it!
In this week's box, you'll find:
  • Bok Choy - Still gorgeous and delicious, although you may notice a few holes - this is probably our last spring harvest, because we want you to get it before the bugs do. Enjoy! 
  • Spigariello - This is real treat - one of my favorite greens to grow, harvest and eat. I think they are the perfect mix of fancy and familiar - they are a sweet Italian broccoli green, and this first harvest also has beautfiully tender stems. You can treat them like you would kale!
  • More beautiful collard greens - they are so pretty and plentiful right now, so we harvested more for you and are including a simple recipe below.
  • 2 Little Gem - these were a joy to harvest. I think they are the perfect size.
  • A lil bunch of cilantro - a cute lil spring herb harvest for you! 
  • Red Radishes - yummm
  • Baby Lettuce Mix - ok I know I keep going on about how beautiful all these greens are - but I can't overstate the preciousness of this moment when it comes to leafy greens, before the weather gets hot and the bugs start giving us a run for our money- it is just a dream to harvest crates full of these perfect, perfect leaves for you. This is a real pretty mix of lettuces and mustard greens.
  • Arugula - see above. this is a gorgeous first cutting.
Notes on washing and storage: Everything has been given a dunk in clean water before we package it and send it home with you. The bagged greens have been dunked once in clean water, and then spun dry before we bag them. Up to you if you want to give them another wash!

As always, everything should last the week in the fridge in their plastic bags!
This one is Molly tested and approved. Apparently her and Ashley have a stronger cooking game than me. I'm excited to try this one.
Coming down the line . . .

- more greenz! lettuces and bunches 
- scallions
- broccolini??
- turnips?
- carrots? (maybe 2 weeks)
(here's a picture of a major winter quilting project I just finished! I made it for myself, with scraps gifted to me by dear friends)

Things on my mind and heart this week -

- I'm beyond thrilled at our spring harvests so far. I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW MUCH FOOD WE ARE GROWING THIS YEAR!

- I'm working right now on consciously re-learning how to find find the joy and ease in farming, after a year of such intense fear that really built up in my habits and my body. I'm experimenting with being both relaxed and efficient (I THINK THIS IS POSSIBLE - it's a revelation), noticing when I'm white-knuckling it for no reason, remembering how to be in the present moment and notice what's good, to be busy but not rushed, to feel the excitement of everything that is happening, to eat and drink and sleep enough, to have fun living my dream with Molly in the field! (Especially the eating and drinking enough part is helping a lot, lol.) I can feel myself slowly start to notice my body more, and loosen a bit as I remember to breathe (literally) and enjoy the process of it all. It's really nice. I'm really excited about this year. Honestly, I'm in real dreams-coming-true territory this year, and it's easy to forget that that usually comes with a LOT of fear to move through, to get to the presence and joy we really want. 

- On another note . . . the temperature is supposed to get into the 30s Weds and Thurs night this week - eek! - and the difference between high 30s and low 30s is the difference between stressed-but-fine and actually-dead summer plants. So . . . think good thoughts for our tender summer crops already out in the field! Honestly, Molly and I made a conscious gamble with this early planting  - if we lose them, we've got others in the greenhouse right behind them, and we'll just have our first harvest a little bit later than we'd hoped. And if the temps don't dip too low for too long, they'll be fine! So . . . we'll let you know how that goes.

- Still waiting for my well permit on the new land, and meeting some folks out there this week who are going to build us a deer fence and make us a driveway! Things are happening! 

That's the news for now. Sending deep breaths and relaxed effiency your way.

Meredith Cohen
Founder and Farmer
pronouns: she/her

One Soil Farm
Jewish Community Supported Agriculture in Durham, NC

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