Fall Blessings, Friend,
There is no growth without change. Change is good, necessary and inevitable. It can be easy, fun, difficult, planned or unexpected. However change doesn’t necessarily become transformation unless it is integrated and unreversible.
Transformation requires longer attention spam, deeper level of commitment and most importantly a container, like a crucible, that can hold the process of transformation, by remaining inert and neutral when the mental, emotional and physical chemistry of an individual or of a community get activated. If the container instead reacts to what is happening inside of itself, then it pollutes and distorts the process.
As space holders, our primary intention is to become that spacious, conscious and compassionate crucible, not only when leading a retreat or a ceremony but in any given set and setting.
We see this crucible shaped as a heart. 
You are invited to enter this heart and to open up to the path of love. 
You are invited to enter this heart with unconditional trust in your inherent awaken nature, no matter when and what conditions arise.
You are invited to experience this crucible heart to our last two remaining Breath Medicine Ceremony for this year on October 19th and November 23rd. Scroll down for more info.
With unconditional love,

Cosetta & Ivo

Saturday, October 19 & November 23
OmCulture Wallingford: 2210 N Pacific St.

A unique workshop that weaves breath-work, shamanic medicine songs (Icaros), chakra alignment with the five elements, and meditation in a powerful ritual.
Register online HERE.
Icaros are not memorized songs. They are mystical melodies taught directly by the elemental spirits of plants and energies during learning dietas or ceremonies. These icaros arise spontaneously in the moment and from a longing in our heart to be one with the world.
Get the CD HERE.
These are somatic workshops that blend breath-work, shamanic medicine songs, chakras alignment and meditation into a powerful ritual to facilitate a deep healing and a profound transformational process.
Listen to the CD HERE.
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