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Wherever attention goes, energy follows.

As leaders and change makers we have to make sure we do our inner work first, so we can then focus our attention toward what we want to manifest while turning it away from the fears that hold us back. We can then operate from a space of connection to our inner selves and consequently have a real chance to connect with others.

We need to break the cultural and spiritual shackles that keep us in an old paradigm that is not serving us any longer. We need to raise our consciousness to heal our society and ourselves. Co-creation and collaboration are the most effective ways to tackle group, community and societal issues/opportunities.

Breath Medicine Ceremony is an offering from our hearts meant to be a container for purification and restoration of our energetic, mental, physical and spiritual bodies. The community that comes together around this ceremony constantly humbles us and the powerful healing that gets done is what fuels us to keep offering this potent medicine.

We warmly invite you to join us for this high potency full moon Breath Medicine Ceremony on Feb 8th.

Clarity, insights, shedding of blockages and touching a deep well of love within are some of the benefits of this full somatic experience.

Enjoy some of the participants’ testimonials here below.

Much love,
Ivo & Cosetta
Saturday, February 8
OmCulture Wallingford: 2210 N Pacific St.

A powerful ceremony that weaves together breath-work, shamanic medicine songs, guided meditations, and chakra alignment to create a safe, sacred and profound healing experience.
Register online HERE.

I’m so grateful to Cosetta and Ivo for offering this practice for our community. It has been an integral part of my process of healing from severe child abuse that started in infancy. Trauma that happens to us before we can speak is particularly ingrained within us and difficult to release on a physical level. The breath work practice offered by Cosetta and Ivo allowed me to physically release the chronic stress I’ve carried with me throughout my life.

It is also healing to be in the presence of others in a shared experience. What struck me during each ceremony I attended was how Cosetta, Ivo, and the attendants created and held a safe place for each of us as we moved through our process of healing. To be able to feel safe enough to be so vulnerable in a room full of people I don’t know is a very remarkable thing for me. Thank you so much Cosetta and Ivo.

-Darla Mosse

Of all the ceremonies I have attended Cosetta and Ivo hold the extraordinary integrity and a palpable desire to help others heal. I am absolutely amazed at how deep I can go because of the safety that is created in their presence. The work is POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE. The facilitation is clear and pure in intention which creates results. I feel blessed and humbled as a participant. I have been able to heal on a deep level and am grateful for this. Keep doing this extraordinary work! The two of you are helping to heal the planet one person at a time. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

-Kalleen Henderson

I've attended many of Ivo and Cosi's Breath Medicine ceremonies and find that the ceremonies help me to do deep work on an emotional and spiritual level, and that the effects of the ceremonies are felt long afterwards in my daily life. I trust the container that Ivo and Cosi hold to do this vulnerable and powerful work. I've invited both my mother and daughter to experience these ceremonies with me and they also have had excellent experiences.

-Abraham Ortiz

I have been going to the breath ceremonies for over a year now, the experience has been life changing. I came for the first time feeling lost in life, unable to change. Quickly after I started, I found a new path in life, a new purpose. Each ceremony is beautiful and intense. While the breath work is being done, Ivo and Cosetta are singing and playing sacred sound instruments while the Angels walk the room, taking care of any needs. The room is filled with magical energy, full of love and hard work.

-Natalie Gough

I can’t begin to say how this Breath ceremony has helped me. I can’t explain what happens when you attend because your experience is yours. I can say something amazing happens. A movement, a unblocking, a connection to yourself you might have never experienced. When you attend you are surrounded by amazing people. Ivo and Cosseta are so loving and live to help others. I am thankful for them and all that they do. Much love

-Jonathan Flint

I have known Ivo and Cosetta for almost 20 years. What I appreciate the most about them is their authenticity, respect for others and above all the desire to always help. The breath ceremony is a unique experience that brings a lot of benefits on both the spiritual and physical level. It is an incredible way to discover the potential of your body and mind. Everything is offered in a peaceful environment that is welcoming, inclusive and absolutely free of judgment. The ceremony makes everyone feel the same, it makes you feel protected and above all free to express yourself. It's like a big family. I am very grateful to them for receiving a gift and sharing it with the community. Their work has now benefited hundreds of people and I really hope that they will continue on this magnificent path for the good of all. Thank you guys, I love you.

-Francesca Ostrouska Tosolini


BMC is so powerfully beautiful. The release and clearing of negative energy is so profound I have yet to make it through a ceremony without crying. At the end of the ceremony, everyone joins together and speaks to their experience and prays. It is so moving to sit with 100 people and pray. I love these ceremonies so much, I learn something profound each time. Thank you!

-Claire Nolan


The Breath Medicine Ceremony led by Cosetta Romani and Ivo Grossi is wonderfully dynamic healing ritual. I have participated in this enriching practice on two occasions and both times I was profoundly moved by the experience. Cosetta and Ivo are masters at creating a safe and inclusive healing space, where participants can do their own personal work. The ceremony is fun, challenging and deeply rewarding and I intend on attending again in February.

-Hal Abbott

April 17-19, 2020
Aldermarsh on Whidbey Island

This is a healing retreat crafted to allow you to dive deep within yourself while opening to work in community.
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