Dear CommUnity,

A few weeks ago, we decided to put the April 11 Breath Medicine Ceremony (BMC) on hold until the Coronavirus pandemic is over, which will depend enormously on our individual and collective behaviors.

Cosetta and I will be offering BMC live-streamed online via Zoom from our home Maloka (studio) on the same day and same time: Saturday April 11, starting at 6:30pm Pacific. 

Our home-based studio is a place very dear to us, and very positively charged, where we do a lot of healing work. We trust this medicine to be as effective remotely as it has been in person. We are investing in A/V equipment to make the experience as seamless as possible. The ceremony will be offered on a sliding scale starting at $10. Participants are asked to register in advance so that we can manage the bandwidth logistics. We will treat this as much as possible as we would in person, including circle sharing at the end. This is a much-needed medicine; our intention is to keep sharing it. We call all our angels and your support for this to come to fruition. 

Starting Monday March 30, Cosetta and I are available for private healing sessions online, again on a sliding scale, based on your financial needs. Inquire with us directly at and

We are working on a new, more interactive version of our website, which we intend to launch at the end of April. We envision sharing more of our blend of shamanic and yogic medicine online with everyone who resonates with it, both individually and in virtual group settings. 

Ivo is planning to start a podcast on how to respond to current events from a grounded shamanic/yogic perspective. 

Send us a note and let us now how you feel about a podcast or if you have a specific practice/tool you want to learn. 

Now more than ever we need to center ourselves into our hearts and become fearless. We are approaching the end of a global purge, which forces us to come face to face with the collective shadow that was lurking in the global psyche.

Ultimately, this purge will be highly liberating and insightfully awakening, with positive ripple effects on our society, technology and our relationship with mother earth. The going, though, is very tough, but we can do a lot to support each other as we move together through this process.

We are in this together and only together we can get through it. 

We strongly encourage everyone to take this global health emergency responsibly, as in "responding to reality."

Our families and many friends are under lockdown in Italy, which is a modern country with an excellent public healthcare system that acted early. Some in our extended families have already passed away, while our granddaughter Luna was born a few days ago in Portland, OR. The cycle of life continues. 

Our administration has been in denial and still doesn't take "responsibility." Our healthcare system is largely privatized and for-profit, so it is not geared for this pandemic and the first "test" was a strong failing grade (ref. Tony Fauci).

This situation creates a unique dual opportunity for us all to go through our fears, step up and lead with the choices we make for the good of all, and then change the system for the better: first in awareness and consciousness, then in practice with our vote in November.

Meantime, remind yourself that the most important medicine in these challenging times is the purity of your heart. A pure heart will help you understand our collective resourcefulness, resiliency and shared human condition. While we have our own individual work to do, we can inspire and support each other. Love is not for the meek; love is for the strong.

Much love, strength and protection to everyone.
Ivo & Cosetta

Saturday, April 11, 6:30pm

A powerful ceremony that weaves together breath-work, shamanic medicine songs, guided meditations, & chakra alignment to create a safe, sacred & profound healing experience. Register online HERE.

Of all the ceremonies I have attended Cosetta and Ivo hold the extraordinary integrity and a palpable desire to help others heal. I am absolutely amazed at how deep I can go because of the safety that is created in their presence. The work is POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE. The facilitation is clear and pure in intention which creates results. I feel blessed and humbled as a participant. I have been able to heal on a deep level and am grateful for this. Keep doing this extraordinary work! The two of you are helping to heal the planet one person at a time. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.   -Kalleen Henderson

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