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Ivo, I, and our Angels, are preparing to share the last two Ceremonies with you before the summer break. We look forward to facilitating your own work of surrendering to spirit and peeking into your true essence. Since once we get a glimpse of our true nature, we dedicate our life to its full recovery. We stop living in the madness of greed, aggression and self delusion. We begin walking a path of authenticity, integrity and self-mastery beyond our shadows.

It is our intention to share Breath Medicine Ceremony with people willing to work on their own awakening and blaze their own trail.

Each ceremony helps activate the subconscious mind and brings insights not easily accessed through traditional means. Breath opens the energy channels in the body and allows what we have been holding onto to surface and be released. The Icaros (shamanic medicine songs) open the energetic pathways to let our life force do what she does, which is to burn, to recalibrate, and to re-pattern our habitual neuronal grooves. The combine effect is a full somatic experience that ultimately reconnects body, spirit and mind through the awakening of our heart.

With love
Cosetta & Ivo
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"The breath medicine ceremony is like nothing I've experienced before. It's something I look forward to each month as a time to reset and delve deeper into my spiritual practice in a way that I haven't been able do on my own. After each ceremony I've left feeling big energy shifts, new insights into my current way of being and life path, and a greater sense of connection to myself and core essence. Cosetta and Ivo have a beautiful way of creating a space where everyone feels cared for and free to allow any emotions that come up while breathing. It's really relaxing and cozy and such a nice change of pace in the midst of a very busy life."

-Christina Tidwell, Registered Nurse and Functional Nutrition Coach

"Cosetta and Ivo's Breath Ceremony is special and all encompassing in that no matter where you are in your journey, initiating, maintaining, transitioning between phases, or completing a cycle, you will be held and receive instantaneous benefit. Give yourself permission to receive, listen to your soul's whisper, release self imposed inhibitions, and you will be supported in a good and beautiful way on your journey. love, love, love."

-Moonfire Shakes Mountains

"I wanted to thank you for an amazing experience tonight at the ceremony. It was my first ever time doing the breathing technique. I am in recovery from drugs and alcohol. I also struggle with depression and anxiety. After the session tonight I feel wonderful. I will definitely be back."


"For me, the ceremonies are a chance to reset and have a glimpse at my inner divinity. I have gone to approximately 6 or 7 ceremonies and each one has brought different discoveries into myself. Each one has broadened my understanding of how I can be a better leader, mother and lover. These ceremonies create a ripple effect. I find myself wanting to expand my knowledge about spirituality, nutrition and living more in harmony with the earth. I also find that I want to share and teach the knowledge I am gaining. 

I am grateful for these ceremonies, the work and love Cosetta and Ivo put into these. It is truly a beautiful event. Thank you very much!"

-Janet Holmes, Grocery Store Manager, Mother, Wife, Student, Nature Lover

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