Spring Blessings, Friend,
Life is a ceremony. A life lived with keen awareness of the sacred is a work of art itself. It allows us to see that everyone and everything is sacred.
Ceremonies open the door between our ordinary reality and the unseen realities of the Universe. They help us enter in a conscious relationship with it, with our true Self, our environment and one another.

A ceremony can be very simple and spontaneous. A planned ceremony instead requires time to prepare ourselves physically mentally and energetically. We search for the right space where to perform it and we gather tools and the assistance needed. But the most important thing above all in performing a ceremony is to surrender the willful power of our ego-mind and to open the humble eyes of our heart. 
Our Breathe Medicine Ceremonies have been organically growing. The profound clearings and openings that participants have been experiencing and reporting are a factor of the combined healing power of the breath work and the shamanic medicine carried by the icaros. These Shamanic songs are personal songs that were given to us directly by certain plants, animals and divine energies we spent time with and learning from. They have effects on consciousness, the psyche, the heart and the body. Our main responsibility as space holders continue to be the same, which is to work on ourselves by embracing our limited human fragility and our unlimited divine strength.  Ultimately we practice to maintain a close contact with the benevolent energies of love, truth, light, grace, humility and wisdom. 
Find here below a list of offerings for you to continue to experience and deepen the art of living life as a ceremony.
With unconditional love,
Cosetta & Ivo
Saturday, May 4 & June 8
OmCulture Wallingford

A unique workshop that weaves breath-work, shamanic medicine songs (Icaros), chakra alignment with the five elements, and meditation in a powerful ritual.
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September 20-22
Aldermarsh Retreat Center on Whidbey Island
In this ceremonial retreat, we will use ancient practices as we spiral from one moment to the next and create a crucible for embodied intention, healing, and transformation.
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Icaros are not memorized songs. They are mystical melodies taught directly by the elemental spirits of plants and energies during learning dietas or ceremonies. These icaros arise spontaneously in the moment and from a longing in our heart to be one with the world.
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These are somatic workshops that blend breath-work, shamanic medicine songs, chakras alignment and meditation into a powerful ritual to facilitate a deep healing and a profound transformational process.
Listen to the CD HERE.
Written by Cosetta Romani
Poetry is the language of the heart. Gift yourself and your loved ones with inspired poetry.
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