Dear CommUnity,

Our next online BMC is coming up this Saturday, May 16th from 6:30 - 9:00pm PDT.

We ask participants to register in advance so that commitment, preparation and intention can start working synergistically in their consciousness and be woven into their daily life leading to the ceremony.

Upon registration, you’ll receive the Zoom link and a personalized email with tips for preparation.

The ceremony is offered at $40 with special coupons for those who are not in a position to pay the full cost. Based on the honor system, you can use either “hand” or “hug” coupon discounts at the top of the registration page- they are respectively 25% and 50% off.  Moreover, if you feel genuinely called to receive this work but need further financial assistance, please reach out directly to either Cosetta or Ivo. We will not turn anyone away for lack of funds.

During this time, more than ever, this is much-needed medicine; our intention is to keep sharing it.

Sending you love, strength and protection.
Cosetta & Ivo

Saturday, May 16, 6:30pm

A powerful ceremony that weaves together breath-work, shamanic medicine songs, guided meditations, & chakra alignment to create a safe, sacred & profound healing experience. Register online HERE.

"The Breath Ceremony is an amazing experience that I look forward to each time. This last time was online and I was surprised at how powerful it was. I was able to go deeper into my body than normal and really feel the medicine. Cosetta and Ivo do amazing work while the ceremony is happening. I highly recommend and can't wait for the next one."   -Natalie Gough

"Thank you Ivo and Cosetta for sharing your extensive Medicine work through offering these powerful Breath Medicine Ceremonies. With the simple access to and awareness of my breath, and hearing your beautiful Icaros, I experience a journey inward of compassionate self-healing and outward toward a connection to the vast collective. The result is magical!"   -Linda Cooper Downing

"In all the ceremonies, workshops, healings I've experienced the work that you do as a couple is the most profound. The integrity you bring creates a comforting safety net to do this kind of work. The love you bring invites vulnerability which is essential to deep healing. The professionalism you bring creates structure, respect and beautiful role-modeling. You two are simply amazing."   -Kalleen Henderson

"My heart is full of appreciation for what Cosetta Romani and Ivo Grossi are gifting to our community with Breath Medicine Ceremony. I participated in the first ever live streaming ceremony after having been to several in person events - their humility, wisdom, magic and mindfulness translates completely. I found it personally and powerfully accessible to attend ceremony from the comfort of my home. Virtual spaces present possibilities for global community in ceremony together. Cosetta and Ivo are the perfect people to be leading the way."   -Katie Greenland

"Ivo and Cosetta’s brewer ceremonies are an anchor into the work of the self and plant medicine. The combination of the breath practice, mediation, and icaros allows for a deep journey inward to connect to the self, soul, and universal wisdom. My personal experience with the virtual ceremony was profound and confirmed the energetic properties of this work. I felt the medicine in my body and had a vivid and informative journey. Thank you both for continuing to hold a collective space with pure integrity. In gratitude"   -Jennifer Olson

"I live in London (UK) and never had the chance to visit my sister Cosetta and her husband Ivo in Seattle. This means that I never had the chance to familiarise myself with their Breath Medicine Work. I had in my 'bucket list' to attend one of their ceremonies at some point in the future, but I had no idea when, due to various commitments and logistic constraints. For me, one of the disguised blessings of the current COVID-19 crisis has been to learn that Cosetta and Ivo were going to host a ceremony online. This news made it possible for me to finally be part of it. I registered my interest as soon as possible, for fear of missing my chance. I can tell you, from the deepest of my heart and so from an authentic place, that the ceremony on the 11th of April has been for me an amazing experience which I am keen to repeat as soon as the second online event will happen. When I joined, I was curious and felt I would not be disappointed, but I had no idea I would find it so incredibly healing. Not knowing what to expect, a part of me was a bit apprehensive (though I was excited), but my experience was 100% positive. I enjoyed every aspect of it. Thereafter I felt cleansed, calm, energised, full of love and vitality. Thank you Cosetta and Ivo. Not only it was great for me to see you online (I miss you!), but I was left very impressed with your personal and professional skills. I would highly recommend you to anyone. I am a psychotherapist and psychologist and I can see how your work could also help many of my clients. Keep it up and count me in!"   -Betty Romani

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