Dear friend,

We are launching our new website, puravitawellness, to provide a more holistic support for your daily life. 

In fact, as we face the greatest challenge of the 21st century with health, climate and social justice crisis coming home together to roost, we’ve felt the need to upgrade ourselves and our offering. 

We have woven together our yogic, pranayama, meditation, shamanic practices and psychotherapeutic approach to create a baseline of sustenance for everyone who wants to navigate these times as an opportunity for self-growth and collective awakening. 

We invite you to explore this initial version of puravitawellness with curiosity and an open mind/heart. 

We would love to hear your feedback. 

In trust and love,
Ivo & Cosetta

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Upcoming Events
Saturday, September 12, 6:30pm

A powerful ceremony that weaves together breath-work, shamanic medicine songs, guided meditations, and chakra alignment to create a safe, sacred and profound healing experience.
Register online HERE.
At Aldermarsh On Whidbey Island
September 18-20

In this ceremonial retreat we will use ancient practices such as movement, stillness, sweat lodges, breath work, storytelling, silence, oracle journeys and art. Sold out. Use form on event page to be placed on waiting list.
Online Women Circle for Empowerment, Wisdom & Beauty
8 Wednesdays: Sept. 30 to Nov. 18

In this module, you will learn rituals, tools and practices from Cosetta's deeply integrated learning of yoga & shamanic cosmology. Register online HERE.

Now available for streaming on our STORE.

We highly recommend doing this practice whenever you need it and as many times you want to. There’s some very good medicine in it.  Each ceremony and/or round will feel somatically different every time, depending on where you are in the moment. Feel free to share with your family, friends and anyone you think can benefit.

How to practice on your own:

Make sure to set up a nice place/room. Comfy. Possibly close to your altar or sacred objects. Dim light. Supine position with padding and an eye pillow. Don't eat for at least 4/5 hours prior. If you really want to maximize the effect, fast the day of. Be gentle with the Kubhaka (breath hold). We have meditations and visualizations during the breath holds that go long (few minutes each). You don't need to hold the breath for that long. You can have 2 or three kumbhaka during the guided meditations. Have water handy to drink between rounds. Each recording is about 2 hour long. If it is your first time, commit to the entire duration, after that you can do one or two rounds anytime you want.

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