Holy-Days Blessings, Friend,
‘Living the Spiral’ is my current signature women’s retreat - a personal, evolutionary alchemy that weaves rituals and practices from the ancient cosmologies of yoga, shamanism and art.
The sacred land where the Aldermarsh retreat center was built is very dear to me. This is the site where 10 years ago, under a full moon light, I was initiated to a whole new level of Self-mastery practices, during a three-day weekend of ceremonies. Since then I have been returning to this place many times, as a space holder and medicine woman of the sacred healing arts.
It has been a great blessing to be welcomed by the spirits of the land with such love.

The registrations for the April 17-19 retreat have begun. If you are interested to join me and other kindred souls on this land, please reach out to me first, so that we can have a personal chat about this special gathering. The testimonials below are from the Living The Spiral Retreat I held at Aldermarsh last September.
With love,


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"I’ve known Cosetta for about 12 years, and she creates the most remarkable experiences and attracts the most amazing women. It’s real life Alchemy, what happens at these retreats. I always seem to get in touch with emotions and thoughts that were otherwise elusive, and the path ahead becomes clearer, and real healing and growth seems possible. Sometimes it’s sweet and gentle, sometimes very challenging, but always powerful.  Cosetta creates space for real authenticity and going deep into yourself and your relationship with the world, all with creativity, exuberance, honesty and love. These times are a treasure and a gift to me, and I look forward to the next one."      -Tiffani A.

"As a person looking to deepen my spiritual practice, I have attended many several retreats and workshops. There was something uniquely different about this experience. Cosetta creates a safe space to drop into ceremony without feeling uncomfortable. Her candor, her knowledge and her ability to be vulnerable creates instant trust. I loved the flow of the experience in terms of design and I loved being guided into shamanic practice through breath, song, sweat, rest, movement, ritual, art and food. From the very first moment I experienced Cosetta at the Breath Medicine Ceremony she co-leads with her husband, I knew instantly that she was somebody I could trust to guide me deeper into myself."      -Genessa Krasnow, CEO, Revel Wolf Collective

"Going to the retreat on Whidbey Island was one of the most profound, intense weekends of my life. It was my first time ever participating in an healing event like this. I made progress in areas I had struggled with my whole life, surrounded by beautiful, supportive women. Cosetta is amazing; in the way she shows up, works hard and offers love to each participant. The property was stunning and the food was delicious. I have already told my friends that they should come with me to the next one."      -Natalie Gough

"A million thanks for your work and your desire to share it with others. The space you created for so many women to be present and heard and deepen was sacred and desperately needed by me. I have felt deeply serene and grounded, even when returning to my generally high intensity job, and have felt less need to jump into conversations, conclusions, and group talk without a higher purpose. I am eternally grateful for the integration of silence into the weekend- what started as an immediate negative reaction along with many stories in my mind, turned into curiosity and then revelations on why silence has negative connotations for me in my life. After the weekend, I am actually CRAVING silence and have started waking up earlier this week to enjoy time to myself!

It was incredibly moving to see women processing their fears and pain and expectations, at the same time I was, even if it was in a different fashion. For me, being able to not do anything "more productive" like dishes, laundry, organizing, running errands, checking emails, etc.. gave me such incredible amounts of mental energy and space to integrate the practices and explore my feelings around them. I felt like every one of us were sisters in that space, and am changed for that experience."      -Meghan Bronkema
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