Urgent - koala habitat is dying and we need your help to restore the balance
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Important koala habitat in the Great Ocean Road region is in catastrophic decline - there is a great imbalance in the ecosystem and the woodlands are dying. The Conservation Ecology Centre is working to restore the balance, create a healthy ecosystem and ensure a future for koalas.  However we need your help today.

Will you help us restore the ecosystem balance? Please make a donation today and help create a greener future for our koalas. 

With the assistance of our amazing team of volunteers, the Ecology Centre has planted thousands of trees.  Over the last decade with your help, we have proved that it is possible to grow trees in the face of widespread declines to ensure a safe habitat for koalas. We are continuing to develop some innovative new techniques for growing young trees and protecting established trees for even better chances of success, but we need your help to continue this work.

Will you make a gift today to help in this important work? Together we can save the koalas of the Great Ocean Road.
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What's going on?

The woodlands of the Great Ocean Road are dying. The underlying causes are many and varied but the result is that unless we act quickly to restore the balance we will no longer have the chance. We need to plant new trees, come up with ways to efficiently conserve and restore more habitat and research the underlying causes so we can address them most effectively. We will be planting forests this autumn and winter and will need your help to get trees in the ground. Just stay on the mailing list if you would like to be kept in the loop and assist with planting days. (Planting trees is good for the soul!) 

Join us

Together we can help turn the tide - change the future for koalas from swathes of old dying trees to healthy, diverse woodland ecosystems. This will ensure a safe future for koalas and all the other wildlife that depend upon this habitat. We have some great ideas for new approaches to habitat restoration but we need your help to get these ideas off the ground (and the trees in the ground!)
You can also make a donation (become a monthly supporter to join our Conservation Guardians and receive our quarterly scientific reports) or volunteer your time or skills. 
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