January 26, 2017

Hello and welcome back to Brown dear IR concentrators!

As you get settled and try to navigate shopping period, make sure you take another look at the list of really cool INTL seminars being offered this semester. You can find the list in this first, short newsletter of the semester! This time of the year can be a little hectic, so make sure to give yourself time to acclimate to the pace of life on campus. The Spring semester is an important time to apply for summer opportunities, apply for study abroad or post-study abroad approvals, apply to write an IR honors thesis and, for seniors, get ready to graduate! Make sure you check the newsletter regularly for updates and reminders, and try to enjoy shopping period! Keep in mind that you can always reach out to me via email or find me in the IR office during office hours for IR-related questions—or just to chat!

I hope your semester is off to a wonderful start!

Announcements this week:
  • Office Hours: Shopping period office hours
  • Capstone Catalog: Requirement for seniors!
  • Registration: IR Seminars
  • Important Dates: 2/7, 2/18-2/21, 2/22, 2/28


Office Hours
Week of 1/30

Concentration Advisor
Tue.... 10-11:30
Thur... 10-12
Fri.......10-12 (Express walk-in)

Make an appointment.
Express Hours reserved for quickly answerable questions (pre- and post-study abroad approval, course selection, and senior revisions). 10 minutes max!

Student Assistant
Email me anytime with questions at


Capstone Catalog and Other Senior Requirements

Capstone Catalog: Required for graduation
Students who completed a capstone course last fall should submit a capstone catalog entry. This is required for graduation.

Multiple Concentrations Ceremony Attendance
Students with more than one concentration must notify the Registrar as to which ceremony you wish to attend no later than February 28, 2017.

Application to Graduate Diploma Information
Students must fill out the Application to Graduate in Banner no later than April 3, 2017 in order to receive a diploma at Commencement.

Registration: IR Seminars

As registration is open once again, here is a list of all INTL seminars being offered this semester. Although many of them have reached their enrollment limit, keep in mind that enrollment prioritizes IR juniors and seniors!
  Arnulf Becker Lorca
Visiting Lecturer in International Relations
INTL 1700: International Law
This introduction to public international law covers the nature of legal reasoning in international relations, the interplay of international law and international politics, and the international legal process. Examines selected substantive fields such as state responsibility, the use of force, international human rights, and the U.S. and international law.

  Tim Edgar
Senior Fellow in International and Public Affairs

INTL 1804B: Computers, Freedom and Privacy: Current Topics in Law and Policy
Who is the Big Brother that we most fear? Is it the NSA -- or is it Google and Facebook? Rapidly changing social mores and the growing problem of cybersecurity have all contributed to a sense that privacy is dead. While the laws that protect privacy and civil liberties are stuck in the analog age, the capabilities for mass digital surveillance continue to advance rapidly. This course puts current controversies in historical context and explores possible reforms.
  Stephen Kinzer
Senior Fellow in International and Public Affairs
INTL 1802W: International Journalism: Foreign Reporting in Practice
Objective: give juniors and seniors direct experience with the job of being a foreign correspondent. Classes focus on two themes—the practice of international journalism and the history and contemporary reality of Cuba. Seminar includes reporting trip to Cuba during spring break. The seminar is valuable to two types of students—those interested in a career in international journalism and students who are not pursuing a career in journalism but who want to learn journalistic skills. Many fields need people who know how to research, conduct interviews, distill information, and write clearly. This is especially important to careers that involve international work.

  Michelle Jurkovich
Postdoctoral Fellow in International and Public Affairs
INTL 1803N: The Politics of Food Security
There is enough food on the planet to feed everyone, and yet currently approximately 875 million people go hungry. Why is this the case? This course explores the politics of international food security, dividing the semester into four sections to examine food through the lens of development, human rights, governance, and security concerns.

  Ali Kadivar
Postdoctoral Fellow in International and Public Affairs
INTL 1803M: Reassessing Contentious Politics, and Social Movements
This course introduces the major theories of social movements that explain the origins, dynamics, and consequences of contentious politics. We concentrate on the Middle East, the First and Second Palestinian Intifadas, and Arab Spring uprisings; examining how social movement theory helps us to understand these major episodes of mass mobilization and how these episodes prompt us to change our way of thinking about social movements and contentious politics more generally. We investigate social movement attributes such as movement emergence, member recruitment, leadership, organization, tactics, targets, and goals.

  Pamela Reeves
Visiting Fellow in International and Public Affairs
INTL 1803G: Global Women’s Issues: Investing in women as strategy for sustainable growth and global development
What are women’s issues around the world? What policies and programs are designed to engage the issues and improve outcomes? What role does and can the private sector play in harnessing the untapped potential of 50% of the globe’s population? Is there evidence to support the need for investment—of resources, focus, and political capital—and to quantify the results of its impact?

Mark your Calendars!

2/7: Last day to add a course without a fee
2/18-2/21: Long weekend
2/22: Last day to add a course (with a fee), change from audit to credit, or change a grade option
2/28: Last day for students with multiple concentrations to select which departmental ceremony to receive their diploma in

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