September 7, 2016

Dear IR Students,
Welcome back to what will surely be another wonderful semester at Brown! I am thrilled to introduce myself to you as the new IR Student Assistant and to be your source of information for all things IR. I'm originally from Ankara, Turkey, and I'm a senior in the Political Economy and Society track with a regional focus on the Middle East and North Africa. I've been studying Arabic for the past three years and studied abroad in Rabat, Morocco last Fall, so if you have any questions related to studying abroad in the region, I'd be happy to talk to you about that amazing experience. This year, I will be working on my Honors thesis on Turkey's relationship with the European Union and the circumstances surrounding the prospects of membership, so if you want to talk about the IR Honors application process, feel free to get in touch as well. Each week, I send out this newsletter with useful information on events, advising, and opportunities for IR students. I also serve as a concentration peer advisor, so if you want to talk about anything IR related, please feel free to stop by the IR office at the Watson Institute where I work or, for now, schedule an appointment via email. I'll be posting my regular office hours on the IR website at the end of shopping period.

Best wishes for the new semester,
Naz Akyol

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  • SCUSA 2016: Apply to the annual student conference on US foreign policy held at Westpoint, NY


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Sept. 9 Argentina & Chile Info Session
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Mingle With Top Policy Advisors at West Point!
Held annually at the US Military Academy at Westpoint, N.Y., the Student Conference on U.S. Affairs (SCUSA) is the largest, oldest, and most prestigious undergraduate conference of its type in the world. Throughout the conference, student delegates and cadets debate and formulate policy recommendations that realistically model American strategic responses to significant national and global challenges (see Student Opportunities section). Don't miss this unique opportunity, sponsored by the IR Program! West Point and the IR Program will cover the cost of all expenses.

Pay special attention to classes that were not available during pre-registration, marked with
All course listed are senior seminars that are capped at 20 students.


INTL 1803K: Media Wars: The Middle East
Narges Bajoghli, Postdoctoral Fellow in International Relations and Public Affairs
In the last fourteen years, the Middle East has occupied a disproportionate degree of attention in news and social media in the United States and Western Europe, in comparison to other regions of the world today. While some of that media have served to elucidate certain aspects of societies and cultures in the Middle East, other media have further simplified the region to cliches. In this course, we address these themes via media: U.S. news production; television; digital media and cyberterrorism; religion; music; and ISIS.

  INTL 1802V: Diplomacy, Economics, and Influence NEW!
Richard Boucher, Senior Fellow in International and Public Affairs

This course examines a dozen diplomatic situations and identifies the players, their interests, and their tools -- and how those produced outcomes. Particular attention is paid to economic factors – pressures, incentives, and influences – that contribute to the outcome.  

  INTL 1803L: Humanitarianism in Uniform
Jennifer Greenburg, Postdoctoral Fellow in International and Public Affairs The goal of this senior seminar is to explore the relationship between militarism and humanitarianism. When the US Army and Marine Corps released the Counterinsurgency Field Manual in 2006, military officials referred to NGOs as ‘force multipliers’ and soldiers as ‘armed social workers.’ In this course, we will develop a framework to understand military humanitarianism. We will also examine how military humanitarianism exceeds the contemporary geography of terrorism, investigating cases in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.
  INTL 1910: Senior Honors Seminar
Claudia Elliott, Associate Director, International Relations Program; Senior Lecturer of International Studies, Watson Institute
Open only to Senior students accepted into the International Relations Honors Program, this research seminar provides conceptual foundations and interdisciplinary methodological strategies for completing an undergraduate thesis in IR.
  INTL 1443: History of American Intervention
Stephen Kinzer, Senior Fellow in International and Public Affairs, Journalist in Residence
This course reviews modern history through the study of invasions, coups, and other interventions carried out by the United States. From the Marine assault on Tripoli in 1805 to the bombing of Tripoli in 2011, there have been scores of these episodes. They have shaped American history and the history of the wider world.
INTL 1802Q: Iran and the Islamic Revolution
Shattering events of 1978-80 in Iran unfolded against the backdrop of the previous decades of Iranian history, knowing that history is essential to understanding the revolution. This course places the anti-Shah movement and the rise of religious power in the context of Iran's century of modern history. We conclude by focusing on today's Iran, the upheaval following the 2009 election, reformist president election in 2013, and prospects for reconciliation with the US.
  INTL 1802Y: India in the World
Nirupama Rao, Senior Fellow in International and Public Affairs
This course is designed to introduce students to the role of India in the world. From being a newly independent country in the nineteen forties, India is today a globally re-emergent power. The Course aims at deepening understanding of the priorities that define India’s global outreach. 


Watson Events

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Fellowship: The Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship
Deadline: October 5
To Apply: See application guidelines
Eligibility: Seniors
The Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship, established in 1987, is a highly-competitive national fellowship program that provides recent college and graduate school alumni with the opportunity to gain a Washington perspective on key issues of peace and security. Twice yearly, the fellowship’s  Board of Directors selects a group of outstanding individuals to spend six to  nine months in Washington. Supported by a salary, the fellows serve as full-time junior staff members at the participating organization of their choice. The program also arranges meetings for the fellows with policy experts.

Fellowship: The Pamela Harriman Foreign Service Fellowship
Deadline: October 14
To Apply: See application guidelines
Eligibility: Junior or SeniorThe Pamela Harriman Foreign Service Fellowships provide funding for students interning over the summer in the U.S. Embassies in London or Paris, or the Secretary of State’s Office in Washington, D.C. Students must be accepted to the State Department Internship Program in order to be eligible for the fellowship. 
The College of William and Mary established the Pamela Harriman Foreign Service Fellowships in 2000 to inspire the best of a new generation to pursue careers in public service. For more information, visit the William and Mary College Washington Center website

Internship: US Department of State Internships
Deadline: October 14
To Apply: Apply online

The U.S. Department of State Student Internship Program is an unpaid internship with the opportunity to work in U.S. embassies and consulates throughout the world, as well as in various bureaus located in Washington, D.C. and at Department offices around the United States. This program is designed to provide substantive learning experiences in a foreign affairs environment.

Internship: Federal Reserve Bank of New York Internship Program
Deadline: November 1
To Apply: Apply online
The Undergraduate Summer Analyst and Graduate Summer Associate Programs provide outstanding students with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in public service at the New York Fed. Through advanced project work assignments and professional development activities, analysts and associates gain an extensive understanding of the New York Fed’s work. Summer analysts and associates also have the opportunity to enhance their business skills through critical financial analysis, formal presentations, research and writing. The program is a direct feeder for the Bank’s full-time analyst and associate rotational programs.


Conference: 2016 Student Council on US Affairs (SCUSA)
Deadline: October 17
To Apply: Apply via UFunds
Eligibility: IR Junior or Senior
Want to hob-knob with key policy makers? Like to discuss solutions to global challenges? The Student Conference on US Affairs is one of the most prestigious conferences of its kind. This is an annual four day conference hosted at The Untied States Military Academy at West Point. The purpose of this world-class conference is to facilitate interaction and constructive discussion between civilian student delegates and West Point cadets in order to better understand the challenges that the Untied States faces in an increasingly global society. SCUSA delegates attend panel discussions, hear from high-profile keynote speakers, and develop policy recommendations during round table sessions. The theme of this year's conference is Democracy and Democratization: Challenges and Opportunities. West Point and the IR program cover the cost of all expenses. See more information here. Please direct all questions about the application process to


Travel Grant: Middle East Studies Research Travel Award
Deadline: November 21
To Apply: Apply online
Eligibility: Undergraduates
The Middle East Studies Program is awarding $600 to undergraduates who want to travel to the region to conduct research. IR concentrators who apply for the grant must be working closely with an MES faculty member or someone on the MES Faculty Executive Committee who supports their application and have confirmation from their concentration advisor that they have a predominantly Middle East research focus.