Nov. 2, 2015

Hi IR concentrators,

Tomorrow the IR DUG kicks off its Fall Speaker Series! Professor Jordan Branch joins us to talk about technology and international politics on Tuesday, November 3 at 6 p.m. in the McKinney Conference Room. There will be East Side Pockets! More information below in the Events section. I hope to see you all there! 

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  • CLASS OF 2016: Revisions--Do it Now!
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Class of 2016--To Do Now!!
You do NOT need to have completed all of the requirements in order to update your forms. The deadline for revision is Friday, December 4th. 
Here’s how:

1. Fill out a new IR concentration worksheet.
2. Meet with Dr. Elliott. 
Check office hours and make an appointment online or come in during Friday Walk-In Express Hours.

NOTE! If you have not completed the paperwork on study abroad credits for IR, then you should do so ASAP.


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*Express Hours reserved for quickly answerable questions (pre- and post-study abroad approval, course selection, and senior revisions). 10 minutes max!
Spring 2016 Courses--Now Available!
The list of Spring 2016 courses that fulfill IR requirements -- core, track, methods, and capstone--is now on the website! Check out the course offerings and start building your schedule for next semester. Don't forget that pre-registration begins tomorrow, Tuesday, November 3!
IR DUG Fall Speaker Series Kick-Off--TOMORROW!!
When: Tuesday, November 3 at 6 p.m.
Where: McKinney Conference Room, Watson Institute

Join the IR DUG for the first event in our Fall Speakers series, featuring Jordan Branch speaking about technology in international politics. East Side Pockets! See events.


Mark your Calendars!
11/3: Pre-registration for Spring 2016 begins Tuesday!
11/6: Deadline for GISP proposals for Spring 2016 Friday!
11/10: Pre-registration for Spring 2016 ends



Watson Events

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Featured Events

Info Session: Hopkins-Nanjing Center Graduate Studies in China
When: Monday, November 2 at 12:30 p.m.
Where: Gerard House, Room 101 (54 College St.) 
Who:  Franklin Eneh, Admissions Representative, Hopkins-Nanjing Center
Learn about programs offered at Hopkins-Nanjing Center, a unique educational collaboration between Johns Hopkins University and Nanjing University. The HNC offers three graduate program options where international students take the majority of their courses in Chinese. 

Info Session: Demystifying Non-Profits
When: Monday, November 2 at 6:00 p.m.
Where: CareerLAB (167 Angell St.)
Sponsor: CareerLAB
Can you make a living working for non-profits? How do you find an organization you would like to work for? What skills do you need to land a job with a non-profit? Is the non-profit model sustainable? Demystify non-profits by hearing from alumni who have chosen to work for non-profit organizations. Get advice on finding an organization that you like, finding a job or internship, and how to navigate the sometimes murky waters toward making a living while making a difference. Registration is requested.


Lecture: Learning from Ebola: Towards an Evidence-Based Humanitarian Response
When: Tuesday, November 3 at 12 p.m.
Where: Alpert Medical Building, Case Study Room 280 (222 Richmond St.)
Who: Adam Levine, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and Director of the Brown University Global Emergency Medicine Fellowship
Sponsor: Global Health Initiative
In recent years, Dr. Levine has responded to humanitarian emergencies in Haiti, Libya, South Sudan, and Liberia and has led research and training initiatives in Zambia, Bangladesh, Rwanda, and Sierra Leone. He currently serves as the Emergency Medicine Coordinator for the USAID-funded Rwanda Human Resources for Health Program; as Director of the Ebola Research Team for International Medical Corps, a disaster and humanitarian relief organization; and as Associate Faculty for the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, whose goals are to improve the quality and professionalize the delivery of humanitarian and disaster relief.

Lecture: Capitalism, Progressivism, and Mass Incarceration
When: Tuesday, November 3 at 4 p.m.
Where: List Art Building, Room 120 (63 College St.)
Who: Bernard Harcout, Columbia Law School; Naomi Murakawa, Princeton University
Sponsor: Political Theory Project
Bernard Harcourt and Naomi Murakawa present rival narratives about mass incarceration in America. In The Illusion of Free Markets: Punishment and the Myth of Natural Order, Harcourt shows the interdependence of contract enforcements in global markets and punitive authority. In The First Civil Right: How Liberals Built Prison America, by contrast, Murakawa traces prison growth to liberal campaigns and progressive legislation. Together, Murakawa and Harcourt offer fresh ideas about into the political, economic and ethical dimensions of mass incarceration.

Lecture: Technology and International Politics
When: Tuesday, November 3 at 6 p.m.
Where: McKinney Conference Room, Watson Institute (111 Thayer St.)
Who: Jordan Branch, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Brown University
Sponsor: IR DUG
Part of the IR DUG's Fall Speaker Series. East Side Pockets served!!

Debate: Refugees and Rebellion: America's Role in the Syrian Civil War
When: Tuesday, November 3 at 7:00 p.m.
Where: List Art Building, Room 110 (64 College St.)
Who: Stephen Kinzer, Brown University; David Schenker, Washington Institute
Sponsor: Alexander Hamilton Society
The Alexander Hamilton Society at Brown presents a debate between Professor Stephen Kinzer and David Schenker of the Washington Institute on the role of the US in the refugee crisis and conflict in Syria. Pizza and refreshments!


Lecture: A World Without Jews: The Nazi Immigration from Persecution to Genocide
When: Wednesday, November 4 at 7 p.m.
Where: Joukowsky Forum, Watson Institute (111 Thayer St.)
Who: Alon Confino, Professor of History, University of Virginia
Sponsor: Judaic Studies, Watson Institute
Supported by the Arthur B. and David B. Jacobson Fund in Judaic Studies.

Luncheon Panel: Obstacles for Internships
When: Thursday, November 5 at 12 p.m.
Where: CareerLAB (167 Angell St.)
Sponsor: CareerLAB
Stop by the CareerLAB for lunch and to learn more about obstacles students face with internships –- housing, funding, and getting their foot in the door. Student and alumni panelists advise students on these challenges based on their personal and professional experience. Students are welcome to ask the panel about any of the obstacles or fears they have around internships.

Lecture: Survival or Death: What Made You Know Hitler or Stalin Would Kill You?
When: Thursday, November 5 at 3 p.m.
Where: Joukowsky Forum, Watson Institute (111 Thayer St.)
Who: Peter Gourevitch, Senior Fellow in International and Public Affairs, Watson Institute
Sponsors: Watson Institute, Brown-RISD Hillel
Some members of Peter Gourevitch's family, of Russian, Jewish, Socialist origins escaped the terror of the Nazis and the Soviet Bolsheviks to reach the US in 1940. Other members did not, and were killed. What signals influenced some to leave in time, and others to stay? Drawing on family stories, on documents, and on comparative history and social theory, Gourevitch probes some larger implications of a family history.

Info Session: UTRAs
When: Thursday, November 5 at 4 p.m.
Where: Salomon Center, Room 001

Sponsor: Dean of the College
Spend your summer working closely with a Brown faculty member on a research or course development project in the humanities, arts, or sciences. Learn about the Watson Institute Summer UTRA! Please RSVP.

Info Session: The BrownConnect Internship Search - Domestic and Abroad
When: Thursday, November 5 at 4 p.m.
Where: CareerLAB (167 Angell St.)
Sponsors: CareerLAB
Searching for internship and research opportunities is made easier through BrownConnect—your one-stop shop for opportunities, funding, and making alumni connections. Stop by to learn how to maximize this tool, especially when it comes to navigating the international internship search. We’ll cover the important things to consider if you’re looking to intern abroad.

Career Panel: Political Science Degree Day
When: Thursday, November 5 at 4 p.m.
Where: Stephen Robert '62 Campus Center, Petteruti Lounge
Who: Karen Dunn '97, Partner at Boies, Schiller, and Flexner LLP; Allison Lombardo '05, Strategy Division Chief, U.S. Dept. of State; Blake Zeff '99, Editor-in-chief,
Sponsor: Political Science Department
Brown Connect Degree Days events bring alumni back to campus to discuss how their concentrations led to a variety of career paths and opportunities. This year we have brought together 3 distinct and accomplished political science alums for a panel on paths that concentrators have taken after Brown. Light snacks served.

Info Session: Brown Public Policy MPA
When: Thursday, November 5 at 5:30 p.m.
Where: McKinney Conference Room, Watson Institute (111 Thayer St.)
Sponsor: Taubman Center for Public Policy
Learn more about Brown's Master's of Public Affairs (MPA) program from administration, staff, and current students. Refreshments served.

Internship Fair: Peer-to-Peer Summer Opportunities Fair

When: Thursday, November 5 from 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Where: Stephen Robert '62 Campus Center, Kasper Multipurpose Room
Sponsor: CareerLAB
Looking for a great summer internship or research position? Curious where other Brown students have lived during the summer and found funding? This annual event connects under and upperclassmen to share their experiences and includes students who completed internships in a wide range of career fields, both in the US and abroad.


Lecture: What does (Cultural) Heritage have to do with Climate Change? A Conservation between Science and Justice
When: Friday, November 6 at 12 p.m.
Where: Nightingale-Brown House (357 Benefit St.)
Who: Ned Kaufman,
Adjunct Associate Professor of Historic Preservation, Columbia University
Sponsor: John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage
What guidance do climate science and policy offer conservation? And what obligations does climate justice impose? How, in light of these questions, can the conservation of heritage become a vital part of our response to climate change? Climate change changes everything--it’s even redefined cultural heritage itself. Who could have guessed, when our heritage laws were written, that carbon would one day become an even more precious heritage value than beauty or history?

Lecture: Responding to the Requerimiento: Imagined First Encounters between Natives and Spaniards in 16th-Century Mexico
When: Friday, November 6 at 4 p.m.
Where: Rochambeau House (84 Prospect St.)
Who: Andrew Laird, Brown Humanities Initiative Visiting Professor and Warwick University (UK)
Sponsor: Hispanic Studies
The Requerimiento or ‘Requirement’ was a document proclaiming Spain’s legal right to possess the Americas. It was read aloud in territories invaded by the Spaniards to inform uncomprehending local inhabitants that they would alone be responsible for their own death or enslavement if they chose to resist Christian rule. This talk uses the text of the proclamation to explain some unusual early accounts of exchanges which conquistadors and missionaries had with native groups in Mexico shortly after the conquest, and suggest that the contradictions of the Requerimiento continue to bear on intercultural encounters today.



Competition: $10,000 Nuclear Weapons Game Design Competition New!
To submit: Submit online
Deadline: November 13, 2015
Nuclear proliferation remains one of the most vexing and complex issues of our time. A new design competition is calling on innovators to save the world, in real life, by inspiring creative solutions and novel approaches that foster greater understanding of nuclear proliferation and its related safety and security challenges. Games for Change is looking for ideas for games that address the risk of nuclear weapons. The challenge invites anyone, anywhere, to conceptualize a game that will engage and educate players about the dynamics of nuclear weapons risk. No prior game design experience or subject matter expertise is required. You supply the idea, and we’ll design the game. The winning design idea receives a $10,000 cash prize! 


Internship: Middle East Institute Leadership Development
Deadline: November 15 for Spring 2016
To apply: See application details
The Leadership Development Internship Program at the Middle East Institute is designed to provide students or recent graduates considering a career in a Middle East related field with hands-on experience at a Washington, DC-based, nonprofit organization that focuses exclusively on the Middle East. Interns obtain guidance, experience, and exposure to the Washington policy and scholarly community while developing professional skills with interns from all over the world.

Winter Internship: Social Enterprise and Micro-Entrepreneurship Internship 
Deadline: November 20th, 2015 by 5 p.m.
To apply: Apply online
Program Dates: December 27, 2015 - January 16, 2016
Interns learn how a social enterprise operates, examine the impact on the surrounding community, and gain a unique cultural experience. They play a key role in decisions and contributions that influence the progress and growth of the organization.  Interns complete projects that teach them how to work productively and professionally in small groups, while also managing individual assignments and gaining a sense of cultural awareness. The experience gained during this program enables students to think critically about community and economic development and to act responsibly on a global scale. 

Internship: City Internship's Global Internship Summer Program New!
To apply: Apply online
Deadline: Rolling deadline
The Global Internship Program operates in the world’s leading cities – London, New York, Los Angeles & Hong Kong – and provides an immersive and formative experience that is focused on enabling undergraduates and graduates to convert their skills, ambition and academic accomplishment to professional success. The program is structured around an eight week internship placement, with a leading employer in the student’s chosen field, which is complemented by a series of inclusive career seminars and workshops, guest speaker and networking events, social events and weekend excursions.

Internship: Environment America
Deadline: Rolling deadline
To apply: Apply online
Environment America is looking for students who care deeply about the environment and are ready to make a difference now. Interns learn how to analyze environmental problems, push for smart solutions, and build the public support it takes to win. They work side-by-side with one of our organizers, learning the ropes and attend briefings and trainings to learn even more about environmental issues and gain organizing skills.


Scholarship: Harry S. Truman Scholarship
Deadline: November 20, 2015
Eligibility: Juniors
To Apply: Apply via UFunds
Established by Congress in 1975, the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation awards scholarships to college juniors (at the time of application) who have outstanding leadership potential and intend to pursue careers in public service. This scholarship provides $30,000: $3,000 for the senior year and $27,000 for graduate study ($9,000 per year depending on the length of the scholar’s graduate degree program for up to three years). In addition to funding, the Truman involves a leadership week and a summer institute both of which give Truman scholars a chance to explore pressing policy and public service concerns as well develop connections and learn from each other.

Scholarship: Saint Andrew's Society Scholarship
Deadline: November 20, 2015
To apply: Apply via UFunds
Since 1960, the Saint Andrew’s Society of the State of New York has offered two graduate scholarships annually to students of Scottish descent in order to promote cultural interchange and goodwill between Scotland and the United States. Saint Andrew’s Scholarships fund one year of study at any of the universities in Scotland. 

Scholarship: Critical Language Scholarship 
Deadline: November 23, 2015
Eligibility: US Citizens
To apply: Apply online

The Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program is a fully-funded overseas language and cultural immersion program for American undergraduate and graduate students. 

Research Assistant: Japanese Translation 
Deadline: Rolling until position is filled
To apply: Email John Garofano indicating interest
Are you fluent in Japanese? A historian who has found some very interesting documents in Japanese relating to major WWII operations is looking for someone to translate them. Compensation provided. 

Job: NYC Teaching Fellows 
Deadline: Priority Deadline: Thursday, December 3, 2015

To Apply: Apply online
The NYC Teaching Fellows program recruits and prepares a critical mass of exceptional teachers who are committed to a better future for the NYC students who need them the most. Fellows complete a master’s degree while teaching full-time in a public school, allowing for a direct transition into the classroom.  The master’s degree is subsidized by the NYC Department of Education, and Fellows earn a full teacher’s salary and benefits. Since 2000, the Fellows program has provided New York City students with thousands of talented new teachers. Today, Fellows work in 80 percent of New York City’s 1,800 public schools and represent 12 percent of the city’s active teaching force.

Job: Impact 
To Apply: Apply online
If you are interested in joining a team of passionate people to make an impact on issues like global warming, clean water, big money’s influence over our democracy and other issues that matter to our future, consider a job with Impact. Impact is a nonprofit that runs action campaigns. We work in states where we can win positive change for our environment, our democracy and our future.


Teaching: English Opens Doors Volunteer Program 
Deadline: November 29, 2015
To Apply: Apply online
Eligibility: Must be 21 years or older
Program Dates: March 16, 2016 - July 25, 2016 
The English Opens Doors Program is seeking native and near-native English speaking volunteers to teach English under the supervision of Chilean teachers in public schools throughout Chile, working with students from 5th to 12th grade. 

Volunteer: Project Esperanza Volunteer Trips 
To apply: E-mail
Project Esperanza primarily serves the Haitian immigrant population of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic in the areas of education, social aid, and community development. There are spots open for the winter break volunteer trip. If you are looking for an opportunity to serve, learn, see another part of the world, and have some fun, this is the trip for you!


Activist Training: Change Corps 
Deadline: Rolling
To apply: Apply online
Change Corps is a salaried, one-year, full-immersion training program in grassroots organizing. When Change Corps organizers complete their training, they’ll know how to organize people to get change unstuck on the issues they’re passionate about and will have an opportunity to become part of a wave of new organizers who will keep pushing and prodding our country forward for years to come. For more information contact Lucy Sedgwick '11.


Write: BlogDailyHerald Staff Writers New!
Deadline: Thursday, November 5, 2015
To apply: Apply online
The BlogDailyHerald is seeking new staff-writers! The Blog is a campus publication committed to being the go-to source for all facets of Brown student life. We seek new writers who can bring their campus perspective, passion, and voice to our site.

Publish: Journal of International Relations and Foreign Policy
Deadline: November 15, 2015
To Submit: See guidelines
The Journal of International Relations and Foreign Policy is an international peer-reviewed journal published by American Research Institute for Policy Development. It publishes articles on contemporary world politics and the global political economy from a variety of methodologies and approaches. The journal seeks original manuscripts that provide theoretically informed empirical analyses of issues in international relations and international political economy, as well as original theoretical or conceptual analyses.

Publish: Brown University Urban Studies Journal 
Deadline: Rolling until February
To Submit: Email submissions
The Urban Studies Department is now accepting submissions for its 2016 Journal, open to all faculty and students in the Brown community. We encourage submitting any work that is inspired by or based on cities and issues related to the built environment. The work can take absolutely any form—academic research, journalism, creative writing, art, architectural & urban design work, GIS projects, etc. Authors are encouraged to submit early so written work can go through the editing process.

Publish: The Informal
Deadline: Rolling deadline
To Submit: Send a 100-150 word pitch to We will get back to you in approximately 7 days. 
The Informal, a Brown-born online journal focusing on finding ways to explore the Middle East from an "informal" lens, is looking for submissions and social media editors! The Informal, since October 2015, has published a significant amount of articles (one of which is in consideration to be picked up by the NYTimes). It also provides a newsletter service and Twitter feed. @theinformalorg serves as a news source without an automated mechanism that posts any article related to the Middle East. A significant amount of articles are read by our team, filtered out for relevant content and then posted as links with a brief tweet summary. Please contact Deniz Cam if interested or have questions.