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Citizens of Aurora – At the Top?

If you look at the city’s organizational chart, it shows the Citizens of Aurora at the top, with the Mayor and City Council underneath, followed by the City Manager.  When describing how the city operates, the website says, “Council members are the city's policy makers, elected by popular vote to be responsive to citizens' needs and wishes” and “…council members serve at the pleasure of Aurora citizens…”. 

When was the last time you felt that council members and the mayor were responsive to your needs and wishes and served at your pleasure?  If you can’t answer that or you only have a negative answer, it might be a good idea to educate yourself before the elections in November. 

Turnout is fairly sparse for most elections, but it is particularly sparse for local elections – and local elections are VERY IMPORTANT.  This fall, Aurora will see 5 City Council positions and the Mayor’s position up for election.  The 5 City Council positions are: 

Ward IV – Molly Markert, the incumbent, is term-limited, so she can’t run for this position

Ward V – Bob Roth, the incumbent, will run again

Ward VI – Bob Broom, the incumbent, is term-limited, so he can’t run for this position

At-Large – Debbie Hunter-Holen, the incumbent, will run again

At-Large – Bob LeGare, the incumbent, will run again

Mayor- Steve Hogan, the incumbent, will run again

Murphy Creek is in Ward II, our city council member is Renie Peterson, and her position is not up for election this year.  However, decisions that impact Murphy Creek are made by the full City Council, so it's important that we vote for good At-Large candidates, and that our friends in other wards vote for good ward candidates.  Check here for the most current candidate list we have.

Again, if you don’t feel as though council members and the mayor have been responsive to your needs and wishes, educate yourself and VOTE this November.  Over the next few months, MCGC Neighbors will try to help by showing you how City Council members have voted on some important issues over the last few years.  Stay tuned… 

What to do When It Hails

What to Do When It Hails

Since we seem to experience hail storms fairly often in the area (like last weekend), here are a few tips about what to do if you are in your car driving when hail hits.

  • Stop driving.  A moving car will compound the hail’s impact on your car.
  • Stay inside your car.  It will provide protection against the impact of the hail.
  • Try to seek a covering for your car.  Look for an awning, gas station or other structures.
  • If you can’t find a cover, safely turn your vehicle so the windshield is facing the oncoming hail.  Your windshield is the strongest piece of glass in your vehicle.

Hopefully these tips will help guide us the next time we are hit with hail.

Murphy Creek Master and Metro District Boards Meetings

Boards Meetings

Don't forget the Murphy Creek HOA Master Association and Metro District Boards meetings next Wednesday, May 27, at the Murphy Creek Community Center. 

The Metro District meeting starts at 6PM, and the HOA meeting starts at 7PM.  Please come by to learn about decisions that govern our community.

Neighborhood Fracking Meeting

Neighborhood Fracking Meeting

Our Adonea neighbors have invited us to attend a community meeting to learn about the fracking wells that are being proposed nearby.  In addition to an update on the proposed wells, health risks will also be discussed.

This meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 27, from 7-8PM at Vista PEAK auditorium, 24500 East 6th Avenue.  Check the East Aurora Community Development Facebook page for more details.

Calendar at a Glance

Calendar at a Glance

May 23 (Sat) – Murphy Creek pool opens

May 23 (Sat) - Denver Day of Rock

May 25 (Mon) – Memorial Day

May 25 & 27 (Mon & Wed) – Poker - the Tavern - Register by 6:00PM - plays begins at 7:00PM

Jun 6 & Aug 22 – Emergency Preparedness Training - Aurora Fire Station No 11, 2291 S. Joliet St. - 8AM-4PM

Jun 13, Aug 15  – CPR & AED classes - 9AM-1PM - Aurora Fire Stations - details here


Emergency Preparedness Survey

Citizen Input for Emergency Preparation and Response

The city of Aurora is inviting all residents to complete an online survey that will help emergency management staff prepare for and respond to natural disasters.

Input from citizens is needed to be sure the Office of Emergency Management addresses as many aspects of natural hazards as possible. 

Aurora’s hazard mitigation plan explores the natural hazards the city may face, including floods, winter storms, tornados and others. The plan also helps the city identify policies and actions that can be implemented over the long term to reduce loss of life and reduce damages to property and the economy from future natural disasters. 

It will take only a few minutes to give your input your ideas or questions via this Community Survey link.

Emergency Training Opportunity

Emergency Training Opportunity

Aurora’s Office of Emergency Management is offering free training on how to prepare yourself and your family for a disaster or emergency.  Living out here in the prairie, we need to be prepared for potential disasters including tornados and fast moving grass fires.  

Classes will provide instruction on disaster preparedness, natural hazard awareness, fire and hazardous materials safety, public health concerns and first aid.  The classes are designed to increase the level of individual preparedness among residents.

The dates for the classes are June 6, 8AM-4PM and August 22, 8AM-4PM, both at Aurora Fire Station No 11, 2291 S. Joliet St.  To ask questions or sign up for either date, email Ashley Cox or call 303-326-8964.  Consider talking with your friends and neighbors about attending the class as a group.

(Also as a reminder, CPR and AED classes on how to respond to cardiac and breathing emergencies, are being offered by the City on June 13 from 9AM – 1PM at the Aurora Fire Station No. 3, 3172 Peoria St. and on August 15 from 9AM – 1PM at the Aurora Fire Station No. 11.  The cost is only $6.  For information or to sign up, email or call 303-326-8964.)

Denver Day of Rock

Denver Day of Rock

The seventh Denver Day of Rock is taking place this Memorial Day weekend on the 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver.

On Saturday, May 23, 2015, from 2:30 - 9:30PM, 25 bands on five stages will be playing live music to raise funds for more than 50 children's charities.  Food and beer gardens will also be available, and the event is FREE.

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