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Update on Nick’s Food / Gas / Liquor

MCGC Neighbors have updated information about the liquor store that is part of Nick’s Food / Gas / Liquor currently being built on Gun Club Road.  The convenience store and gas station are still expected to be operational by mid-April; however, it will be several months before the liquor store is ready. 

The liquor license has been applied for, but there are several steps remaining before approval can be granted by the city (Local Licensing Authority) and the state.  First, an ad must be placed in the Aurora Sentinel announcing a public hearing, at least one month prior to the hearing,  and HOAs and Neighborhood Groups within 2,000 feet of the store must be notified.  Then, the city’s Local Licensing Authority will set the date and conduct the public hearing, at which time Nick, the applicant or his representative, and any witnesses and/or protesters may appear.  At the hearing, Nick must present sufficient evidence to establish that 1) there is a need in the neighborhood for the liquor license and 2) the adult inhabitants of the neighborhood desire that the license be granted.  

The city has indicated it will be several months before the date for the public hearing is set.  As part of showing approval from the neighborhood, Nick will be responsible for having petitions signed by residents.  As MCGC Neighbors leanrs more, we will keep you posted.
Dirt Pile at Duquesne Circle and Duquesne Court
It’s a Dirt Pile!

Many of us in Murphy Creek live near or often drive by the corner of Duquesne Cir. and Duquesne Ct.  That’s where you will find the Dirt Pile, left behind by a former builder.

While the issue of who is responsible for the dirt pile is complicated, it is clear that the City is responsible for keeping that area litter and weed free.

As Spring approaches, along with weeds, etc., if you’d like to see it cleaned up, call the City at 303-739-7000.  Ask for the Code Enforcement department and complain about the condition of the Parkways area at the corner of Duquesne Cir and Ct.  Be the “squeaking wheel”.

Please click to let us know you've placed a call to the City.  We would like to follow up.
Calendar at a Glance
Week at a Glance

Mar 6 (Wed) – Poker Night – Tavern – 7PM
Mar 10 (Sun) – Daylight Savings Time begins - midnight
Mar 11 (Mon) - Ward II Town Hall - 7-9PM - Aurora Municipal Center
Ward II Town Hall Meeting
Ward II Town Hall

Take advantage of the opportunity to talk with your City Council Representative, Renie Peterson, on March 11 from 7-9PM at the Aurora Municipal Center, Aurora Room.

She will be updating residents on current activities of the City Council, and you will have an opportunity to ask questions and provide your thoughts.
Clean Air Matters
Clean Air Matters

The CDPHE (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment) Air Pollution Control Division (APCD) is continuing with its 2013 Rulemaking Effort regarding Oil & Gas air emissions.

The second stakeholder meeting was held on February 28th.  This meeting focused on additional controls for ALL storage tanks in order to reduce VOC, hydrocarbons (methane, butane, etc.), and greenhouse gas emissions.

Click to read about the proposed storage tank controls and flaring. 

Also, the next meeting of the Aurora Oil and Gas Advisory Committee is scheduled for March 13.  Kim Smith, a resident of Murphy Creek, is a member of this Committee.

The agenda includes a presentation from Conoco concerning their plans for Aurora and more information on the seismic testing that has been taking place in Aurora (including Murphy Creek).  If you have any questions you would like asked at the meeting, email Kim.
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Steve Smith - Murphy Creek Realtor
Jason Flaig - MC's Resident Agent
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