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MCGC News Blast for October 3, 2012
Convenience Store Update
MCGC Neighbors met this week with the developer’s representative, Michael Sheldon, and we can tell you that the neighborhood convenience store will have a Shell gas station.  Construction is underway, but the completion date is unknown.  Stay tuned!
Update on Oil and Gas Drilling - Completed Wells 
This is the second article provided by Kim Smith, a resident of Murphy Creek and new member of the Oil and Gas Committee.

The second stop on the tour provided by Anadarko for the members of the Oil and Gas Committee was at a drilling pad in Weld County that contained six completed wells.  The first of those wells had been hydraulically fractured  (fracked) a few hours before we arrived.  Crews were pressure-testing the well head of the second well as we watched out the window of our tour van.  We were told the well is tested to a pressure of 9000 PSI.

The fracking process involves injecting a mixture of water, sand and additives under high pressure into targeted formations.  The pressure creates pathways, propped open by the sand, for oil or natural gas to flow to the well bore.  (
Anadarko Petroleum Corp. Powerpoint, 2012).  At this point of the tour, we were unable to get off the van due to safety considerations.  Persons working at this site must wear 100% cotton clothing due to flammability issues.  I was unable to take any pictures through the van window, but counted at least 20 to 25 different trucks and about 25 water storage units.  I also saw the fracking chemicals  in their square metal containers as wide as the flat-bed semi truck on which they arrived.  

Look for continuing information in next week’s News Blast.  Kim would like to hear from any of the neighbors who have questions about fracking.  Please email her.  You may also chat with Kim and other Murphy Creek residents on MCGC's Bulletin Board.  We have created a fracking category, and you may add your own topics of interest. 
Sam's Club offers discount to MCGC Neighbors members
Sam's Club Benefit for MCGC Members
From now through November 30, 2012, MCGC Neighbors’ paid members will receive a discount on new or renewed Sam’s Club memberships.  In order to receive your discount, you must present your MCGC Neighbors’ membership card and your Sam’s Club discount certificate at the Member Services Desk of your local Sam’s Club.  If you don’t already have an MCGC Neighbors’ paid membership, please complete and submit the membership form on our website.  If you are already a member and just need the discount certificate, please request a certificate.  Also, a representative from Sam’s Club will be present at our Pumpkin Hunt on October 20.  You will be able to purchase an MCGC membership and receive your Sam’s Club discount at that time.  Please see our membership page for details.
HOAs - Your Rights, Responsibilities, and Resources
If you want to learn more about how Home Owners Associations work and hear about issues many HOAs experience, plan to attend State Representative Su Ryden’s Town Hall on Thursday, Oct. 18.  The meeting will be held from  7-8:30PM at the Community College of Aurora, 16000 E. Centretech Pkwy.  There will be knowledgeable panelists from the HOA Information Office, Community Associations Institute and the HOA Forum  discussing our rights, responsibilities and resources. If you would like to carpool with some of us who are attending, email info@mcgcneighbors.org.
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Green Valley Landscape and Sprinkler
Steve Smith - Realtor and Murphy Creek Resident
Jennifer Oldham - Your Neighborhood Realtor
Plains Conservation Center
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Honey Bee Asian Bistro
MCGC Membership Partner - discounts for MCGC members!
Calendar at a Glance
Calendar of Events
Oct 3 (Wed) – Metro District and HOA Master Boards meetings – 6-8PM – Community Center
Oct 3 (Wed)   – Poker Night – 7PM – Tavern
Oct 3 (Wed) – No Yoga
Oct 10 (Wed) – Poker Night – 7PM – Tavern
Oct 10 (Wed) – Yoga – 7-8PM – Community Center
Oct 13 (Sat) – Punkin Chunkin – 10AM-5PM – Arapahoe County Fairgrounds
Oct 18 (Thurs) – Su Ryden’s TownHall – HOA Issues – 7PM – Community College of Aurora
Oct 20 (Sat) – Pumpkin Hunt – 11AM – Homestead Park (Look for details in next week’s News Blast.) 

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