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A New MCGC Neighbors Membership Partner!

MCGC Neighbors is happy to announce and welcome a new Membership Partner, David Sullivan with Your Castle Real Estate. To paid members of MCGC Neighbors, David is offering to pay $250 toward the title fee for sellers.  If you are a paid member of MCGC Neighbors and a buyer, David will pay $250 toward a 1 year Buyer's Warranty. And there will be no cost for his Real Estate Needs Consultation.  Thank you David!

Dave, his wife, and 3 children have lived in Murphy Creek for 10 years. He is a residential Real Estate Specialist working throughout the metro area to help people buy or sell homes and investment property.  Representing both buyers and sellers, Dave is never "off the clock" and is always available to help his clients get the most from their real estate transactions.

Your Castle Real Estate has grown to become the 2nd largest independent real estate company on the Front Range.  A complete suite of real estate services are offered - from sales and rentals to commercial and new builds.

Access to the best and most timely information can dramatically shape your home buying and selling decisions.  David can connect you with the market and help you
navigate the complex process that real estate has become.  David can be contacted via email, by phone at 720-448-7236, or on his website.

If you want to join MCGC Neighbors to take advantage of this discount and others, please complete the membership application on our website.

MCGC Neighbors Small Business Expo

Small Business Expo and Bazaar

MCGC Neighbors has received and accepted a wide range of fun and interesting exhibitors for the neighborhood Expo and Bazaar on Saturday, October 4.  If you are a small business or artist/crafter and have not applied for a space yet, don’t delay.  They are going fast!  Contact us here.

And for all of you in the neighborhood, invite your friends and put October 4, from Noon – 3PM at the Community Center, on your calendars.  Really!!! 

The exhibitors’ products and services will range from jewelry, children’s books, totes/bags, kitchen tools, skin care and bath, fabric accessories for your dog - to home cleaning products, travel, real estate, physical fitness, counseling services, pet sitting - and even to chocolate truffles.  And, there will be more!   

You just can’t miss the possibilities of this neighborhood Expo and Bazaar.  Next week we will be providing a full list of all exhibitors, so you can create your shopping list.  Stay tuned!

Rail Line Tour

Rail Line Tour

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) and its contractor on the East Rail Line, Denver Transit Partners, are continuing public tours of the new commuter rail project. 

A two-hour tour is available by reservations on a first-call basis.  The next public tour takes place on September 20 from 10AM – Noon.  “All aboard” at Union Station, 1701Wunkoop St. in downtown Denver. 

The tour will take place on an RTD bus that will depart from Union Station and will return to the same location.  Get more information and sign up for the tour here

Murphy Creek Metro Districts and HOA Boards Meetings

Murphy Creek Boards Are Meeting

There are just over 1100 homes in Murphy Creek. To learn more about how our neighborhood is managed, attend the meetings on Wednesday, September 24, of the Metro District Boards and the Master HOA Board.

Board members will be discussing issues and making decisions from 6-8PM at the Community Center. It is an open meeting and you are all invited.

Calendar at a Glance

Sept 19 (Fri) – Deadline to complete the City's survey on oil and gas waivers

Sept 20 (Sat) – Century Communities Grand Opening - near Homestead Park - 11AM-4PM

Sept 20 (Sat) – RTD/East Rail Line Tour - Union Station - 10AM-Noon

Sept 21 (Sun) - Active Shooter Exercise - Park Meadows Mall - 7AM-10AM

Sept 22 (Mon) – Autumn Begins

Sept  22 & 24 (Mon & Wed) - Poker Night - Tavern - Sign up by 6PM, play begins at 7PM

Sept 24 (Wed) - Murphy Creek Metro District and HOA Master Boards meetings - 6 - 8PM - Community Center

Sept 27 (Sat) - Harvest at the Homestead - Plains Conservation Center - 9AM-4PM

Oct 4 (Sat) - Small Business Expo (and Christmas Bazaar) - Noon - 3PM - Community Center

Oil & Gas Waivers Survey

City Seeking Your Comments

The City of Aurora has created a survey as a way of asking for your comments on the waivers they are proposing for the nearby Oil and Gas wells.

Please be aware that when the City grants the same waivers multiple times, they tend to want to amend the zoning codes, instead of reviewing and weighing the need for the waivers with each development.  Please keep this in mind as you complete the survey.

We encourage everyone to do his own research, and as a result of our research, we have included some comments in the article below regarding the waivers. We have also posted these comments on our website.

This is your opportunity to express yourself, so please take the survey by clicking here to let your voices be heard. We assume the City will publish the results.

Survey responses are due by this Friday, September 19, so please respond quickly.

Comments on Oil and Gas Waivers

Comments Regarding Proposed Waivers

MCGC Neighbors is very pleased that the City is asking for some input about their proposed waivers for the nearby Oil and Gas developments!!!!

Unfortunately, we weren't notified about the survey until Monday, and the deadline for survey responses is this Friday.  We have a call in to the City to see if the deadline can be extended, so please submit your responses, even if you don't read the News Blast until after the deadline.

Based on the email we have been receiving from many of the neighborhoods along the E-470 corridor, we know you are doing some research and forming your opinions, not only about the Oil and Gas Waivers, but about a number of other proposed developments as well. Some of the waiver trends are rather alarming - but that is a topic for another day. Below are some comments regarding the current proposed waivers for oil and gas development.

Waiver #1 - Vapor Recovery Tower Height
Current City restriction is 20 feet high; proposed waiver would allow towers to be 31.5 feet high. The City's justification for this waiver states, "The Colorado Department of Health and Environment has verified that to restrict the height of the VRT would pose operational issues for Conoco Phillips."

We followed up with CDPHE until we found someone who was familiar with these well permits and the waivers. That individual let us know that CDPHE doesn't tell the Oil and Gas companies what type of technology they should use; the Oil and Gas companies tell CDPHE what they want to use, and CDPHE lets them know if that type of equipment meets CDPHE requirements. Therefore, it follows that if lower profile equipment meets CDPHE requirements, and if ConocoPhillips would be willing to use it, then this waiver could be unnecessary.

Discussions at the ConocoPhillips Open House pointed out that the O&G company chooses not to use lower profile equipment, as that equipment uses a mechanical pumping system to separate the oil and gas, as opposed to a gravity system, so more maintenance would be required.  This means that CDPHE hasn't reviewed the lower profile equipment, since O&G doesn't want to use it.

Waiver #2 - Access Drive Width
Current City regulations call for a 23 foot wide access drive, which is the standard fire lane width; proposed waiver would allow for a 16 foot wide access lane. The City's justification states that the smaller lane would be "...capable of supporting fire apparatus...".

In the event of a fire or explosion at an oil and gas site, it would seem likely that multiple pieces of emergency equipment would be required to contain the situation. It could be quite dangerous if there was a bottleneck due to a 16 foot wide access drive and emergency equipment couldn't get to the site quickly enough.

Waiver #3 - Fence Type
Current City regulations call for a chain link fence with slats; proposed waiver would allow for a "wildlife" fence, which is meant to keep animals away from the site. The City's justification for this waiver states that they will, "...require a chain link fence with slats for oil and gas applications near Murphy Creek."

We are hopeful this would extend to the other nearby neighborhoods that will also be affected by these well sites, such as: Adonea; Traditions; Cross Creek; Gun Club Estates; Thunderbird Estates; etc., as well as future nearby neighborhoods.

Since this sounds like compliance with current regulations, we are assuming this waiver will NOT be granted, at least not to the two Eastern Hills and Cherry Creek Vista well sites that are currently pending approval.

Waiver #4 - Landscaping
Current City regulations call for actual landscaping; proposed waiver would not require landscaping. The City's justification for this waiver states, "As wells get closer to built-up areas, we will provide for landscaping, if a permanent water source can be provided."

What is meant by "...closer to built-up areas"? The proposed well sites will be 1700 feet from Adonea and 2000 feet from Murphy Creek; both are "built-up areas" and both are close to the proposed well sites. That brings us to "...IF a permanent water source can be provided." Why couldn't a permanent water source be provided?

Once residential homes start going into those areas, those developments will be required to get a permanent water source. Why shouldn't the oil and gas industry be held to the same standards? At the VERY LEAST, why shouldn't the oil and gas industry be required to use xeriscaping at the well sites? They will be trucking in a lot of water, so why couldn't a little of that water be used for xeriscaping?

Discussions about the oil and gas sites often mention the need and desirability for a "smaller footprint" for the well pad sites, to allow the surface owners more use of their land. On one hand this is commendable, for those surface owners who want to grow crops or raise livestock. However, for the two Eastern Hills and Cherry Creek Vista well sites, there are no crops and no livestock. Those areas have been earmarked for future residential developments.

So, who really benefits from a "smaller footprint" for the well pad sites? Possibly ConocoPhillips, as they only have to pay royalties on the area they actually use for the well site. The smaller the footprint, the less royalties they have to pay. We learned this at the ConocoPhillips Open House.

Possibly the developers of the future residential areas will benefit as well. If the well sites have smaller footprints, then more houses can be built on the properties, closer to the wells. If the well sites have larger footprints, then fewer houses can be built on the properties, farther from the well sites. If you were going to purchase a home, would you want to be closer to or farther from a well site?

If you haven't already done so, please complete the City's survey.

Sean Closset - #1 Colorado Native Realtor
Rhonda Schriner - Residential Real Estate
Jennifer Oldham - Your Neighborhood Realtor
Green Valley Landscape and Sprinkler
Dave Sullivan - Your Community Realtor

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BV Pet Sitting

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Murphy Creek Tavern

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Plains Conservation Center

MCGC Membership Partner - discounts for MCGC members!
MCGC Neighbors - Neighborhood Announcements
Century Communities Grand Opening

Century Communities, the builder currently completing 27 lots in Murphy Creek, will be hosting a Grand Opening on Saturday, September 20, from 11AM-4PM. 

They will have door prizes, food, and an opportunity to tour their model at 1367 South Coolidge Circle - near Homestead Park.  Century Communities has extended an invitation to all and is looking forward to showcasing their homes on Saturday!
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