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New Year’s Resolutions Anyone??


We hope everyone had a great holiday season.  This week it’s back to work….including MCGC Neighbors and the weekly News Blast.  New Year’s resolutions would be a current topic for  many of us.  Here are a few practical tips that have been circulating and may be helpful….

Set a goal.  I’m going to lose the proverbial 10 pounds!  Be more specific!!  I’m going to drink one less large cola everyday;  I’m going to stop buying snack food every week (except for Oreos); I am not going to eat after 7PM at night.  You get the idea? 

I’m going to exercise more.  No! No!  What will you actually do?....I’ll run up and down the stairs at home 20 times each day;  I’ll walk to the entrance to Murphy Creek every other day;  I’ll join the Beck Center (See next article) and use their weight training area 3 times each week.


Tell your friends and colleagues.  It’s easier to side track your goals if no one else knows!  Your friends or colleagues can encourage you or push you to keep going.


If you have made some resolutions with strategies that are working, share it!  Email us and we'll put your name and plans in the next News Blast.  That would be a great way to tell your neighborhood friends about your goals!

Beck Recreation Center

Have You Visited the Beck Center?

If you haven’t checked out the Beck Recreation Center recently, consider trying it as part of your New Year’s resolutions.  With the Center only a few miles north of us, we can almost consider it to be a Murphy Creek resource - and it was fully remodeled last year! 

It is one of Aurora’s full service public recreation centers offering new cardiovascular equipment, a weight training area, a heated swimming pool, racquetball courts, a full sized gymnasium and a range of exercise classes for all ages. 

You can call 303-739-6888 for information, stop by for a tour (the staff is very nice), or pick up a class schedule.  Beck is open 7 days a week at 800 Telluride St., Aurora 80012.

Calendar at a Glance
Calendar at a Glance

Jan 7 - 21 (Tues) - Balanced Birth Services - 3 week parenting class - call Melissa at 720-839-4153 for details
Jan 13 & 15 (Mon & Wed) – Poker - the Tavern - 7:00PM

Jan 16 (Thur) – Full Moon Walk - Plains Conservation Center - 7:30PM - 9:00PM

MCGC Neighbors' Guest Writer

Our First Guest Writer

In a December issue of the News Blast, we asked neighbors who are knowledgeable on a specific subject that would be beneficial to our readers, to share that information by becoming a Guest Writer for the News Blast.  We had several responses covering a range of topics. 

Over the next few editions of the News Blast we will be featuring articles provide by neighborhood Guest Writers.  Beginning with this edition, we are sharing a 2 part article provided by Howard M. Notgarie, RDH, EdD, who has been a dental hygienist for 21 years and a resident of Murphy Creek for 11 years.  Dr. Notgarie is providing practical information on dental care.

The last time you called a dental office for an appointment, you might have asked for a cleaning, but did you know dental hygienists do much more than cleanings for you? If your teeth and gums are healthy, simply removing plaque, stain, and tartar might be just the right procedure to help you maintain health. However, recent research reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that almost half the population has periodontitis.

Periodontitis is an infection by plaque bacteria that invades between the tooth and gum, causing loss of the bone and ligament that hold the tooth in place. In addition, many people have a less damaging infection called gingivitis. When you see a dental hygienist, that practitioner should check the health of your gums by taking x-rays, reviewing your medical history, and performing several measurements on your teeth and gums. If you have gingivitis or a high risk of cavities, you may need more treatment than simply cleaning your teeth. Additional care includes medications such as disinfectants and fluoride and instruction so you know how to keep your teeth clean at home. Plaque takes only one day to form on teeth, making daily removal essential to prevent gingivitis from progressing to periodontitis.

Part 2 of this article will appear in next week’s News Blast.  So, stay tuned.  And, we want to thank Dr. Notgarie for taking the time to contribute!

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