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The State of Real Estate in Murphy Creek

This week our Guest Writer for the MCGC Neighbors News Blast is Rhonda Schriner.  A resident of Murphy Creek since 2006, Rhonda is a Real Estate Broker Associate with Your Castle Services.  Based on her experience in the Murphy Creek market, she is providing all of us with an update on the state of real estate in our neighborhood.

A couple of weeks ago I was asked if I would like to be a guest writer and put together some information on the current status of real estate in Murphy Creek. For simplicity, I created a chart of that activity over the past 13 months so we can see an August to August comparison. To view a larger image of the chart click here.

The overall median price range has remained steady, however take a look at the median days on the  market. Now take into consideration the amount of active listings this August compared to last August and you begin to see a change in the seller’s market.

Even though there are fewer than half the active listings this August than this time last year, the median days on market have almost doubled. This indicates that the strong seller’s market is beginning to ease. Whether this is an indication of the overall market trend or just the usual seasonal dip as we get further into the winter months, it still shows that sellers should expect longer waits between listing and going under contract.

So, the good news for sellers is that inventory remains low which increases your chance of successfully selling your home. 

The good news for buyers is home prices have come down considerably since the market crash and may remain that way for some time. And although lending restrictions remain tight, interest rates are still favorable.

Century Community builders is completing the build out of the remaining 27 vacant lots in the first phase of Murphy Creek. This addition should help increase our overall home values, plus it will bring in additional HOA fees to help fund the community’s facilities such as the clubhouse, pool, common areas, etc. As the market is changing, we should continue monitoring the status of the second phase of development located just south of Jewell and east of Gun Club Road.

We want to thank Rhonda for taking the time to prepare and share this information.  If you would like to receive her monthly newsletter, email her a request with “Please send me your Newsletter” in the subject line.

Car and Bike Show

Have a Great Car or Bike?

If you have a bike or a car that is special to you, then bring it on over to the 3rd Annual Murphy Creek Car and Bike Show this Saturday, September 13 from Noon to 3pm at the Community Center (pool parking lot).

Show off your “prized possession” while everyone attending can enjoy seeing it and talking with you about it.  It’s a free event for everyone.  Bring your lawn chair and expect to chit-chat with like-minded neighbors.  For those of you who don’t have a “prized” car or bike, drop by and become part of the conversation and the “wooing-n-cooing” over the entries.  Also, don’t forget your sunscreen.

The event is free, but you will need to provide a waiver to show your bike or car.  If you are a non-profit organization and would like to join other groups selling snacks and refreshments, or if you are a DJ who would volunteer your time and equipment to play music, the contact for all is Darcie Friess via email or phone (720) 435-1969.

Active Shooter Exercise
Want to Be an Actor?

Role players are needed for an Active Shooter Exercise being conducted by the City of Lone Tree Police Department.  It will take place at the Park Meadows Mall on Sunday, September 21. 

The Police Department is looking for volunteers to play the roles of shoppers at the mall. And some of the participants will be lucky enough to be “outfitted” to simulate injuries.  Role players will be needed from 7 AM to 10AM. 

If you have always wanted to try your hand at acting, then this might be the opportunity!  For more information email Jennifer Scott or call her at 720-270-2975.

Calendar at a Glance

Calendar at a Glance

Sept 13 (Sat) – Car and Bike Show - Community Center Parking Log - Noon–3PM

Sept  15 & 17 (Mon & Wed) - Poker Night - Tavern - Sign up by 6PM, play begins at 7PM

Sept 21 (Sun) - Active Shooter Exercise - Park Meadows Mall - 7AM-10AM

Sept 24 (Wed) - Murphy Creek Metro District and HOA Master Boards meetings - 6 - 8PM - Community Center

Oct 4 (Sat) - Small Business Expo (and Christmas Bazaar) - Noon - 3PM - Community Center

MCGC Neighbors Small Business Expo

Be There-Expo and Bazaar!

Be sure Saturday October 4 is on your calendars for the Small Business Expo and Bazaar sponsored by MCGC Neighbors at the Community Center from Noon-3PM. 

We have had numerous small businesses and crafters/artists contact us and sign up to be exhibitors.  October 4 is only a few weeks away and space in the Community Center is limited. If this Expo is for you, let us hear from you so a space can be reserved. 

And, if being an exhibitor is not for you, then being an attendee should be just right!.  Plan to shop till you drop.  In the next couple of weeks we will be providing you with information about all businesses and exhibitors that will have tables. Stay tuned!

Rules? What Rules? Update

Rules? Update

As we have been reporting in our News Blasts since July, it has been unclear as to how the Planning Department could pick and choose which sections of the Zoning Code it would use to process waivers for Oil ad Gas developments.  We now have both a justification and a legal opinion from the City regarding the processing of waivers, and we greatly appreciate the City's willingness to clarify its position.

One of the 4 commonly approved waivers is for the height of the vapor recover towers (VRT) at 31.5 feet, which is 11.5 feet higher than the existing regulations permit.  We understand and most certainly agree with the need to reduce emissions for air quality, but we had to wonder why the lower profile vapor recovery systems weren't an option.  Were they not as efficient?  Were they more expensive for the oil and gas companies?  Was it to reduce the footprint of the well site?

The City's justification indicated the Colorado Department of Health and Environment verified "...that to restrict the height of the VRT would pose operational issues for Conoco Phillips".  In an effort to find out more specifics, we placed a call to the CDPHE Air Quality department.  We will update you when we hear back. 

We also submitted this question to ConocoPhillips during their Open House last night, and we will let you know when we receive their response.  ConocoPhillips committed to us that they would compile all the questions submitted at the Open House and produce a document with all the questions and responses and email them to everyone who left their email addresses at the Open House.  Please visit our website to see the questions that were submitted by MCGC Neighbors.  When we receive the Question and Answer document from ConocoPhillips, we will publish it as well.
Another commonly approved waiver is the fence type.  The justification discusses a wildlife fence as opposed to the required chain link fence with slats and indicates that oil and gas applications near Murphy Creek will enforce the chain link fence with slats requirement.

We are very grateful that a legal opinion has been provided, especially by one of the attorneys who helped draft Ordinance No. 2012-24, which contains Section 146-1207(H).  Since the Zoning Codes are not very clear and are open to interpretation, review by another attorney may have resulted in a different interpretation and a different opinion.

We understand that the City is in the beginnings stages of reviewing and rewriting the Zoning Codes so that they are more accessible, clearer, and less prone to interpretation.  We definitely applaud those efforts!!

If you want more background information, please visit our website with links to past New Blast, Denver Post, and Aurora Sentinel publications.  Also, we invite you to visit the website of Aurora Citizens for Responsible Energy to view photos of the taller vapor recovery towers and a photo of a low profile vapor recovery system that could potentially be used instead.

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