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Comprehensive Plan Amendment to Permit Annexation – Q & A

Question:  Why would a landowner want his property to be annexed into the city?  Answer:  So he can be assured of reliable water delivery, sanitary sewer utilities, and police and fire protection services for his new development area, instead of having to provide those services on his own.  Isn’t this what we all want?  Yes, but we also want ENOUGH water to go around, ENOUGH sanitary sewer utilities to service the population, and TIMELY police and fire protection services, without the costs becoming so great that current and future residents can no longer afford to live here. 
Question:  What determines whether or not land can be annexed into the city?  Answer:  The city’s Comprehensive Plan.  Right now, the Comprehensive Plan doesn’t allow for the expansion of the city’s planning boundaries to include the 51 square miles of land that has been under study for the past year.  That seems pretty clear – it’s not allowed. 
Question:  Since the Comprehensive Plan is currently being rewritten and is scheduled for completion in mid- 2017, and since development in the proposed annexation area is not anticipated for at least 8-10 years, why is an amendment to the current Plan even being considered?  Answer:  That’s a good question!!
It could be that the city is just doing its due diligence and examining all aspects of the issue in order to make an informed decision.  This is best case, and it is our hope!!
However, it could also be that the city’s “All 4 Business” initiative is going overboard to make things easier for developers.  Permits and fees have been lowered to make things less expensive for developers (i.e. lower water tap fees for homebuilders – just one example).  The concept of Metropolitan Districts has been implemented to make things less expensive for developers by pushing infrastructure costs onto homeowners (i.e. the Murphy Creek Metro District 3 debt obligation that can’t be paid back within the homeowners’ lifetimes – just one example).  Zoning designations have been changed, in spite of public outcry, to make things less expensive and easier for developers (i.e. the zoning changes to SIR or TOD – just one example).  Zoning restrictions have been changed, in spite of public outcry, to make things less expensive and easier for developers (i.e. the 2 conditions and a waiver going up on the corner of Gun Club Road and Highway 30 – just one example).  Zoning codes have been amended, in spite of (more...)

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Consider the Hummingbird

Bring Hummingbirds to your yard this spring by creating a garden spot just for Hummingbirds.  Here’s how:

  • Know how to fill and where to place your feeders - Fill your feeders with a nectar solution of 1 part table sugar to 4 parts water that has been boiled and cooled.  Make plenty and store it in the refrigerator for future use.  Hang the feeder in a shady spot.

  • Keep it clean - Your feeder should be cleaned and refilled every 3 to 4 days.  Once the nectar spoils, hummingbirds won’t want it.

  • Spread food sources around - Your feeders and your flowers should be spaced throughout your backyard garden, as this will discourage dominance by one bird.

  • Plant the right types of flowers - Hummingbirds favor red tubular flowers.  Trumpet honeysuckle, bee-balm and trumpet creeper are a few of the many native plants that attract hummingbirds.

Learn more about creating a wildlife friendly garden here or from a local garden nursery.

Raise the Bar Initiative

Supported by some city and state officials, the Raise the Bar initiative would make it even more difficult for citizens to secure enough signatures and votes to amend the Colorado Constitution.

While this would have a huge impact on citizens, it would have a much lesser impact on city and state officials, as their initiatives are typically funded by large, special interest industries.  See Aurora Sentinel article from March 23, 2016.

Recall Election?

Some Thornton residents want to recall a council member who they say voted on issues which presented a conflict of interest for her.

You can watch a short video to hear both sides of this issue on the Denver Channel News from April 4, 2016.  You may have to wait for the advertising to finish before the video begins. 

As you listen to the video, please note that the residents think the council member should have recused herself from voting, not from the discussions.

Calendar at a Glance

Calendar at a Glance

Feb 12-May 8 – Chocolate: The Exhibition – Denver Museum of Nature and Science - Details

Mar 2 – Apr 20 (Weds) – Cooking Matters for Families – 3:30-5:30pm each Wed - Expo Recreation Ctr, - 10955 E. Exposition Ave. - Details

Apr 6 (Wed) - East Aurora Annexation Study - 4-6PM, Municipal Center, Mt. Elbert Room, 5th floor

Apr 13 (Wed) - Planning Commission Public Hearing - East Aurora Annexation and Petitions for Annexation - 6PM - Municipal Center, Council Chambers - Agenda

Apr 16 (Sat) - Arbor Day Tree Sale - 10AM until sold out - Aurora Central Facilities - 13646 E. Ellsworth Ave.

June 14-16, July 12-14 - Teen Community Emergency Response & Recovery Training - Details


Casino Bus Trip

Hey Gamblers!!

We tried to organize a trip to the Blackhawk casinos a couple years ago, but we tried for the summer, and you folks are just too busy then!  So, we are trying for a trip in April.

If we can get enough people to join us - at least 30 - we will charter a bus to pick us up in Murphy Creek.  The bus would drop us off at a designated casino in Blackhawk, and we would have about 4 hours to spend at the many casinos in the area.  After 4 hours, we would be picked up at the same casino, and the bus would return us back to Murphy Creek.  How much more convenient can this be?

Depending upon the number of people going, the cost would be somewhere between $28-$38.  The more people who go, the lower the price.  And, you will receive a Casino Redemption Stub, valid at any one of a number of participating casinos for cash back with qualified casino play.  Adults only please.

We are looking at two different dates:  Sunday, April 24 or Saturday, April 30.  The date selected will depend on the number of people who are available on that date.  Please submit the form on our website by April 10 to let us know your availability.

You don't need to live in Murphy Creek or be a paid member of MCGC Neighbors to join us on this trip.  However, if you ARE a paid member of MCGC Neighbors, you will receive $5 off the price of the bus fee.  If you want to become a paid member, please submit the application form on our website.

Let's make this trip happen!!

Guest Writer

Guest Writer?

Over that past two years we have published in this MCGC Neighbors News Blast a number of articles written by residents of the neighborhood.  We are always open to including articles from neighbors who have knowledge and experience on a topic that would be of interest to our readers.

We have shared with you diverse articles ranging from travel tips to real estate updates, from medical/dental information to neighborhood weather, and much more. (You can find links to Guest Writer articles on our website.)

If you would like to share your knowledge or experience via the News Blast and become famous for the moment, then let us hear from you.  You don’t have to provide a polished, ready-to-print article.  Just sign up on the Guest Writer page of our website, provide some information about your topic and we’ll work together to get it written and published in the News Blast.

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