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Oil and Gas Updates

Oil and Gas Task Force
The Oil and Gas Task Force, created in September, 2014, is scheduled to report its recommendations to the Governor at the end of this month.  The Task Force was formed as a compromise for the removal of some ballot initiatives last November that would have allowed far greater local control of Colorado’s oil and gas industry.  The compromise also required that the state of Colorado drop its lawsuit against the city of Longmont for banning drilling in residential areas.  View the Fox31 video of the compromise here.   You may need to wait for an advertisement to finish before the video starts.

The Oil and Gas Task Force encourages public comments.  See all the public comments to date here.  This is a very large file, so it will take some time to download – don’t give up!  You can also read some proposed recommendations submitted by the Task Force members here.  Some seem quite good, but some seem too subjective.  We encourage you to read through them and then click here to email your own comments to the Task Force!  If you want more information, visit the Task Force website here.

Conservation Colorado
In an effort to help people understand where oil and gas wells could potentially be drilled in Arapahoe County, Conservation Colorado is in the process of developing a new website with easy-to-read maps.  The maps show:  recently filed, active oil and gas leases; mineral rights held by oil and gas companies; and the location of schools relative to oil-and-gas-owned mineral rights and to potential well sites.  Information for the maps was obtained from public records and puts in into a more accessible, more readable format. 

See the Press Release regarding this information and its potential impacts for Arapahoe County here.  See the Drilling and Leases map here.  You can also read a Denver Post article about oil and gas leasing in Arapahoe County here.

Conservation Colorado recently interviewed a local Aurora resident regarding potential oil and gas development near her home and her children’s school.   You can watch her CBS4 interview here and her Fox31 interview here.  You will need to wait for the advertisements to complete before viewing the videos.

Oil & Gas Committee Special Meeting
The special meeting held on February 11, 2015, was to gather input from the committee regarding its organization.  There was much discussion about who should be on the committee, how it should be advertised, what the terms and/or term limits should be, etc. 

Currently, no formal minutes are taken, but that will probably change going forward.  In the meantime, we have published on our website informal, unapproved minutes based on the notes and recollections from one of the attendees at the meeting.  You can view the notes here.

Murphy Creek Tavern - Texas Hold 'Em

Poker Tournament

An Old West tradition was playing Texas Hold 'Em Poker with your buddies in the town’s local saloon.

The modern version of that is the Texas Hold 'Em Tournament being held at our local Tavern on Saturday, Feb. 21.

This is a fundraising tournament, so contact the Murphy Creek Tavern at 303-361-7310 for details about the fundraising and for the sign up and start times.

Calendar at a Glance

Calendar at a Glance

Feb 21 (Sat) – Chinese New Year Celebration - Aurora History Museum - begins  at 2PM

Feb 21 (Sat) – Fundraiser Texas Hold 'Em Poker Tournament - the Tavern - Call 303-361-7310 for details

Feb 23 & 25 (Mon & Wed) – Poker - the
Tavern - Register by 6:00PM - plays begins at 7:00PM


Aurora and Quincy Reservoirs Pass

Remember our Reservoirs

The city has announced that this year we will be able to use both the Aurora Reservoir and the Quincy Reservoir with the purchase of only one pass.

The Aurora Reservoir is open year round for winter and summer sportsmen and sportswomen.  The Quincy season is March 1 to Oct. 31.

The rate per vehicle is:  Annual Resident = $55, Senior Resident (62+) = $45.  Purchase your pass by going to the city's website.

If you haven’t walked along the bike path all bundled up on a Winter afternoon when there is snow on the ground and ice on the reservoir, consider trying it.

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