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Your Responses Concerning the Prairie Dogs

Thanks to all of you who expressed views concerning the prairie dogs at our Jewell entrance to Murphy Creek.  The question:  Do we keep the prairie dogs or do we eliminate them?

A sampling of the comments made by those in favor of keeping the prairie dogs include:

  • Please leave the families of prairie dogs.  They are a part of the prairie habitat.
  • I rather enjoy seeing the little rascals out there. Care will have to be taken to ensure their colony does not spread too far.  Keep them, but review annually.
  • Leave them alone!
  • Keep them and figure out how to co-exist.
  • Don’t destroy them.  I understand they can be pests for lots of people, but we are encroaching on their homes as well.  I am completely against elimination.

A sampling of the comments from those who want to eliminate the prairie dogs include:

  • They should be eliminated.  They are damaging the landscaping, they carry disease, and they bring the general appearance down.  I don’t see an upside for keeping them unless appeasement of the overly sensitive is a concern.
  • Kill them off.  I don’t care how: poison, shooting, trapping.  They’re rodents and a menace.
  • Get rid of them.  We will have hundreds before we know what hit us.
  • Please kill them back.  I have seen them on the driving range at least three times in the last month.  I consider them vermin and doubt anyone wants their property dug up or their pets exposed to whatever diseases they are carrying.
  • Prairie dogs are a nuisance, unsightly to your property, breed just about as fast as rabbits, can ruin underground facilities, and can carry disease.  In a perfect world you could humanely trap and relocate but that is often not possible.  My thoughts are…to eliminate them in the very beginning, as soon as you see the first ones emerge.  Don’t wait until there are 10, 20, 30 or more in the colony and then try to control the population.  That, I feel…is inhumane.
  • They will overpopulate and cause disease, not to mention the destruction of the golf course and the greens.

And then we had comments suggesting the prairie dogs be relocated:

  • I’d like to know if we’ve researched ways in which to move them without poisoning them.  I see us as moving into their natural habitats, not the other way around.  This is Prairie out here.   
  • I’d like to hear relocation options as well and not just eradication options.
  • I adore them but if they carry diseases, I’m for relocating them and not eliminating them.
  • I vote to relocate them.  They will continue to grow their colonies all the way up Old Tom Morris to the golf course and beyond.
  • I don’t like to see any innocent life taken that is only trying to survive.  I know they carry diseases and the first impression when you drive into Murphy Creek is not pretty.  With that said, is there any way to move/relocate them to another area?  There is so much construction going on, they have nowhere to go.  I would not want to see them destroyed.  I’m sure there are many mixed feeling on this issue.  I know this is a hard decision that the Association must make.

MCGC Neighbors received 59 responses with 10 preferring to keep the prairie dogs, 44 wanting to kill/eliminate them and 5 suggested relocation.  We will be providing this information to our management company so that it can be shared with the developer and the Murphy Creek Metro District Board.  This will serve as one source of data for those groups to reach a decision concerning the fate of the prairie dogs - MCGC Neighbors will NOT be making that decision.  And as a side note, we are currently looking into the process, sources of assistance, regulations concerning relocation.  And if this cannot be worked out, we are at the same time gathering information about the most humane way to kill the prairie dogs, so that it will be as fast and painless as possible.

Zoning Code Update

Rewriting of Aurora’s Zoning Codes

Provide your input and learn more about Aurora’s revisions to our zoning codes. 

Plan to attend one of the Neighbor-to-Neighbor Roundtables scheduled for Sept. 17 (Thurs) at the Aurora Municipal Center, 15151  E. Alameda Parkway or Oct. 15 at the Tallyn’s Reach Library,  23911 E. Arapahoe Rd. (just a few miles south of us on the corner of Aurora Parkway and Arapahoe Rd.)  The time is 5:30PM – 8:30PM. 

The current zoning codes consist of a document that is 50 years old with a range of additions and changes and patches addressed throughout the years.  The new zoning codes will be a comprehensive, fully updated version. 

Module 2, which will be discussed at the Roundtables, addresses development standards and what types of quality and improvement standards apply to new development. 

A light supper will be served, so please RSVP to 303-739-7280. You can view the revised codes, Module 1 and 2, here.  Questions can be emailed to Karen Hancock.

Calendar at a Glance
Calendar at a Glance

Sept 9, Nov 13, Dec 14 - Free Days at Denver Botanic Gardens - 1007 York St., Denver - details here

Sept. 12 (Sat) – Household Chemical Roundup Day – Aurora’s Central Facilities Recycling Center, 13646 E. Ellsworth Ave. – 9AM – 4PM

Sept 14 (Mon) – East Aurora Annexation will be discussed at the City Council Meeting - Aurora Municipal Center - 7:30PM

Sept 17 (Thurs) – Neighbor-2-Neighbor Roundtable, Zoning Codes - Aurora Municipal Center - 5:30PM-8:30PM

Sept 19 (Sat) – Cleanup Aurora Day – sites and items not allowed – Aurora Central Facilities Recycling Center, 13646 E. Ellsworth Ave. – 10AM – 1PM

Sept 20 (Sun) – Deadline to submit comments on Lone Tree 4-well application - click here to comment or email Steve Rodriguez

Sept 26 (Sat) – Doggie Dip at the Pool - Murphy Creek Pool - 10AM - Noon

Sept 27, Oct 19, Nov 9 - Free Days at Denver Museum of Nature and Science - details here

Sept 28 (Mon) – Ward II Town Hall/Candidate Forum - Murphy Creek Community Center - 7-9PM

Through Oct 4 – Toys Exhibit - Colorado History Center - Details here or call 303-447-8679

Oct 10 (Sat) – Electronics Recycling – Tallyn’s Reach Library, 23911 E. Arapahoe Rd – 9AM – 1PM

Oct 15 (Thurs) – Neighbor-2-Neighbor Roundtable, Zoning Codes - Tallyn's Reach Library, 23911 E. Arapahoe Rd - 5:30PM-8:30PM

Nov 15 (Sun) – America Recycles Day (batteries & mercury containing items) – Aurora’s Central Facilities Recycling Center, 13646 E. Ellsworth Ave.


Doggie Dip at the Pool

Doggie Dip at the Pool

As you are enjoying your last few weeks of soaking up the sun at the pool, remember that your doggies will have their opportunity to also soak up some sun at the pool on Saturday, September 26. 

From 10AM –Noon, you and your dog can swim, float, catch balls, bark, shake off water and generally have a fantastic time at this year’s Murphy Creek Doggie Dip.  The event is again being sponsored by the HOA Social Committee. 

If your dog plays well with others and enjoys being in the water, then the pool is the place to be.  Be sure to bring your pool card and also please bring plastic bags for anything your doggie leaves behind.

Grande - Community's 1st Review Comments

Well Permits - New Application and Update

MCGC Neighbors and East Aurora Community Development, through Nicole Johnston, both asked you to submit comments to the City regarding ConocoPhillips' 4-well Grande application.  Thank you all so much for submitting your comments!! 

You can read the 78 pages of comments submitted by City departments, the Alpert Group (Eastern Hills landowner and Murphy Creek developer), Xcel Energy, Tri-County Health, and many, many concerned citizens here.  Citizen comments start at approximately Page 6.  Due to all the comments received, the City has requested that ConocoPhillips hold a neighborhood meeting.  We will update you if/when we hear that a meeting has been scheduled. 

Within a few days after the close of comments for the Grande well, MCGC Neighbors received notice of another 4-well application.  This one. Lone Tree, DA-2011-00, will be located very close to the Grande 4-well site.  You can see all of the files currently submitted for the application here

That will mean 8 wells located near Mississippi and Powhaton, less than 1 mile from Murphy Creek and even closer to Adonea and Traditions.  And, there will be more to come.  The deadline for comments on this well application is September 20, 2015.  You can click here to submit comments, or you can email Steve Rodriguez.

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