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Sams' ClubSam’s Club is our Membership Partner Again!

In response to emails several members sent us, we talked with Sam’s Club, and they are once again one of our MCGC Neighbors Membership Partners!  If you are a current paid member of MCGC Neighbors, Sam’s Club is offering a $25 gift card to new or renewing Sam’s Plus Members or a $10 gift card to new or renewing Sam’s Savings Members.

In order to take advantage of this generous offer, you will need to present a Sam’s Club discount certificate and your current MCGC Neighbors’ membership card at the Member Services Desk at Sam’s Club.  Current paid MCGC Neighbors can email us to request a Sam’s Club discount certificate. If you would like to join or renew your MCGC Neighbors membership to take advantage of this opportunity, you can complete and submit the membership application on our website and request a Sam’s Club discount certificate at the same time.

Or, you can visit the Sam’s Club table at the Plains Conservation Center Holiday Party on Sunday, December 7, from 2-4PM.  MCGC Neighbors will also be onsite so that you can join us or renew your membership with us at the same time. (Expect more details about the PCC Holiday Party in future editions of this News Blast.)  The holidays are coming, and Sam’s Club can provide a great shopping experience! 

The gift card offers are good through January 31, 2015.  So, this is the right time to become a member of MCGC Neighbors and Sam’s Club!

Murphy Creek Tavern

What’s New at Our Murphy Creek Tavern?

Amy Severin, General Manager of our neighborhood Murphy Creek Tavern, is happy to announce that the Tavern has a new Executive Chef, along with a new fall and winter menu. Also on the schedule are two great dinner specials every Friday and Saturday evening. 

Visit the Tavern's website to check out the new menu and see what the special Friday and Saturday dinners will be.  (Bring your current MCGC Neighbors' membership card to receive 15% off your food bill.)  Expect great food and great service in a great restaurant close to home!

Calendar at a Glance

Calendar at a Glance

Nov 8 (Sat) - Winter Fun Day - Plains Conservation Center - 9AM-1PM

Nov 10 & 12 (Mon & Wed) – Poker - the Tavern - Register by 6:00PM - plays begins at 7:00PM

Dec 7 (Sun) - Neighborhood Holiday Party - Plains Conservation Center - 2-4PM

Jan 31 (Sat) - Last day to take advantage of Sam's Club gift card offer


Plains Conservation Center

Winter on the Plains

Have some family fun at the Winter Fun Day on Nov. 8 from 9AM – 1PM at the Plains Conservation Center.  (The PCC is about 2 miles away on E. Hampden.)  Experience the 1867 homestead and learn how cultures of the past used available prairie resources during the winter.

Your kids will make cornhusk dolls, make and then get to eat molasses cookies, make yucca cordage and try out archery.  Historical interpreters will be on site cooking, teaching school lessons, blacksmithing and caring for the farm animals.  You and your family can all be a part of the activities.

Reservations are necessary ($5/members & $10/non-members.)  Learn more at the PCC's website or 303-693-3621.  The PCC is an MCGC Neighbors Membership Partner so check out the benefits.

News Update


Proposed amendments to the zoning codes for oil and gas development are still under consideration by City Council.  In addition to some necessary changes to conform to State regulations, the City is still considering incorporating 3 of the 4 waivers the Planning Department is consistently, but unnecessarily, granting. 

Fortunately, the waiver for 16 foot wide access roads has been pulled, so developments will be required to conform to the current regulation of 23 foot wide access roads.  A running history of the handling of these waivers can be found on our website.

Monday night's Study Session regarding the proposed amendments is available on YouTube.  It's well worth your time to watch.  You can fast forward 3:06 minutes for the start of the amendment discussion. 

The follow-on City Council meeting was also quite interesting.  A couple citizens spoke about the proposed zoning code amendments, and a dozen plus neighbors from Adonea rallied, on very short notice, to implore City Council not to allow wells so close to their homes - at least not without more research by independent experts - not the industry’s experts. 

A fracture in the City's own process resulted in an issue going directly from Executive Session (public not allowed to attend) to Monday night's vote.  All of this without any advance public notice or opportunity for input - and no transparency - once again.  Concern about the broken process and lack of public notice and input was expressed by 3 Council Members, but the vote went forward anyway.

The vote was to allow the leasing of mineral rights on City-owned property to ConocoPhillips - 5 mineral acres within the Murphy Creek Golf Course, and 6.66 mineral acres located on property purchased for a potential reservoir site.  To be clear, the leases are for mineral rights only, not surface rights. Lease agreements may or may not result in well permits.  The meeting agenda can be found here, and an Aurora Sentinel article can be found here.

The dozen plus Adonea residents cited possible water contamination, air pollution, noise pollution, and traffic - very close to their homes.  They also suggested that expert help with the negotiations might have resulted in more money in the City's coffers for leasing its mineral rights.

This City Council meeting is available on YouTube.  You can fast forward 26:40 minutes to get to the beginning of the public comments.  This meeting is a great opportunity to see how our Council Members approach issues and which ones support the residents of Aurora. 

Our Ward II Council Member, Renie Peterson, will be hosting a town hall meeting to discuss oil and gas.  You can email her and ask to be included on her email list for meetings, and you can also check our News Blast and we will notify you when the meeting is scheduled. 

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