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Rules? What Rules?

In 2011, when this neighborhood banded together to try and stop the RV/Boat Storage project, we were told by the City that strict rules had to be followed regarding development projects.  The city’s attorney even met with us to tell us exactly what section of the zoning code would be used when processing and disputing that development.  Although we were unsuccessful in stopping that project, we learned quite a bit about zoning codes and how the City works.  Sadly, today, the City is not following its own rules.
In 2012, with the rapid increase in Oil and Gas development, City Council created a separate section of the zoning code, Section 146-1207, specifically to process Oil and Gas development applications. 
When MCGC Neighbors was first notified about 3 proposed oil and gas developments nearby, we contacted the Planning Department to find out what section of code would apply to these developments.  We were told that all oil and gas development applications were being processed under Section 146-1207.  This code has a section (H) that discusses waivers.  It only allows waivers under two circumstances, and if a waiver is to be considered, it requires that the development application be reviewed by the Planning Commission with a public hearing – it does NOT provide for the Director of Planning to approve waivers administratively.  This rule is NOT being followed. 
When MCGC Neighbors contacted the Planning Department to find out why this zoning code, which was created specifically to process oil and gas development applications, wasn’t being followed for waivers, we were told that the legal department needed to be contacted for clarification and we would receive an answer soon.  When we got the answer, we were told that the Planning Department is processing oil and gas waivers under Section 146-204B, not Section 146-1207.  Even if this were appropriate, the provisions of 146-204B aren’t being followed either, as 204B calls for “…a roughly proportional increase in other standards to mitigate the impact of the proposed waiver”.  We haven’t seen any increase in other standards to mitigate the impacts of the 4 proposed waivers, which we described in our Special Edition News Blast on July 13.  You can read about the waivers in our Special Edition and on our website.
We were puzzled by the answer to our question, so when we learned that an Oil and Gas Update was being presented at the City Council Study Session on Monday, August 25, 2014, we attended, as did a number of other people. 
Two City Council members let the Planning Department know that any deviations from Section 146-1207 needed to be discussed with City Council first.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean anything for the several oil and gas development applications that have already been approved with waivers.  And, we didn't get any indication that the City was going to stop the Planning Department from moving ahead with the oil and gas applications that are currently pending approval.  To be fair, we didn't get any indication that the City was NOT going to stop the Planning Department from moving ahead with the waivers either.  

The Planning Department intends to present some amended regulations to City Council at a future date.
We have to question why the City would allow the Planning Department to continue processing outside of the rules.  Rules are in place for a reason, and we think the City should follow its own rules.  A City representative will be attending the ConocoPhillips Open House on Tuesday, September 9, at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds, and it would be appropriate for all of us to respectfully ask why the City isn’t following its own rules.  (Please see the Open House article in this Blast for more information.)
NOTE:  A concerned citizen with 40+ years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry was moved to send an email to City Council after hearing the discussion that took place at the Study Session on Monday.  Please click here to read that email.

Doggy Day at the Pool

It’s a Pool Party for the DOGS

The last day the pool will be open this year is Saturday, September 6 - and it is going to the DOGS! 

The HOA Social Committee is again sponsoring Doggie Day at the Pool.  It’s actually a 2 hour event from 10AM to Noon that will be filled with wet dogs, swimming dogs, dogs shaking off water, dogs chasing balls, a bit of slobber, a bit of poop, and a ton of fun for the dogs and their dog parents in the neighborhood. 

You can’t actually go swimming with your dogs (health rules), but it will be OK, if needed, to help your dog into the pool or out again, or to sit on the edge while your dog swims around or you throw a favorite toy to be fetched. 

It will be a real pool party for the dogs!  The Social Committee will provide doggie treats to all the furry ones - and we encourage you to bring poopie bags along with your pool access card to the gate.  This was a blast last year, so put it on your schedule as a special end-of-the-summer treat for your dog!

Calendar at a Glance

Calendar at a Glance

Aug 30 (Sat) – Social Committee's Pool Party - Food & Music - Murphy Creek Pool - Noon - 2PM

Sept 1 (Mon) – Labor Day

Sept 1 & 3 (Mon & Wed) – Poker Night – Tavern – Sign up by 6PM, Play begins at 7PM

Sept 6 (Sat)Doggie Day at the Pool – 10AM-Noon – Murphy Creek Pool

Sept 9 (Tue) – ConocoPhillips Open House - Arapahoe County Fairgrounds – 5:00PM - 7:30PM

Oct 4 (Sat)Small Business Expo – Noon-3PM – Community Center


HOA Pool Party

And There is a Pool Party for the Neighborhood

Be sure you have this Saturday, August 30 between Noon and 2PM on your calendars for the annual HOA Social Committee's Murphy Creek Pool Party.  Soak up some of the last rays of summer and feast on burritos (for as long as they last). 

And a great addition to the party this year will be The Jay and Neil Show.  This group will provide pool side entertainment with a fun repertoire of beach music, pop, oldies and rock. 

Be sure to bring your pool access cards and enter at the gate.

ConocoPhillips Open House

Neighborhood Open House

ConocoPhillips is hosting an Open House to discuss their Site Plans for three nearby oil and gas development applications.  They will have booths staffed with ConocoPhillips employees who can answer your questions and listen to your concerns.

The Open House is scheduled for Tuesday, September 9, 2014, from 5:00 - 7:30pm at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds, located at 25690 East Quincy Avenue, Aurora, CO  80016, in the Paintbrush Conference Room.

Please click here for more information and to see the complete Open House invitation.

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