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Zoning Code Variances - Potentially Without Planning Commission or Public Review

MCGC Neighbors sent out a Special News Blast earlier this week, “Development Applications - Oil and Gas Well Permits.”  We want to draw your attention to the information in that edition.  

This is NOT a fracking issue, and it is NOT a Not In My Backyard (NIMBY) issue.  The issue is that oil and gas development applications requesting variances from City Zoning Codes may be processed WITHOUT a review by the Planning Commission and a public hearing, unless objections are raised.  Below are the variances that are being requested for two drilling sites that are getting closer and closer to our community.
If the code variances are approved:


  • Vapor Recovery Tower - permanent structure - will be 31 ½ feet high rather than 20 feet, per Code.
  • Fencing will be barbed wire rather than fencing type prescribed per Code
  • There will be no landscaping to screen the well equipment from sight, which is required per Code.
  • Access roads will be only 16 feet wide rather than 23 feet wide, per Code.

And these are just the variances that have been requested.  There are other aspects of the Site Plans that may not conform to Zoning Codes, but it is up to City staff, the health department, and concerned citizens reviewing the Plans to point out those issues and raise a red flag.  Once a Site Plan has been approved, it is too late. 

If a well is non-producing, the site could be restored to its original condition in just a few months.  However, producing wells could be in place for 20-30 years.  This would not only impact our community today, but it would impact future residential communities and future businesses in the area for the next 20-30 years.  These types of long-term impacts deserve a thorough and public review.

The City decided two years ago to exempt the oil and gas industry from the standard development application review process of going before the Planning Commission with a public hearing.  No other businesses are exempt from this process, even if they aren't requesting any variances from the zoning codes.  The zoning codes and the Planning Commission were put in place for a reason, and these proposed developments are seeking 4 variances, so a review by the Planning Commission with a public hearing seems to be appropriate.
We have just become aware of another Eastern Hills development application request that is very close to Adonea, a community just to the north of Murphy Creek.  We also just discovered that MCGC Neighbors was supposed to have been notified by the City of this development application, but we never were. 

This application has already been through its first review, and we encourage you to read the comments submitted by various departments from the City, Tri-County Health, and various nearby residents and property owners.  You can view the Comments PDF on our website, or you may review them on the City's site by clicking here and then clicking on the View icon to the right of the Case Files - 1st Review Comments file and opening it.

We provided a very readable article in our Special Edition on Sunday with information about very real issues that could impact the nearby neighborhoods for the next 20-30 years.  We also put some information on our website.  We want to know what you think, so please complete the form on our website.  We will be submitting comments to the City concerning these development activities by the July 18 deadline.  We hope to have your input by July 17.  Our thanks to those who have already shared their opinions!

MCGC Neighbors Casino Trip Survey

Blackhawk Casino Trip Update

As you know, MCGC Neighbors is looking to charter a bus to pick us up right here in Murphy Creek, take us to the casinos in Blackhawk, and return us back to Murphy Creek after about 4 hours at the casinos – you pick the casinos you want to visit. 

We just need to get about 30 people who can go on the same date.  Depending upon how many go, the cost would be anywhere from $20 to $30 dollars per person.  The more people who go, the lower the price.  Adults Only Please

Since last week, we’ve had 20 people respond, and Sunday, August 24, is the date that most people can attend.  We need to get at least 30 people, so if you are interested but haven’t signed up yet, please complete the Casino Trip Survey on our website by July 23.  If we can’t get enough people by then, we will drop this trip and try it another time.

You don’t need to live in Murphy Creek or be a paid member of MCGC Neighbors to join us on this trip.  However, if you are a paid member of MCGC Neighbors, you will receive $5 off the price of the bus fee.  Let us hear from you!

Calendar at a Glance
Calendar at a Glance

July 17 (Thurs) – Deadline for submitting comments on Developments with Variances

July 19 (Sat)Hops for Habitat –Plains Conservation Center – 6-10PM

July 21 & 23 (Mon & Wed) – Poker Night – Tavern – Sign up by 6PM, Play begins at 7PM

July 23 (Wed) – Metro Districts Board Meetings – 6-7PM – Community Center

July 23 (Wed) – Mid-Year Homeowner Forum – 7-8PM – Community Center

July 23 (Wed) – Master Association Board Meeting – 8-9PM – Community Center

July 25 (Fri) – Movie in the Park - The Way, Way Back - Homestead Park - Dusk

Aug 3 (Sun) – Tunisia – Tavern Pavilion – 5-7PM

Aug 24 (Sun) – Proposed Blackhawk Casino Trip – Let us know if you are interested.


Murphy Creek Management Meeting

Mid-Year Homeowner Forum and Board Meetings

Next Wednesday night, the Metro District and Master HOA Boards will be holding a mid-year meeting especially focused on providing the neighborhood with updates on the management of the community.

You will hear information about the status of our budget and financial matters; the role of our management company, Summit Association Management; activities of the HOA Social Committee and the Community Garden group, along with their plans for the remainder of the year; status of landscaping, green areas; pool and clubhouse updates; and an opportunity for questions and answers and comments.

This will be much more than the usual Board meetings to conduct neighborhood business.  The date is July 23 (Wednesday) from 7-8PM at the Community Center.

The Metro District Boards meeting is from 6-7PM, and the Master Association Board meeting is from 8-9PM.

Tunisia Band

Tunisia at the Pavilion

Get your dancing shoes ready because the HOA’s Social Committee is sponsoring Tunisia at the Tavern’s Pavilion on Sunday, August 3, from 5 – 7PM. 

This is a high-energy entertainment group that plays music from Earth Wind and Fire to Michael Jackson to Stevie Wonder to Katy Perry to Led Zeppelin etc., etc.  Their shows cover Classic Rock to Disco to Motown to Hip Hop to Swing to Current hits and more.

When you come to the Pavilion to listen to this very popular 10-piece group perform, you can purchase food and beverages from the Tavern.  The Tavern’s wait staff will be outdoors to take your orders and bring your food and drinks to you, so you never have to leave the music.   Join your neighbors for some Sunday afternoon fun on August 3rd!

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BV Pet Sitting

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