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Oil & Gas Committee
Your Opinions are Requested

The Oil & Gas Committee has been in existence for several years without any formal structure, any minutes, any public review, etc., even though many citizens and some City Council Members have repeatedly requested a more formal structure.
Our Ward II Council Member, Renie Peterson, proposed the formalization of this committee during the December 8, 2014 City Council meeting.  It has been under discussion since then. 

The Planning and Economic Development (PED) policy committee oversees the Oil & Gas Committee.  PED consists of Council Member Brad Pierce (At-Large, Chair), Council Member Sally Mounier (WardI), and Council Member Marsha Berzins (Ward III). 
At the PED meeting this morning, Chair Pierce indicated that he is in favor of formalizing this committee with an ordinance, and we thank him for that!  The other two Council Members think it should continue as it is, however, Council Member Berzins worked to get the Oil & Gas Committee meetings announced in our water bills, and we appreciate that.

Council Member Peterson submitted some suggestions for changes to the Oil & Gas Committee structure that she hoped the PED committee members would consider.  They did not.  You can view Council Member Peterson’s suggestions and rationale here.  It was decided this issue should go to a City Council Study Session for further discussion.

The Oil & Gas Committee is very important, and MCGC Neighbors requests that you review the information we have provided and email and/or call all the City Council members and express your opinions about whether you want this committee to remain informal, or you would like to see it become formalized through an ordinance which would ensure minutes, public review and input, and a definitive committee structure.  You can find City Council contact information on our website.

We urge you to review Council Member Peterson’s suggested committee structure and express your viewpoints about that as well.  We have also published on our website an email that one of our members sent to City Council on March 23, 2015.  The study session will probably occur soon, so please contact City Council quickly with your opinions.  If you have questions, please email us.

RTD FasTracks

Rough Roads

Many of us each week may be driving in the area near Sable Blvd. and Centrepoint Drive (Aurora Town Mall area).  The torn up roads and mounds of dirt are necessary for installing new water and storm sewer lines to make way for the RTD’s Aurora Line/I-225 Light Rail.

The storm water pipes are large enough to drive a vehicle through, so will have the capacity to divert rain water under and around the new light rail tracks and the station at Aurora Metro Center.  That area has been prone to heavy flooding and road closures.

Construction for this project will make driving in the area difficult and frustrating for the next few months, but the results will have long term benefits for all of us.

Calendar at a Glance

Calendar at a Glance

Apr 11, 21, 22 - Light Rail Parking Meetings - Various locations and times throughout Aurora.  See article above and flyer

Apr 13 & 15 (Mon & Wed) – Poker - the
Tavern - Register by 6:00PM - plays begins at 7:00PM

Apr 18, Jun 13, Aug 15  – CPR & AED classes - 9AM-1PM - Aurora Fire Stations (see article above) or check here

Apr 26 (Sun) - Cherry Creek Sneak - 6:30AM with races throughout the morning -  Cherry Creek - details here

May 2 (Sat)Furry Scurry® - Washington Park in Denver - Registration begins at 7AM

May 8 & 9 (Fri & Sat) – Murphy Creek and Cross Creek Garage Sale - Throughout the neighborhoods much of the days


Emergency Preparedness

Handling Emergencies – CPR and AED

Medical emergencies happen, and if properly trained, you could save a life until the EMTs arrive.

If you have never been trained in CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and/or AED (automated external defibrillation) or you need a refresher, the city of Aurora is providing residents with an opportunity to be better prepared for cardiac and breathing emergencies.

In the class, you will learn how to properly provide CPR and how to use an AED (where one is available).

The class cost is only $6 and runs from 9AM-1PM.  Dates and locations are:

Apr 18 –Aurora Fire Station No. 11, 2291 S. Joliet St.

Jun 13 – Aurora Fire Station No 3, 3172 Peoria St.

Aug 15 – Aurora Fire Station No. 11, 2291 S. Joliet St.

For information or to sign up, email or call 303-326-8964.

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