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Murphy Creek and Prairie Dogs

As you drive into the entrance to Murphy Creek from Jewell, you have probably noticed that several families of prairie dogs have moved into the green tree/street lawn in that area.  A few years ago, the same thing happened and it was decided to eliminate those prairie dogs.  Before any action is taken by our management company this time, MCGC Neighbors would like to gather information from those of you who live here.

How do you generally feel about prairie dogs - pros or cons?  What do you think should be done about the current families, if anything?  Are you supportive and OK with letting the prairie dogs remain?  Or do you want to see them eliminated?  Any other ideas?  This is not a trivial issue.  We want to gather your opinions, so please email us.  We will report back to you in an upcoming issue of the News Blast.  We will also be providing our management company with your opinions so they have information from the neighborhood to assist as decisions are made about the fate of these prairie dogs.

The Country Music Project

The Country Music Project

Join your friends and neighbors at the Tavern's Pavilion on Sunday for the last Social Committee sponsored band concert of the season. 

The Country Music Project will be playing from 5-7PM.  The Tavern will have food and drinks for sale.  No outside food or beverages, please!


Car and Bike Show

Annual Auto and Bike Show

The 4th annual Murphy Creek Auto and Bike Show is scheduled for Sunday, September 27. 

Start planning to show off your Hot Rod - custom, exotic, classic, specialty, or a Race Car, or a proud-to-own old car, truck or motorcycle. 

The event will take place in the Murphy Creek Community Center’s parking lot from 11am to 2pm.

Participation is free, but you do need to sign up because space is limited.  To have your spot reserved, email Doug Schriner or call him at 303-907-7347.

Calendar at a Glance

Calendar at a Glance

Aug 30 (Sun) Country Music Project - Sponsored by the Social Committee - held at the Tavern - 5PM-7PM

Aug 30 (Sun) Affordable Arts Festival, Littleton

Aug 31, Sept 9, Nov 13, Dec 14 - Free Days at Denver Botanic Gardens - 1007 York St., Denver - details here

Through August – Free days at Hudson Gardens, 61115 S. Santa Fe Dr., Littleton - Dates and details here

Sept 14 (Mon) – East Aurora Annexation will be discussed at the City Council Meeting - Aurora Municipal Center - 7:30PM

Sept 27, Oct 19, Nov 9 - Free Days at Denver Museum of Nature and Science - details here

Sept 28 (Mon) – Ward II Town Hall/Candidate Forum - Murphy Creek Community Center - 7-9PM

Through Oct 4 – Toys Exhibit - Colorado History Center - Details here or call 303-447-8679



Pause for Paws

Pause for Paws – Adoption and Puppy Mills

In our MCGC Neighbors News Blast on August 12, 2015, in our Pause for Paws article, we urged you to adopt your pets from local shelters.  In response to that article one of our Thunderbird Estates readers, Cindy Hull, provided a great deal of information about rescue organizations in the area and puppy mills.  We felt this information was important to pass along, even though some of it will be alarming to read.

“Hello....I just wanted to thank you for posting your article on adopting a pet.  It is so true that they bring so much to one's life!  In addition, I wanted to tell you not only do the facilities you listed have pets for adoption, but there are many, many rescue organizations in the city and surrounding areas for just about every breed you could want.  Many of these rescue organizations are run by volunteers only and enlist the help of "foster parents" to house and take care of unwanted, owner surrendered, and abused animals.  They  receive no monies or support from city/state entities and run solely from donations, fundraisers, and the cost of adoption.  Many of these animals come from puppy mills where conditions are horrible, from what they are fed to how they are treated for many years.  Most are kept in cages their entire lives and are used only as breeding machines.  They get little or no medical care and when they are deemed un-useable by these puppy mills, they are put down or are left at a shelter or rescue.”

The reader has been involved with an Aurora rescue organization for Japanese Chin dogs for many years, so she has experienced what she is writing about.  There are many local sites for rescue groups and animal shelters that can be found on the Internet.  Most provide pictures of the pets ready for adoption. So, when you are ready for a pet, take home one that doesn’t have a home.  The most important point that our reader wanted to make is - "ADOPT, DON'T SHOP.  It's the only way we can eliminate the horrors of the puppy mill industry!”

Important News

Important News!

We think he Important News provided in last week’s News Blast is truly Important News!  So, if you missed it, you can check it out here.  And a quick summary:

Town Hall/Candidate Forum – Renie Peterson, our Ward II City Council member, is holding her Town Hall here in Murphy Creek on September 28.  This is a first!  We will have an opportunity to meet the candidates running for Mayor and City Council seats and be able to ask them questions in an open forum.

City Annexation Study – Thousands of dollars are being spent by the city to study the annexation of additional land and people into Aurora while there are numerous services and opportunities  currently not available in areas already annexed, including Murphy Creek.

Community Rights Summit – The focus of this summit was to address how government puts rights of big business ahead of the rights of people and the environment and what we can do to address it.

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