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Parachute Well Comments

Parachute, one of five recent ConocoPhillips well applications, will be located at 26403 East 6th Avenue, close to Vista PEAK campus at 24500 East 6th Avenue.  A Mapquest check for driving directions between the two addresses resulted in, “The origin and destination are essentially the same place”.  This isn’t technically correct; the distance, according to Google, is actually .4 miles - still pretty close.

This well application can be found on the City’s website, and it is currently open for public comments, but only until October 25, 2014.  We know it sometimes seems as if our voices fall on deaf ears at the City, but if you don’t comment, your silence will be interpreted as approval.  So, if approval is not your intent, please make your voices heard.

Because this well will be located so close to Adonea and Traditions, many homeowners in those communities should have already received referral notices asking for comments.  If you know anyone living on East 4th Place, East 5th Place, North Muscadine Court, or East Parkview Place, please check with them to verify their receipt of a referral notice.  The City emails referral notices, but doesn’t follow up to ensure they were received. 

Also, Adonea Metropolitan Districts 1 and 2 should have received referral notices, as well as Cross Creek HOA, and Thunderbird Estates.  If you are a resident of one of these communities, please make sure you check with your HOA and/or Metro District boards to ensure you are being informed.

MCGC Neighbors would like its comments to reflect the opinions of the neighborhoods, so please complete yet another survey so that we will know how to respond.  Also, we encourage you to post your comments on the City’s website as well. If you want some background, our previous comments about the waivers can be found here.

A retired engineer with 40+ years of experience in the oil and gas industry has submitted his very thoughtful and thorough comments on all five of the recent well applications.  We have his permission to share his comments about the Parachute well, and they can be found here.

Galloping Goose Run

Gallop Away

If you are a runner or a walker, join the City’s annual Galloping Goose 5K or 10K event this Saturday, Oct. 18 from 7AM – 11AM.

The event will take place at the Quincy Reservoir (18350 E. Quincy Ave.) on a US Track and Field certified, soft trail course that runs (or walks) around the reservoir.

You can participate in a competitive race or have fun walking or running either the 5K or 10K events.  Check here for more details.

ConocoPhillips Open House
ConocoPhillips Open House

ConocoPhillips is hosting another Open House at the Murphy Creek Tavern on Wednesday, October 29, 2014 from 6:30PM - 8:00PM.  Light refreshments will be available at the Tavern, located at 1700 South Old Tom Morris Road.

We haven't yet received written responses to the questions that were submitted at the last Open House on September 9, 2014, but we have received two updates indicating the responses will be available any day now.  We hope to receive them before the next Open House....
Calendar at a Glance

Calendar at a Glance

Oct 16 (Thurs) – National Boss' Day

Oct 16 (Thurs) – Town Hall Meeting - Amendments 67 & 68 and Propositions 104 & 105 - Community College of Aurora - 7:00PM

Oct 18 (Sat) - Galloping Goose 5K and 10K Run – Quincy Reservoir – 7AM-11AM

Oct 19 (Sun) - Bison Tour at West Bijou – Plains Conservation Center – 9AM-noon - Reservations are required

Oct 20 & 22 (Mon & Wed) – Poker - the Tavern - Register by 6:00PM - plays begins at 7:00PM

Oct 29 (Wed) - ConocoPhillips Open House - Murphy Creek Tavern - 6:30PM - 8:00PM


Children Pedestrian Safety Tips

Children Pedestrian Safety Tips

As Halloween approaches and more children will be out and about in the neighborhood, it is timely to share some research and recommendations from the Nat’l Hwy and Transportation Safety Administration.  We who drive cars need to be aware how children can misjudge an automobile - its speed, its distance and its stopping ability.  Your children:

  • Are harder for drivers to see, especially when backing up.
  • Often act before thinking.
  • Do not accurately judge speed and distance of oncoming vehicles.
  • Often believe that if they can see the driver, the driver can see them.
  • Think cars can stop instantly.

Recommendations from HWTSA to protect your children from pedestrian accidents include:
  • Always supervise children 10 and younger where there are moving cars - they do not have the necessary skills to handle traffic situations alone.
  • Instruct your children about basic safety principles with simple, clear explanations.
  • Model correct pedestrian safety behaviors with your children.
  • Supervise young children constantly, even around parked cars  or when playing in driveways
  • Hold a child’s hand when crossing the street, while walking on sidewalks along streets and even in parking lots.

Be aware that research shows most parents overestimate their own child’s knowledge of safe pedestrian practices.

Town Hall Meeting

Ballot Measures

You might want to attend Senator Morgan Carroll's and Representative Su Ryden's Town Hall meeting on Thursday, October 16, 2014.

Opponents and proponents will be discussing their perspectives of Amendments 67 & 68 and Propositions 104 & 105. There will also be a question and answer period.

Thursday's meeting will start at 7:00PM in the Rotunda Room at the Community College of Aurora.
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