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Oil & Gas Development Application Review
Oil & Gas Development Applications
MCGC Neighbors has been notified about 2 Oil & Gas Well Permit applications:  1 new and 1 existing.  We received notification about the new application, DA-2010-00, on August 13, 2015.  Unfortunately, due to our current shortage of volunteer help with development application review, we didn't have the resources to notify the community until now.  We received notice about the existing application, DA-1957-00, on August 24, 2015. 

DA-2010-00 - Grande 4-65 20-19 1DH 1CH 1BH 1AH - 1189 South Powhaton Road (Powhaton and Mississippi)
The major significance about this well site is that 4 wells are planned for a single pad, instead of just 1 well.  So, the density of the site will be much greater than the current well sites.  Also, a phased approach to construction is proposed.  With some phases of construction requiring 1 month, a phased approach will prolong the disruption to the environment and to the nearby communities 4 times longer read more... 

While we encourage you to read EVERYTHING about this development application, if you only want to read 1 document, we suggest that you read ConocoPhillips responses, through its consultants, to the Pre-Application notes.  We suggest this document because it describes the city's concern for Adonea residents, read more...

Click here to submit your comments to the city by Monday, August 31, 2015.  Or, you can email Stephen Rodriguez with your comments or call him at 303-739-7186.

DA-1957-00 - Cherry Creek Vista 4-65-28-1H - 2185 South Monaghan Road (Jewell and Monaghan)

If you have been reading MCGC Neighbors' News Blasts, you will know that after we pointed out that the city wasn't following its own rules regarding oil and gas waivers, instead of complying with its own rules, the city voted to change the rules to match its actions.  Therefore, the four waivers read more...

Item 1.1A. shows the city requesting that ConocoPhillips respond to MCGC Neighbors' comments issue by issue.  Instead, ConocoPhillips responded with this comment, read more... 

Click here to submit your comments to the city by Tuesday, September 1, 2015.  Or you can email Stephen Rodriguez with your comments or call him at 303-739-7186.

Action Items
DA-2010-00Review all files, or just review Conoco's response to the Pre-Application notes.  Click here to fill out the Comment form on the city's website; email Stephen Rodriguez with your comments; or call him at 303-739-7186.

DA-1957-00 - Review all files, or just review Conoco's response to the 3rd Review Comments.  Click here to fill out the Comment form on the city's website; email Stephen Rodriguez with your comments; or call him at 303-739-7186.

Register your HOA with the City
If your community's HOA is NOT registered with the city, your HOA will NOT receive notice of development applications for your area.  If you don't know if your HOA is registered, contact your HOA board or management company to find out.  The Murphy Creek HOA read more...

Community Rights over Corporate Power
Take a look at this group's website and decide for yourself if you think their ballot initiative makes sense to you.  If it does, volunteer your time to help this grassroots organization help all the citizens in Colorado take back their right to local self-government.

Get Involved
Join MCGC Neighbors and/or volunteer your time to help us review the development applications so we can keep the neighborhoods informed.  You do NOT have to live in Murphy Creek to join MCGC Neighbors or volunteer.



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